jJonouchi - Manga Style

Name:  Katsuya Jonouchi (Katsuya Jyonouchi)
Birthday:  January 25 (Aquarius)
Age:  16-17
Grade:  11th (Sophmore)*
School:  Domino Senior High
Height:  178 cm (5' 10")
Weight:  62 kg (136.7 lbs)
Blood Type:  B
Item:  None
Favorite Food:  Curry Rice
Disliked Food:  None
Fandom Nicknames:  Jou, Puppy
Family:  Sister-Shizuka Kawai, Mother-no name given, Father-no name given

Jonouchi - Anime Style
* ~ Japanese high schools run from grades 10-12.  So there are only freshmen, sophmores, and seniors.

Card icon by Murasaki Rose

A tough youth, Jonouchi started out as one of Yugi's more frequent tormentors.  Determined to teach Yugi how to be a real man, the blond teen often picked on the smaller boy.  Annoyed by Yugi's "girly" sentiment towards his incomplete puzzle, he takes a piece and tosses it into the school swimming pool.  Later, after Yugi gets beaten up trying to defend Jonouchi and Honda, he retrieves and returns the piece to Yugi's grandfather, asking that he not tell Yugi who returned it.  The next day he offers his friendship to an ecstatic Yugi.

Despite having being a former gang member and a bully, Jonouchi really is a good guy at heart, with his true personality and potential blossoming under his and Yugi's friendship.  Incredibly loyal and a bit of a goofball, Jonouchi is one to throw himself headlong into situations without thinking through the consequences first.   This works as a double-edged sword for the blond who's impulsiveness seems to work for and against him equally.  He dreams of one day being able to pay off his father's debts and for he and his father to be a real family again.

Interesting fact:  When combined, the first parts of Yuugi and Jyonouchi's names:  yuujyo, mean friendship.  ^_^v