Retrieving Destiny - Image by Aoi Ryu

Image by Aoi Ryu



First off, I’d like to start off with a big “Thank You” for my family. If it hadn’t been for their continued support, I probably would have never finished this. I’d also like to give an extra big thanks to my baby sister Laura for being my biggest supporter/motivator and to my other little sister Anna for drawing the beautiful cover picture for me.

I’ve been writing fanfiction for some several years now but I never imagined that any of it would get printed. Not only is this the longest story I’ve ever written, but this was also the first story I ever attempted for National Novel Writing Month. I’m thrilled to see the first part of this story completed and hope that the others will soon follow.

Retrieving Destiny combines my love of Ancient Egypt, fantasy, magic, pretty gay boys, romance, and Yu-Gi-Oh all into something that I hope everyone will enjoy. ^_^v

Jeanne aka Murasaki Rose