Title:  Retrieving Destiny
Part:  23/23
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings:  Yaoi (male x male), Yuri (female x female), implied Mpreg
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM, HxO, PxC, IxM
Minor Pairings:  BMGxA, BMxK, TxCxH
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary:  While assisting his grandfather on an excavation in Egypt for their senior class trip, Yuugi and his friends unleash seven powerful beings from their millennia-long imprisonment.  These strange creatures, who call themselves "darkness", will bring about a series of life-changing events for the close-knit group of teenagers.

2, 394 words | 2nd draft – 2,500 words


Domino City, 1 month later

Walking down the hallway towards the main living room of his mansion, Seto Kaiba was greeted by the loud triumphant cries of his victorious puppy and the disgruntled groan of defeat from the puppy's brunet friend.  Reaching the entrance of the room, his assumptions were confirmed by the sight of his boyfriend dancing around the room in a victory celebration while an irritated Honda sat sulking on the floor.  Otogi had been attempting to console his hikari, but had had his attention stolen by the sight of the blond's victory dance.  Seth was seated on the couch close to the dancing blond, a similar expression of confused horror on his face as he watched his husband dance around the room.  Mokuba, who was used to Jonouchi's unusual game-playing victory dances, had been trying vainly to reassure Seth that Jonouchi had not lost his mind, finally giving up when he noticed that his big brother had returned home for the day.

"Thank God!" the boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up in relief.  "YOU explain to your yami that Jonouchi isn't any crazier than normal!"

Seth looked over at his light for confirmation and was stunned speechless when he agreed.  ((I don't understand it either; it's just how the puppy acts when he wins,)) Seto explained to his worried darkness.

"Seto!" Jonouchi exclaimed joyously, leaping over the couch to glomp onto his boyfriend.  "I totally trashed Honda's ass!" he cheered before pressing his lips to the taller teen's.

"I could tell," he replied when the blond pulled away.  "You also managed to scare Seth and scar Otogi with your little victory dance," he told the blond.

Dropping off his blue-eyed boyfriend, Jou leapt back over the couch to cuddle up to the Egyptian darkness.  "Sorry I freaked you out love," he apologized, kissing the tanned male softly on his cheek.

"You have a very strange victory ritual Jono," Seth told his husband honestly.

Honda snorted from where he sat on the floor, "You think this was bad, you oughta see him when we play Monster World."

The two Egyptian males eyes widened considerably, he got worse?!

"You have no idea," Seto confirmed, sitting down next to the pouting Jonouchi.

"You guys suck.  I'm not that bad," he attempted to defend himself, gaining only incredulous looks for his efforts.  "I'm not!"

Rolling his eyes, Honda lifted himself and his mate off the floor knowing what this would eventually lead to.  "We're gonna go up to our room until dinnertime okay?" he said, leaving the room with his darkness in tow.

Honda and Otogi had been living at the Kaiba mansion since the day they had returned home from Egypt and his parents had kicked him out.  Unable to accept the fact that his soul mate and lover was male, Honda had been unable to even try and explain why and what they were.  So he and the darkness had left and made their way over to stay with Jonouchi.  Originally, Honda had planned on moving out and getting a place of his own, but Jou had insisted he stay, reminding him that they had plenty of room and that there was no point in them separating and moving out until Honda had a job and Otogi had become better acclimatized to the modern world.  It was an excellent arrangement and after all, the other ms-n hwi were living there too.  The only real drawback was having a daily exposure to the horny love fest that was Seto, Jonouchi, and Seth.

Recognizing the signs as well, Mokuba followed their example and beat a hasty retreat himself, mumbling something about having homework to do.  He knew he should stop at the back yard training area and warn the Atlantean knights before they wandered in on them . . . again.  Mahaado and Kisara were over at Yuugi's so he knew he wouldn't have to worry about them getting scarred for life.

Back in the living room, Seto and Seth had completely disrobed their blond lover and had the teen helpless beneath them on the couch.   Jonouchi writhed and squirmed, whining when his groping hands kept encountering the clothed bodies of his two lovers.  "No fair guys, I'm the only one naked here!"

Seto smirked down at his heavily aroused boyfriend, "I don't see a problem with that do you Seth?"

