Title:  Retrieving Destiny
Part:  13/23
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings:  Yaoi (male x male), Yuri (female x female), implied Mpreg
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM, HxO, PxC, IxM
Minor Pairings:  BMGxA, BMxK, TxCxH
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary:  While assisting his grandfather on an excavation in Egypt for their senior class trip, Yuugi and his friends unleash seven powerful beings from their millennia-long imprisonment.  These strange creatures, who call themselves "darkness", will bring about a series of life-changing events for the close-knit group of teenagers.

2,003 words | 2nd draft - 2,199 words


In order to not intrude upon their sovereign and his family, the knights of Atlantis had hidden within the Shadows and taken up posts around their tent with the intention of guarding them until morning.  Of course they hadn't taken into account that one or both of Atlantean royals would sense them either.

Poking his head outside, Hanasaki grinned brightly and waved at Timaeus.  "Come on in!  We've been waiting for you!" he chirped happily before ducking back inside.

Glancing over at Hermos he saw the other knight giving him a wry grin before shrugging his shoulders and waving Critias over.   Shaking his head, Timaeus stepped from the shadows and joined his fellow warriors; it was time to greet the royal family once more.

Entering the tent, the three knights bowed respectfully to their charges and were quickly made to sit and relax themselves.

"My lord, it is good to see you and yours in good health," Timaeus began after they had gotten comfortable.

"Lord Seth explained what took place after our banishment," Critias continued.

"-and the events leading up to our release," Hermos finished, picking up the end of their statement.

"That saves us some time then," Dartz replied.  "Tryphon will have to explain the changes that have occurred over the last three thousand years, but first I would like to know what happened to you and the Pharaoh's ms-n hwi."

The three knights shared a look before Timaeus spoke, his voice and expression grim, "The moment the six of us entered the courtyard it was already too late."

"You mean . . ?"

"Yes.  They were prepared for us and we walked right into their trap.

The first of us to fall was Mahaado.  They must have known that he was of the most danger to them for he had barely entered the courtyard when a series of magic-formed chains and manacles locked around his neck, arms, and legs, immobilizing him instantly.  Mana immediately tried to free him, but was quickly bound herself, while a second set of chains wound around Mahaado's body, binding him tightly from neck to foot.

Kisara and the three of us attempted to assist them, but we were mobbed down by wave of soldiers that literally came out of nowhere.  They were magical creations, a golem of some type that continually regenerated no matter how fast we destroyed them.  It was then we noticed that the men surrounding the perimeter of the courtyard were chanting.

Kisara transformed first and the four of us engaged in battle with his warriors, but even as we fought we could not stop the chanting.  Kisara was sealed next, after being forced back into her human form; she was chained down and restrained.

In the meantime, we had managed to carve our way through a large number of his golem soldiers, but they just kept coming.  So in an effort to get ahead, we changed into our dragon forms and carved our way through the remaining creatures, finally able to break them to the point of no regeneration.

As one, we turned our attention to the sorcerer and his priests, but were caught before we had a chance to retaliate.  Impaled with our own swords then sealed in large blocks of crystal we were sent deep into the Shadow Realm along with the others, falling into a dreamless slumber until our release.  We had no idea we were sealed for so long," the knight finished his tale, his remaining angular blue-violet eye closing.

It opened again when the he felt a light weight settling on to his lap and he saw his young princess smiling sadly up at him.  Wrapping her small arms around his middle, Chris hugged the man tightly, "Don't be sad, Timaeus.  It's okay now."

Smiling down at the little princess, he patted her head reassuringly, "Thank you little one."

"She's right you know," Tomoya said softly, smiling at all three knights.  "We were all taken unprepared, but that was in the past.  Now that we've all been given a second chance we won't let it happen again."

The warriors nodded, this was something they had promised themselves as well.  Never again would they fail the ones they had devoted their lives to protect.


Seto didn't know what to think of the extremely pale, slender bodied, blue-eyed woman that had returned with Seth.  At first, when the girl and his puppy had hugged and started laughing, he had wanted to be angry and jealous.  Who was this woman to his pup and why was he so happy to see her?  When Seth had explained who Kisara was and what she was to both him and Jou, the younger male had felt a bit of remorse from his jealous thoughts.  Of course, that was until she shifted her attention to him.  Now as he was being crushed to her ample chest by her thin, yet surprisingly powerful, arms he just kept hoping that one of them would make her let go!

As though sensing his thoughts, she released him enough to let him stand, holding his upper arms as she took stock of his adult form.  "You've grown into such a handsome young man, nhy hm-ntr!  You're nearly as tall as Seth!" she exclaimed, letting go to turn him around by the shoulders, "Let's see your wings then."

Having not had anyone attempt to treat him in such a manner since he was a small child, Seto was baffled and unsure of how to react to his new "big sister".  Looking to his lovers he found the pair giving him encouraging smiles and reluctantly he brought out his wings, wondering silently just why she wanted to see them.  Her delighted cry as she smoothed her hands across the large white appendages confusing him even more.

"They look exactly like miniature versions of mine!" the woman exclaimed in delight, "A perfect opposite to Seth's!"

"You have wings like Jou does?" he asked her curiously.

She smiled mysteriously, "Not exactly.  Unlike Jono, I am a shape-shifter.  That means that I only have my wings when I am in my full dragon form."

This had Seto's attention.  "You turn into a dragon?" he asked, a glimmer of wonder shining through from deep within his eyes and voice.

Kisara laughed happily, her dark blue eyes shining with delight, "I'll be happy to show you when we can find an appropriate place for me to transform.  Seth has told me that all our kinds seem to have gone into hiding, so to avoid detection, I'll need a lot of room and somewhere that we won't be seen."

Stamping down his disappointment, Seto accepted her word, "I'll hold you to that then."


