Title:  Retrieving Destiny
Part:  18/23
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings:  Yaoi (male x male), Yuri (female x female), implied Mpreg
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM, HxO, PxC, IxM
Minor Pairings:  BMGxA, BMxK, TxCxH
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary:  While assisting his grandfather on an excavation in Egypt for their senior class trip, Yuugi and his friends unleash seven powerful beings from their millennia-long imprisonment.  These strange creatures, who call themselves "darkness", will bring about a series of life-changing events for the close-knit group of teenagers.

2,126 words | 2nd draft - 2,283 words



The teen in question swiveled his head around just in time to be hit by a whirlwind of silver.  Laughing giddily, Ryou tackled his small friend, grabbing the amethyst-eyed boy around the waist and spinning him around.  "Arigato gozaimasu, Yuugi-kun!"

"Ryou-kun!  Put me down!" the small teen cried out, trying hard not to laugh as he did so.  "I'm getting dizzy!" he cried again, hoping he'd be set down before he got so dizzy he fell over.  Still laughing, Ryou did as he asked, giving the smaller male another hug before bouncing back a bit, a huge smile on his face.  "What's gotten into you?" he asked, suspecting he knew the answer already.

"Bakura," Ryou answered cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows at the other hikari.

Yuugi's eyes got impossibly wide as he stared in shock at his silver-haired friend, that was something he'd have expected Jonouchi to say!  "It's always the quiet ones," he muttered mock sadly, shaking his head.  On a hunch he poked the taller boy in the chest and hit solid metal.  "You're wearing the Ring."

Ryou nodded, "Uh-huh.  I figured it would attract less attention if I kept it under my shirt."

Yuugi nodded in agreement, "Good idea.  I wish I could do the same with this thing," he said, hefting the Puzzle in his hands.

Ryou smiled sympathetically at his friend then decided to change the subject.  "So we're doing research again today?"

"Yeah, it should just be the seven of us today.  Pegasus-san is wanting to talk with our "others" and Mai-san will be doing categorizing."

"What about Malik-kun?" the silver-haired teen asked his friend.

"Oh!  He's been commandeered for the day by his big brother Rishid.  We probably won't even see him until dinner time."

"Poor Malik-kun."


Holed up in the archives the reincarnated hikari and ms-n hwi had settled in to continue to search for information on the items they were all currently either wearing or carrying with them . . . for all of fifteen minutes.

To no one's surprise, it was Jonouchi that started it.

"So Yug' what do your new wings look like?" he finally asked the question he'd been dying to ask his best friend, grinning at the small teen.

Startled by the sudden question, the amethyst-eyed teen blinked owlishly at his best friend.  "Wha-?"

"Your wings," he repeated.  I know ya got em' since you completed the bond with per-Aa Atem, but you haven't shown them to me yet."

Sighing Yuugi looked around at the rest of their friends, noticing the curious expressions on all their faces.  "All right," he relented, standing up and moving to a spot where he wouldn't bang them against anything.  "But everybody else has to show theirs too."  After receiving a round of agreements from his friends and waiting long enough for Seto to lock the door, Yuugi took a deep breath and unfurled his wings.

To say Jonouchi was impressed would be a bit inadequate but close enough.  Seeing the small teen's massive light gold wings was a clear indication that he was the pharaoh's light.  The golden feathers shone with a metallic sheen under the lighting and the bottom row of feathers was a pure white, making it look like they were edged in the pale color.  Each individual wing was easily bigger than the teen himself, and Jou guessed he had a good eleven-twelve foot wingspan.  For one who had been magically trained, it was easy to see that Yuugi would be as powerful as his mate once he completed his own training.

"Well, what do you think Jonouchi-kun?" the small hikari asked, tired of the silent contemplation.

"They're gorgeous Yug'," he replied honestly.  "And since ya showed yours . . " the blond stood as he spoke, stretching out his back before unfurling his own wings, "I'll show ya mine."

"Sugoi!" the teen squealed.  "They look so cool!"

Jonouchi's bright crimson dragon wings stretched about thirteen feet from tip to tip and were slender in width with sharp claws at the joint and at the tip of each wing.

