Miho - Manga Style

Name:  Miho Nosaka
Birthday:  Unknown
Age:  16-17
Grade:  11th (Sophmore)*
School:  Domino Senior High
Height:  160 cm (5' 3")**
Weight:  Unknown
Item:  None
Nickname:  Ribbon
Family:  Mother-no name given

Miho - Anime style

* ~ Japanese high schools run from grades 10-12.  So there are only freshmen, sophmores, and seniors.

** ~ Based off Anzu's height.  She appears to be around 5 cm (2" in) shorter than Anzu.

Card icon by Murasaki Rose

In the manga, Miho's role is very tiny and she makes only a short appearance in Volume 1, Chapter 7.  She's a quiet girl who is part of the library committee who got the nickname "Ribbon" since she always wears one.  Honda has a huge crush on her.  In the anime, Miho is a bubble-headed classmate of Yugi's who ends up as part of their group almost by accident.  Probably because, like in the manga, Honda is head-over-heels in love with her.  Her personality seems rather shallow, but she does have a good heart and sticks by her friends.