Reappearing in Anzu's tent, Mana smiled down at her sleeping wife.  Seth had told her about the memory spell he'd had to cast on the girl so she wasn't worried when the brunette didn't react to her presence.  The priest had also told her that while Teana hadn't been as disturbed as Jono, the conflicting old and new memories were causing a lot of problems for the girl.   Fortunately, the spell he cast would enable her to remember both lives without any conflict between the two.

Settling down in mid-air to wait, the young magician changed from her pink and blue battle armor to her normal tunic and shenti with a wave of her curled staff.  According to Seth, he had cast the spell hours ago, so she knew it wouldn't be long before the other girl woke.

Moaning softly, Anzu's head tossed from side to side a couple times before her sky blue eyes fluttered open.  The new awareness of her past life hit her with the force of a freight train, before fading comfortably with the memories of her current life.  Sitting up she was stunned and overjoyed by the sight of her former wife Mana perched comfortably in the air above her.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up," the perky magician commented, stretching out lazily to "lie down" above her.  "I've been waiting for quite a while, you know."

"And yet you are still all the way up there," Anzu replied, flopping backwards on her cot.

Grinning, Mana changed the cot into a comfortable bed then dropped down on top of her reincarnated wife, using magic to slow her fall.  "This better?"

"Oh yes," Anzu purred, tangling her fingers into light brown hair and pulling the magician in for a deep kiss.  Mana hummed happily, eagerly granting the taller girl entrance into her mouth and engaging her in a lazy battle.  As tongues entwined, gentle hands roamed on both parties, Anzu's stopping on Mana's firm, rounded bottom and Mana's cupping Anzu's full breasts.

Pinching and kneading the heavy mounds, Mana pulled away from Anzu's mouth to press kisses down her throat, stripping the other girl of her clothing magically when it got in her way.  Anzu gasped as warm hands were now touching sensitive flesh, her arousal spiking at the erotic sensation of being nude beneath her clothed mate.  Mana's hungry mouth continued to move downward, her tongue painting a trail down the other woman's skin with her saliva.  Reaching one of Anzu's sensitive nipples, the magician flicked her tongue lightly across the sensitive nub, making the other woman shudder in reaction.  And when she felt it was sufficiently hard, the mischievous girl latched on and began suckling, bringing Anzu arching up off the bed and closer to her mouth.

"Gods, Mana!" Anzu managed to gasp, moaning in a mix of relief and disappointment when her mate released her breast to move to her lips down to her belly.  The green-eyed girl suddenly stopped to grin up at her wife and Anzu finally took note of her position:  crouched on hands and knees between the blue-eyed girl's spread legs, with her head resting comfortably on Anzu's right hip.

Blue eyes widened in realization and all the reincarnated brunette could do was hold on as nimble fingers slid through her damp curls to spread her nether lips open for a hungry mouth.  Mana's hot, slick tongue buried itself deep into her folds, eagerly lapping the flowing juices running from her body and making Anzu cry out wordlessly, bucking her hips and screeching when her clit was found and stroked roughly with a skilled tongue.

Her face still pressed against the other woman's mound, Mana chuckled at her wife's wild reactions, earning herself another loud moan for her efforts.  Her beloved wife was a virgin in this life and while her memories might hold all the knowledge of such acts, her body was clueless and highly sensitive to her every touch.  Oh the possibilities.

Sitting up and drawing a groan of protest from the teen, Mana leaned forward over her wife, licking her lips and lazily running her fingertips up the other brunette's sensitive inner thighs.  Anzu shuddered and glared weakly up at the other woman.

"You," she panted heavily, her chest heaving attractively, "Are pure evil."

Mana laughed, "If I were evil would I do this?" she asked, plunging her fingers deep into the other woman's wet velvet folds, stroking and probing the sensitive flesh.

"Yes!" Anzu's reply was half an answer, half a pleasured cry.  Her slender arms shooting up to wrap around Mana's shoulders to pull her upper body up so she could kiss her wife.  Tongues entwined lazily, more concerned with contact then conquest as they moved together.  Anzu found the taste of herself on the other woman's tongue was both strange and familiar to the reincarnated ms-n hwi, but did not detract from their shared pleasure.  With her orgasm approaching on a powerful wave, Anzu's breathing picked up, rising steadily along with the wave that Mana seemed content to keep moving at the same slow pace, despite the other's whining.

Desperately, the blue-eyed girl attempted to buck her hips up into the other's hand, only to find that the other brunette had pinned her down with magic.  Pulling away from her mouth, Mana made a soft 'tsk' noise before moving back to the other girl's breasts.  Smiling warmly up at her mate, she moved her free hand up to pinch and roll one nipple while latching on to nip and suckle at the other one, while her other hand remained actively buried in Anzu's womanhood.

Lovingly and patiently, the female magician brought her wife to the brink of completion over and over again, the repeated, maddeningly slow rise to the edge of orgasm driving the other woman wild with need.  Anzu's entire body shook as she moaned and cried for completion, before her wife finally took pity on her and pushed her over the edge.  Letting out a choked sob of relief, the blue-eyed brunette arched her back high, her mouth falling open in a silent scream as she plunged into the abyss.

When she recovered her senses, she attempted to glare at her smug looking wife, who just giggled in response.

"Just you wait until I'm able to move again," she threatened.  "I will have my revenge."

"I can't wait," Mana replied, green eyes sparkling in anticipation.


November 25, 2008
-edited May 25 2009


Fun fact:  The legendary knights:   Timeaus & Critias were named after Plato's dialogues in which he speaks of Atlantis.  Hermos is a shortened version of Hermocrates which was allegedly the title of the third dialogue that was to follow "Critias".  However, "Critias" was never finished so "Hermocrates" was never written.