Sugoroku - Manga Style

Name:  Sugoroku Mutou
Birthday:  October 4 (Libra)
Age:  72
Height:  151 cm (4' 11.4")
Weight:  62 kg (136.4 lbs)
Blood Type:  O
Item:  None
Favorite Food:  Omelets
Disliked Food:  Nothing
Fandom Nicknames:  None
Family:  Grandson-Yuugi, Son & Daughter in law-no names given

Sugoroku - Anime style

Owner and proprieter of the Kame Game Store, Sugoroku is more than just a connoisseur of games.   In his younger days he traveled the world, seeking out dangerous games and participating in archaeological digs.  Now he spends his time running his game shop and helping raise his grandson, Yugi.  The elder Motou is a game master himself, and taught Yugi everything he knew, constantly challenging his small grandson with any game he could get a hold of.  Cheerful, personable, (and maybe a little bit perverted) the elderly shopkeeper takes great joy in sharing his love of games with not only his grandson and his friends, but with anyone who passes through his shop's doors.