"Jonouchi-kun, are you a hikari too?" Ryou asked, a bit confused by the blond's wings, Jou didn't feel like a hikari or a yami.

"Nah, I'm a ms-n hwi.  We're kinda like you guys, but we're not as powerful and we don't always have wings."

Anzu picked up the explanation after making her own light blue fairy wings visible, "We usually work as warriors, guardians, or priests and like Jonouchi said, we don't all have wings.  Jou and I are part of the anthropomorphic group, of which there as many variations as there are animals in the world.  Then there are two human-looking groups:  magicians, like my wife Mana and her teacher Mahaado, and shape-shifters:  like Kisara, Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos.  You'll meet them later," she added catching the confused look on Ryou and Honda's faces.

"Anzu, your wings are really pretty," Yuugi told his oldest friend, admiring the shimmering appendages and noting that her wings were much smaller than his or Jonouchi's giving her a wingspan of just seven feet.

"Thank you, Yuugi.  I'm glad you still like them," she replied happily.


She nodded cheerfully, "Yep!  In our first life, when you were still a baby, you would stare at them in total fascination and were constantly trying to grab a hold of them when I was watching you."   She told him, giggling when the poor teen blushed brightly in embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed Yuugi-kun.  You were a very cute baby," Hanasaki told him, unfurling his own wings and stunning those who hadn't seen the unusual appendages of the former Atlantean.  Hanasaki's wings were very unique, the large appendages seemed to be formed from a softly glowing water with an aqua iridescence that appeared to be in perpetual motion, and his wingspan was easily as wide as Yuugi's, indicating his own high level of power.

"Those things never fail ta amaze me," Jou told the little teen, Anzu nodding in agreement.  The wings of the Atlantean royals were an impressive sight for anyone to see, especially when they were in flight.  Hanasaki just blushed modestly in reply.

"C'mon Seto, show everybody yours," the blond encouraged his lover giving him a gentle nudge to his side.

Shrugging and giving a small sigh, the tall auburn-haired teen stood and stepped back from the table.  Exhaling he unfurled his own appendages, revealing the huge white dragon wings he'd recently acquired to an admiring crowd.  Equal in length to Jou's, Seto's wings were far wider indicating the higher power and his only had the one claw at the joint.

"They're like a negative version of Seth's," Hanasaki commented, remembering the High Priest's own black dragon wings.

Grinning like a lunatic, Jonouchi hugged his lover tight, "Yep!  They're my light and dark bookends," he commented, earning himself a thwap to the head and a mumbled threat from his irritated boyfriend.

Honda snickered, standing as he commented, "Good to see that having your past memories back hasn't changed you much," he commented as he unfurled his wings, revealing the green feathered appendages.  Tipped with white, they stretched out to a roughly eight-foot wingspan.  "You think I can get mine restored?"

"Sure, we'll ask Seth ta do it tonight if ya want," Jou answered the brunet before turning his attention to the quiet, silver-haired teen in the corner, "Okay Ryou, you're the last one."

"Okay," the teen replied, moving out of the corner and out to where he'd have more room.  Taking a deep breath he unfurled his own wings to their full ten-foot wingspan.  Pure white feathers, with a row of silver ones lining the bottom edge, gave one the impression that an angel had just appeared before you and momentarily took everyone's breath away.

Yuugi and Hanasaki were immediately at the silver-haired teen's sides, cooing over the beautiful wings that nearly rivaled their own in their exotic beauty.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jou noticed the subtle downward twitch of Seto's mouth.   ((Don't feel bad, Dragon.  They wanted ta do it ta you but you know and I know and most importantly, they know that if they tried ta give ya that kind of attention, you'd freak and push them away.))

The auburn haired hikari made no reply, but Jou could feel the lightening of his lover's mood instantly.

((Seriously.  I could see the "squeal and glomp" look in Yuugi's eyes.  Just say the word and he'll be all over yours.))

Seto snorted mentally, ((Hmph.  You worry far too much, pup.))