Leering in return, Seth tweaked one of the blond's nipples, drinking in the blond's impassioned cry.  "No not at all," he replied, continuing his pleasurable torture.

"Aww, come ooonnn~!" the blond ended in a high-pitched whine, his voice soon dissolving into nothing but cries of passion.


Raising herself up by magic, Mana carefully dusted the nick-nacks on the top shelf of the large display shelves on the one wall of Mai's apartment, humming and swinging her hips to the tune as she moved.  Coming into the room, Anzu smiled at her wife, proud at how well she was adapting to their new life.  Unfortunately, the blue-eyed brunette couldn’t say the same for her parents.   At first, the two girls had been pleasantly surprised when both her parents had immediately accepted Mana, asking her friendly questions and eagerly getting to know the cheerful Egyptian girl their daughter had fallen in love with.

Unfortunately, things fell apart a few days later.  Catching her cheerful wife doing magic, Anzu's mother had panicked in confusion.  When Anzu had attempted to explain, the hysterical woman had to be restrained by her father who tried to get Anzu to break up with her beloved wife.  Refusing to do any such thing, Anzu had decided to show her parent’s exactly what she was and had unfurled her delicate wings to their horrified eyes.  Her mother had screamed and fainted and her father had ordered them both out of the house, calling them both freaks of nature and other far worse things that the teenager would rather forget.

The two girls had headed directly for Mai's apartment, Mana casting two spells before they left:  one to collect all their belongings and the other to ensure her parents would magically become mute should they try and speak about the two girls abilities.  After telling the older women their story, Mai and Isis had welcomed the emotionally wounded girls into their home, which was just big enough for the two couples to share comfortably.

"Lunch is ready," Isis’ gentle voice came from the kitchen, breaking Anzu from her melancholy thoughts.  The former priestess had taken it upon herself to learn how to cook and was getting rather good at it.  Mana dropped to the ground and skipped over to her wife, giving the blue-eyed brunette a warm hug.  "Cheer up love, I'm sure they'll change their minds eventually."

Anzu gave her a watery smile, "I hope so.   I really hope so."


Malik had done his own laundry before.   Hell, he'd done the laundry for his whole family at several times in his life.   But there was something about this damn machine that just kept vexing him!   "Ryou!  This damn washer hates me!"  The blond whined loudly as the ancient machine ground to a halt once again, the off-balance light flashing at him mockingly.

Sighing and shaking his silver hair, the brown-eyed teen came over to rescue the other teen.  He honestly couldn't ever remember seeing someone have this much bad luck while doing their laundry.

Marik and Bakura were no help in this department either; the two yami had been assigned folding duty and were forbidden from touching any of the machinery.  This stemmed from a certain incident regarding two toasters, an Electric Lizard, the Shadow Realm, and the fire department.

Opening up the washer Ryou bent over and began rummaging around, shifting the weight of the clothes around a bit to get a better balance and trying to ignore Bakura who was openly leering at his raised behind and making a series of lewd comments in the boy's head through their link.  By the time the teen was finished and had closed the lid, he couldn't decide if he was more angry or horny.  Deciding on angry, just barely, he finished with their laundry and waited for Malik, knowing that if he didn't the Egyptian teen would be calling him back down here for some bizarre crisis.  That or Marik would have his light pressed against the closest surface doing things that should not be done in an apartment laundry room.

When Malik had finished, both teens reached for their baskets when their yamis surprised them, sweeping both teens into their arms and over their shoulders with one hand and lifting the laundry with the other.  They had plans for their lights and weren't about to let either teen start anything else.


Dartz smiled warmly at the scene he walked into.  His mother-in-law was seated at the kitchen table with his daughter, teaching her how to write in hiragana.  While their daughter was well-educated and more than smart enough to attend school, she was lacking in certain areas that were necessary in a modern education.  So it had been decided that they would spend as much time as needed to get her caught up before enrolling her in Domino elementary.  The former Atlantean king still hadn't gotten over his surprise at just how well his husband's parents had taken everything.

When the five of them had arrived at Tomoya's home, the group had been ushered straight into the living room to talk.  At first, both light and darkness could easily tell that the teen's parents didn't believe a word either of them were saying, so the teen had simply taken matters into his own hands and unfurled his impressive wings.

