The bios and information in this section covers the first seven volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! (Chapters 1-59).
It also covers characters from the 27 episode OVA produced by Toei Studio.  As you read through them, you will find there are many differences in cast and existing characters that I have tried to point out.


This section contains spoilers!
Continue at your own risk.


Main Characters
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Manga Yuugi   Anime Yuugi  Yuugi Mutou

Manga Yami no Yuugi   Anime Yami no Yuugi Yami no Yuugi

Manga Anzu   Anime Anzu  Anzu Mazaki

Manga Jonouchi   Anime Jonouchi Katsuya Jonouchi

Manga Honda   Anime Honda  Hiroto Honda

Manga Seto   Anime Seto  Seto Kaiba

Manga Ryou   Anime Ryou Ryou Bakura

Manga Yami no Bakura   Anime Yami no Bakura  Yami no Bakura

Manga Miho   Anime Miho Miho Nosaka

Manga Sugoroku   Anime Sugoroku  Sugoroku Mutou


Minor Characters

filler4.png (151 bytes) rao.png (4898 bytes) Ailean Rao, Master of Strategy (anime only)
A famous model and dancer of Indian ancestry and Anzu's idol.  One of Kaiba's four game masters.
bob-mcguire.png (3878 bytes) bob-mcguire2.png (4208 bytes) Bob McGuire
An American and former SWAT team leader.  One of the assassins hired to kill Yugi and his friends in  Death-T, Stage 1.
bomber1.png (5791 bytes) bomber2.png (5199 bytes) Card Bomber
A madman who leaves playing cards as his calling card.  Yami Yugi has to play a game with him to save his next victims.
chopman.png (3661 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Chopman (manga only)
A psychotic mass murderer hired to kill Yugi and his friends in Death-T, Stage 2.
filler4.png (151 bytes) dimon.png (5454 bytes) Dimon, Master of Life (anime only)
One of Kaiba's four game masters and his former tutor.
director.png (3676 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Director (manga only)
A local TV director who stages events to make his stories more shocking.  He gets his assistant to beat up Yugi on film for a show about violence in schools.
filler4.png (151 bytes) doctor.png (5175 bytes) Doctor (anime only)
A doctor more concerned about his golf game than his patients' well-being.  He fires a nurse for turning him down.
filler4.png (151 bytes) ryuuichi.png (5861 bytes) Fuha Ryuuichi, Master of Luck (anime only)
A teen with amazing luck and a bad attitude.  One of Kaiba's four game masters.
fightingpunk1.png (3896 bytes) fightingpunk2.png (5049 bytes) Fighting Game Punk
He beats up Yugi and steals his puzzle for getting repeatedly defeated at a fighting game.   Jonouchi fights him to get the puzzle back.
fujita.png (3760 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Fujita (manga only)
An assistant director for Z-TV.  At the director's insistance, he lures Yugi into a trap to stage a segment on school violence.
gorou.png (3454 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Goro Inogashira (manga only)
Senior at Domino High.  He and his classmates try to force Yugi's class out of their festival spot by knocking over their games with their okonomiyaki grill.
gozaburo1.png (3753 bytes) gozaburo2.png (5650 bytes) Gozaburo Kaiba
Seto and Mokuba's adopted father.  A cruel man who kills himself when Seto takes control of Kaiba Corp from him.
filler4.png (151 bytes) hayama.png (5849 bytes) Hayama Hamada (anime only)
Student at Domino High.  He treats people like pets.
hirutani1.png (3420 bytes) hirutani2.png (5570 bytes) Hirutani
A student from Rintama Senior High.  He and Jonouchi were once part of the same gang in middle school.  He forces Jonouchi to join up with him again by threatening to beat up all the students in his class.
imori1.png (6288 bytes) imori2.png (5026 bytes) Imori
Classmate of Yugi.  He steals Yugi's puzzle then challenges him to a game of "Dragon Cards" to determine its permanent owner.
inspector1.png (5369 bytes) inspector2.png (5326 bytes) Inspector
A police officer whom Yugi runs into twice in the anime and once in the manga.  In the anime they meet  when he's searching for a convict hiding in Burger World, in both manga and anime they meet when the "mad bomber" has placed bombs in the park Yugi and Anzu are at.
johji.png (3843 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Johji (manga only)
Honda's perverted, toddler nephew.  He helps (and hinders) the group through Death-T.
johnny-gale.png (3857 bytes) johnny-gale2.png (5108 bytes) Johnny Gale
An American and former Green Beret.  One of the assassins hired to kill Yugi and his friends in  Death-T, Stage 1.
butler1.png (4026 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Kaiba household Butler (manga only)
A creepy old man who not only serves the Kaiba family but is also an expert in torture.
filler4.png (151 bytes) kaoruko.png (5606 bytes) Kaoruko Imekochi (anime only)
A pretty and conceited student at Domino High.  She cheats to beat Anzu & Miho in a school beauty pagent.
karita.png (5586 bytes) karita2.png (5282 bytes) Karita
Domino High's gym teacher.  He's tough on the students and has his own standards for who he considers "true" students of the school.
kegeyama1.png (5496 bytes) kegeyama2.png (4708 bytes) Kegeyama sisters (anime only)
Identical triplets who try and steal a rare card from Yugi.  Pretending to be one girl, they try to make him believe "she" has a crush on him.
kouji.png (3453 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Kouji "the Spider" Nagumo (manga only)
A student at Domino High.  He plays students at Monster Fighter then takes the loser's monster and sells it.  Of course, he doesn't tell his opponent this rule until they're already playing and if he can't win fairly he'll cheat.
kokurano1.png (4114 bytes) kokurano2.png (5681 bytes) Kokurano
A student at Domino High.  He claims to have psychic powers, but he's really faking.   He uses a variety of  pre-written papers or makes his own predictions come true.
kujirada1.png (3376 bytes) kujirada2.png (5177 bytes) Kujirada
Classmate of Yugi.  Uses other students digital pets to feed his "special" one.
convict.png (3667 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Lucky Convict (manga only)
Escapes from prison and takes Anzu prisoner at her job.  His luck ends when he asks Yugi to bring him vodka and cigarettes.
filler4.png (151 bytes) lydolyn.png (5353 bytes) Lydolyn Sheldon, Master of Dolls (anime only)
A count from England who prefers the company of dolls.   One of Kaiba's four game masters.
filler4.png (151 bytes) mayumi.png (5479 bytes) Mayumi (anime only)
A classmate of Yugi.  She has a crush on Jonouchi.
filler4.png (151 bytes) mercenary.png (5576 bytes) Mercenary #3 (anime only)
A former army member hired to beat Yugi and his friends in Death-T, Stage 1.  She isn't named and is used in place of the "unknown" assassin from the manga.
mokuba1.png (2859 bytes) mokuba2.png (5397 bytes) Mokuba Kaiba
Seto Kaiba's 11 year old brother.  He challenges Yugi to a game of Capmon to avenge his brother.  Later on he tries to kill Yugi and Jonouchi with a Russian roulette-style buffet, the following day he challenges Yugi to Capmon again in Death-T.
mutou1.png (3901 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Mrs. Mutou
Yugi's mom and Sugoroku's daughter-in-law.  She appears only once in both the manga and later in the "Duel Monsters" anime series.
chono1.png (3932 bytes) chono2.png (5227 bytes) Ms. Chono
"The wicked witch of expel".  A nasty teacher with a pretty face covered in makeup.  She enjoys expelling students for even minor infractions of the rules.
filler4.png (151 bytes) murashibe.png (5628 bytes) Murashibe (anime only)
A man obsessed with the game "Capmon" and with Miho.  He believes she's a Capmon goddess and enlists Yugi in trying to win her affections.
nezumi.png (5939 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Nezumi (manga only)
Classmate of Yugi.  He lures Jonouchi and Yugi into a trap set by Hirutani and his gang.
filler4.png (151 bytes) nurse.png (5553 bytes) Nurse Miyaki (anime only)
A kind woman assigned to watch over Shizuka.
producer.png (3281 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Producer (manga only)
Runs a gameshow called "Get the Million!"  He tries to cheat Jonouchi from winning with a rigged 100% no win wheel.
kanekura1.png (3493 bytes) kanekura2.png (5386 bytes) Professor Kanekura
Owner of Domino Museum.  He makes a lot of money illegally selling antiquities on the black market.
yoshimori1.png (3771 bytes) yoshimori2.png (5393 bytes) Professor Yoshimori
college teacher, archaeologist, and an old friend of Sugoroku's.

