Honda - Manga Style

Name:  Hiroto Honda
Birthday:  April 19th (Aries)
Age:  16-17
Grade:  11th (Sophmore)*
School:  Domino Senior High
Height:  180 cm (5' 11")
Weight:  65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Blood Type:  A
Item:  None
Favorite Food:  Okonomiyaki
Disliked Food:  Fermented Soybeans
Fandom Nicknames:  Unknown
Family:  Nephew-Johji, Older Sister-no name given, Mother & Father-no names given

Honda - Anime Style
* ~ Japanese high schools run from grades 10-12.  So there are only freshmen, sophmores, and seniors.

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Surprisingly, Honda is another character that suffers a major personality change between the manga and anime.

In the manga, Honda is a tough youth who usually joins Jonouchi in his bullying of Yugi.  Unlike Jonouchi, he doesn't become friends with Yugi until after the small teen tries to protect him from getting expelled by Miss Chono.  Despite being a bit of a punk, Honda also gentles under Yugi's friendship, although the changes are more subtle in him than in Jonouchi.   When things get a bit crazy, Honda often acts as an anchor for the group, pulling the others (usually Jonouchi) back down to earth.

In the anime he's a lot goofier.   The lead member of the "Beautification Committee" (Jonouchi calls him a janitor.) he's constantly on the lookout for things that would soil their school, physically or socially.  Over dramatic and sometimes a bit overzealous, his efforts are often waylayed in his pursuit of Miho, and he will flip his opinions in an instant or drop anything to do favors for her, all in an effort to win her affections.