Stunned, his parents had stared at the beautiful appendages for a long time before they finally worked up the courage to actually touch them.  Tomoya had moved them so the two could get a better look at them and to verify by touch that not only were the wings real but also an actual part of their son's body.  Once they believed the wings, it didn't take long to convince them of the rest.  Surprisingly, the two had taken the news very well and were delighted to learn that not only did they have a granddaughter, but that there was a chance of more grandchildren in the future.

Tomoya's mother had explained it best, "The most important thing to your father and I, is that you live happily.  That's why we could accept your being gay so easily.  Finding out that you have magic, have already had a baby and could have more?  Well that's just a blessing that we couldn't have possibly hoped for other wise.”

((What are you doing love?)) Tomoya asked his mate, interrupting his reverie.

((Watching your mother teach our daughter,)) Dartz replied, turning and wrapping the teen into his arms as he came up behind him.


Watching Yuugi and Mahaado play board games had quickly become one of Kisara's favorite past times.  It had started when the two of them had arrived to find their pharaoh helping Sugoroku stock the shelves of the store.  Mahaado of course had freaked over the pharaoh performing manual labor and after numerous attempts to calm him, Atem had ordered the magician upstairs to help Yuugi with his house-cleaning chores.

Kisara had followed her husband upstairs and the pair had found the young light dancing around the living room floor.  He was running the vacuum and had a pair of headphones on, leaving him completely oblivious to their approach.

When Mahaado had placed a hand on his shoulder, the teenager had shrieked and damn near hit the ceiling from fright.  After a few moments he finally calmed his heart rate, and putting away the vacuum, told them both that he was actually finished.  Mahaado had been about to go back downstairs when Yuugi suddenly stopped him asking if the magician would be willing to play a game with him.  Kisara could see the struggle in her husband’s expression, but the big, watery, puppy dog expression the amethyst-eyed teen was able to pull off had done him in.

Now, sitting on the couch watching the two play, the pale-skinned woman could hardly remember a time she’d had more fun.  Yuugi was trying to play seriously, but kept having to remind Mahaado not to go easy on him, then the magician would apologize and Yuugi would tell him not to be sorry and they'd resume game play, only to start the whole process over again a few minutes later.  By the time their pharaoh and Yuugi's grandfather joined them upstairs, Kisara was burying her face into a couch cushion in an attempt to muffle her laughter.

Nudging his frustrated mate aside, Atem had taken over and soon Kisara and Yuugi both were in hysterics on the living room floor.  Life was good.


"I think you should be more concerned with your own fate rather than that of your guard dogs," the sorcerer sneered, "But if you must know, I've sent them all to another dimension."


"And as for the your fellow monstrosities . . ." The man paused to wave two golden objects tauntingly in front of the Pharaoh:  a ring with a triangle and eye in the center, and five cones hanging from the outside of the circlet and a set of scales bearing the same eye mark, "My acolytes and I have already sealed both your infiltrator and your tomb builder."   He smiled nastily, "They were easy to defeat with their wretched akhu dead."

"You monster!" the priestess gasped in horror, looking as though she was struggling to hold back tears.  "You murdered children to seal them?!"

"Gladly," he gloated, "You kkwy and your akhu are abominations.  Monsters parading about our world in mockery of true humans, you and your ms-n hwi have no right living amongst humans!"

"What gives you the right to make that decision?!" the pharaoh snarled angrily.

"My humanity," the sorcerer replied as though he thought the answer obvious.  Signaling his men to begin the ritual, he muttered a quick spell to seal the room off.  "Now, which one of you should I seal first?"

In a city far from Domino a young man bolted upright with a gasp, staring blankly into the darkness of his room.  The nightmares were growing more and more detailed now and he was growing very concerned.

For months now, he’d been dreaming of Egypt.  Ancient Egypt where he was a sorcerer who had raised an army to take down the weird creatures that had taken over the country, strange, unnatural creatures, that possessed wings or other magical abilities that normal humans weren’t capable of.  It was these creatures that disturbed him most of all and he prayed that they weren’t real, such unnatural things shouldn’t exist on Earth.

But the dreams were persistent.

Running a hand over his face he muttered to himself, “What does it all mean?”


November 30, 2008
-edited May 30, 2009