shadi1.png (4117 bytes)

shadi2.png (5690 bytes) Shadi
A mysterious Egyptian who holds both the Sennen Ankh and Sennen Scales.  He uses them to judge and punish those who defile the tombs of the Pharaohs.  He challenges Yugi to a Shadow Game after learning that he was the bearer of the Sennen Puzzle.
filler4.png (151 bytes) shizuka.png (5444 bytes) Shizuka Kawai
Jonouchi's younger sister.  In the manga, she doesn't appear until the Duelist Kingdom Arc.   "Kawai" is their mother's maiden name.
shoe-salesman.png (3312 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Shoe Salesman (manga only)
Owner of the "Junky Scorpion" shoe store.  He sells expensive shoes to people then pays a group of punks to steal them back.
sozoji.png (3849 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Sozoji (manga only)
Student at Domino High.  Sozoji likes to torture his fellow classmates with all-night solo karaoke sessions.
filler4.png (151 bytes) tetsu.png (5102 bytes) Tetsuko Tetsu (anime only)
Another escaped convict, thief, and a master of disguise.  He once worked with the "Yellow Spider" Jirou.
hanasaki.png (3615 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Tomoya Hanasaki (manga only)
A shy boy who's social invisibility is even lower than Yugi's!  He's a big fan of the American comic book hero, "Zombire".
tsuroka.png (3691 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) Tsuroka (manga only)
Domino High's guidance counselor.  Takes Yugi's "Lovely Two" after announcing Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda's test rankings to their classmates.
unknown.png (3518 bytes) filler4.png (151 bytes) "Unknown" (manga only)
One of the assassins hired to kill Yugi and his friends in Death-T, Stage 1.   Nothing else is known about him.  Seriously.
ushio1.png (3589 bytes) ushio2.png (5235 bytes) Ushio
Student and Hall monitor at Domino High.  Beats up Jonouchi and Honda to get money from Yugi.   Then threatens to kill Yugi if he doesn't pay the "protection fee" after Yugi tries to save Jou and Honda.   He is the first to suffer one of Yami Yugi's penalty games.
filler4.png (151 bytes) watch.png (5338 bytes) Watch collector Shoutaro (anime only)
A thief who will go to any means for his collection.  He steals Miho's rare watch while Honda is holding it for her.
filler4.png (151 bytes) jirou.png (5971 bytes) "Yellow Spider" Jirou (anime only)
A variation of the Lucky Convict from the manga.  In the anime, the escaped convict was managing the Burger World restaurant as a front.   He takes Anzu hostage when his cover is blown by a former partner.
yoyogang1.png (6267 bytes) yoyogang.png (4814 bytes) Yo Yo Gang
These high-school punks work for Hirutani.