Reassured, Jonouchi couldn't help but smile as he watched his normally anti-social boyfriend walk over to the others and begin asking Hanasaki questions about his unusual wings.  It seemed the genius teen could not resist the urge to learn just how the "liquid" wings could get the other hikari airborne.

"You know, I don't think this is what Pegasus meant for us to be doing today," Anzu said, coming up next to her fellow ms-n hwi as Honda joined Seto and the other lights.

"Somehow I don't think he'll mind too much," was Jou's reply watching the hikari interact fondly.


Across the camp, Pegasus sneezed in the middle of his meeting with the yami and ms-n hwi.  Apologizing and shaking it off, the modern darkness continued with his crash course on the twenty-first century.  There was a wealth of information that the Ancient Egyptians and Atlanteans needed to know and as the only one born in this era, Pegasus felt that it was his duty to ensure that they were well prepared for the rest of the world.

But modern events weren't the only things they were discussing.  When Pegasus informed all those assembled that all their reincarnated mates were still in school, he had immediately had to launch into a lengthy explanation of the modern educational system as well as the reasons why the youngsters were training for a career.  He had been pleasantly surprised at how well they all seemed to be taking the idea that they would be for most intents and purposes, commoners.  Atem and Dartz had then stunned him by admitting to having secretly longed for the chance to live a life with only the responsibilities they chose to take on, not ones they were born into.  Seth had then commented that if they really wanted to rule again, they had plenty of time to do so later on in their lives.  Of course this statement had led into a lengthy conversation explaining to Pegasus some of the things that he hadn't learned about being a darkness yet.

Another topic had started with Pegasus' reluctant admission of the disappearance of Atlantis from the Earth.  When the silver-haired man had told the former king that it was rumored Atlantis had sunk, the aqua-haired darkness had actually begun laughing.  Dartz then proceeded to explain to a baffled group that one of Atlantis' defense mechanisms was to shift dimensions and it was far easier to move a city down than any other direction.  Speechless, Pegasus had just stared at the man in shock as the concept that the "lost" city of Atlantis might not be lost after all, slowly sunk in.  However, Dartz had no idea as to why the city would take such a dramatic effect or why they would stay hidden for so long.

Bakura suggested that it might have something to do with the strange absence of akhu and kkwy the world over.  He could understand why the Egyptian ones had gone into hiding, but why had all their kind vanished?  While not as numerous as humans, their kind had existed in every known part of the world.  How could they all just disappear without a trace, leaving almost no sign of their ever having lived?  The possibilities were disturbing.


Back at the sleeping tents, the hikari Cynthia was learning some very surprising things from Chris about her mommy.  The young woman had cheerfully offered to watch over the girl in order to allow both her parents and her guardians the opportunity to work without having to be concerned over her safety.  Plus the fact was that Cynthia adored children.

Currently, the little brunette was sitting on a chair while the blonde woman fixed her pigtails since as she had run about, her hair had gone askew and the blonde had offered to fix it for the child.

"Thank you Lady Cynthia," Chris said politely, admiring her newly re-pigtailed hair then standing and curtseying to the older woman in her new skirt.  "Mommy usually fixes my hair when I mess it up, but Daddy said I have to let him study today."

Catching the unusual title the young child had for her teenage father, the blonde-haired woman decided to simply ask about it.  "Chris, why do you call Tomoya-kun, "Mommy"?"

"'Cause Daddy said that I grew in Mommy's tummy for nine months and that's why he's my Mommy and Daddy is my Daddy," she answered honestly, looking confused as to why she was even being asked.

Cynthia's light blue eyes grew wide in shock, "Tomoya gave birth to you?"

Chris nodded emphatically, "Uh-huh.  Daddy said that with humans and most other creatures, only the girls can have babies.  But lights and ms-n hwi can have babies too, even if they're a boy like my Mommy!"

"Oh my!" the gentle woman exclaimed, "I didn't know that," she confessed to the child, the implications of that small bit of information beginning to settle in.  If the child's statement was correct, then that could mean they may already have a MALE pregnant teenager on their hands.


November 29, 2008
-edited May 27, 2009