Seto - Manga Style

Name:  Seto Kaiba
Birthday:  October 25 (Scorpio)
Age:  16-17
Grade:  11th (Sophmore)*
School:  Domino Senior High
Height:  186 cm (6' 1.2")
Weight:  65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type:  A
Item:  None
Favorite Food:  Beef Fillet with sauce
Disliked Food:  Oden
Fandom Nicknames:  Dragon master
Family:  Brother-Mokuba, Adoptive father-Gozaburo

Seto - Anime Style

* ~ Japanese high schools run from grades 10-12.  So there are only freshmen, sophmores, and seniors

**~ Don't ask me why he's got lime green hair and yellow eyes.  I haven't figured that out myself, but it does make me wonder about the folks at Toei.

Card icon by Murasaki Rose

A cold, manipulative, genius with an obsessive desire to win, Seto enters Yugi's life shortly after the smaller teen introduces his friends to the card game: Magic and Wizards*.  Orphaned at age 10 along with his 5 year old brother Mokuba, the boys were dumped into an orphanage by relatives.  (But only after they had stripped the two boys of their inheritance.)  Determined to keep them together, Seto challenged Gozaburo Kaiba to a chess game.  If Seto won, Gozaburo would have to adopt both brothers.  This turned out to be a mistake on his part as Gozaburo was a cold, cruel man who drove the awful message into Seto's head that losing was not only unacceptable, but that loser's should die.  He is largely responsible for most, but not all, of Seto's personality problems.
A nationwide champion of not only Magic and Wizards, but also any other game he's played.  He takes his loss to Yugi very personally and seeks revenge on the boy with a life-threatening, multi-million dollar game called Death-T.
In the manga, Seto is already a classmate of Yugi's, but doesn't take an interest in the small teen until he sees him playing Magic and Wizards in school.   There he overhears Yugi talking about his grandfather's "special" rare card and later shows up at the Kame Game Store.
In the anime, he tranfers into their school and finds one of Yugi's cards on the floor.  Kaiba then invites Yugi and his friends over to his home to show them his collection and in turn, Yugi in turn, invites him over to see his grandfather's rare card.

*~ later on the game is called Duel Monsters.