Title:  Retrieving Destiny
Part:  7/23
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings:  Yaoi (male x male), implied Mpreg
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM, HxO, PxC, IxM
Minor Pairings:  BMGxA, BMxK, TxCxH
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary:  While assisting his grandfather on an excavation in Egypt for their senior class trip, Yuugi and his friends unleash seven powerful beings from their millennia-long imprisonment.  These strange creatures, who call themselves "darkness", will bring about a series of life-changing events for the close-knit group of teenagers.

2,821 words | 2nd draft - 3,203 words


Seated cross-legged on a large pillow opposite his darkness, Yuugi wondered how exactly they were going to proceed, "So just how are we going to release Dartz from his item?" he asked curiously.

Looking thoughtful, Atem took hold of one of Yuugi's hands, "I'm not entirely sure ari.  I've been feeling out the spell since this morning and all I know for sure is that it will take the combined strength of both our magics to break the spell that holds Dartz prisoner."

Yuugi raised an eyebrow as he looked at his mate in disbelief, "You're not sure?"

"Don't look so surprised," Atem snorted somewhat disdainfully, "I was Pharaoh, not a sorcerer or magician.  My magical training was not nearly so extensive."

Realizing he'd unintentionally wounded his mate's pride, Yuugi leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the crimson-eyed yami's lips, ((I'm sorry Atem.  I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.))

The sweet sincerity of his hikari came through their link loud and clear, instantly lifting the pharaoh's mood, ((All is forgiven mry,)) he replied, returning the innocent kiss.  Reluctantly breaking away, he leaned his forehead against the paler teen's and looked deep into his hikari's soulful amethyst eyes, "As much as I would like to continue-"

"-we need to work on freeing Dartz first, right?" Yuugi interrupted, finishing his yami's sentence.

The pharaoh nodded and took hold of Yuugi's other hand, "Correct ari.  Now let's get started."

Squeezing his yami's hands, Yuugi smiled nervously at his mate, "Okay, show me what to do."

Atem smiled reassuringly, ((Follow my lead,)) he told the hikari, carefully assisting the teen in releasing his magic and channeling it towards breaking the seal.  The sheer amount of concentrated magic they were using worried the dark one and there was a moment when Atem feared that their own power would rebound on them.  Before that had could happen though, the seal gave and their power cracked through, erasing the evil magic from the item.

Seconds later, a large sphere of aqua light appeared in the center of the tent and quickly faded to reveal a handsome man with long aqua hair with spiky bangs that framed his face and golden yellow eyes, with a simple gold crown that curved into three spikes and was set with a single oval ruby sitting under his bangs.  The man was dressed in a dark blue, floor-length, mandarin collared robe, with an orchid tunic bearing a simple design at the bottom in a darker purple over it.  He also wore a long, pale lavender cape attached at the shoulders, along with a black sword belt around his waist that held a sheathed, double-edged sword at his side.

Yuugi stared at the man in undisguised shock, noting absently that the man was nearly as tall as Kaiba, and found himself a bit unnerved by the power he could feel rolling off the man, this guy was Hanasaki-kun's darkness?!

((Have no fear, ari.  Dartz is a good man and a loyal friend,)) Atem reassured his skittish light.  ((Besides, I'm stronger than he is.))

"Per-aA Atem!  It's good to see you!  Did you succeed in defeating the traitors?" the aqua-haired man greeted the shorter ruler, clapping a hand on his shoulder.

Atem shook his head ruefully, "No, I too was sealed.  My akhu solved the puzzle and released me from my prison," he explained, waving a hand towards the pyramid that was now hanging from Yuugi's neck.

Yuugi smiled shyly at the wide-eyed king as Atem drew him to his side.  "Mry, I would like you to meet Dartz, King of Atlantis."  Yuugi bowed politely; giving the other man time to recover from his shock, after all his past self was just a baby when they had all been sealed.

"It is a honor and a pleasure to see you again, young light," he said, bowing to the smaller tri-color-haired teen.  "Now I must go to my own light.  I can feel his soul nearby," the Atlantean king told them, preparing to leave the tent they were in.

Yuugi panicked, if Dartz went now-, "Dartz-san matte!  Tryphon isn't . . . I mean Hanasaki-kun doesn't . . ."

"What Yuugi is trying to say, is that there are things you should know before you go to your akhu," Atem said solemnly, eyes never leaving the other ruler's.

"Yuugi?" Dartz asked, confusion and dread growing within him.

Atem sighed heavily, "Yes, this is Yuugi Mutou, the reincarnation of Heba, who died with the others nearly three thousand years ago."

For a long time the Atlantean said nothing, his head bowed enough that his bangs hid his eyes.  "It is as I feared," he finally spoke haltingly.  Raising his head he locked eyes again with the young pharaoh, "I felt it Atem.  I felt the life leave my beautiful Tryphon.  He was so distraught from finding our other knights dead that his feelings were bleeding through the mental blocks we had erected.  I felt his panic and then the agonizing severing of his soul from mine."

Both Atem and Yuugi stared at the man, their expressions a mix of sympathy and horror.   He had been sealed knowing his mate was dead?  The pain and heartbreak must have been excruciating!

"If the gods have seen fit to give me a second chance with my beloved, then I have nothing but thanks for this opportunity," he smiled sadly at the two teens.  "But I will listen to any advice you might have."


Over in the archives, Tomoya Hanasaki was attempting to get down a particularly stubborn book that was just barely in his reach.  Stretching to his full height and pushing up on to his toes, he had just managed to grab hold of the spine when a rush of energy washed through him making him cry out in surprise and drop to his knees.  Pressing a hand to his chest directly over his pounding heart, the gray-eyed teen sat for a moment, completely confused.  'What was that?' he thought, staring off into nothing, the book he was after forgotten for the moment.

Feeling an odd warmth directly beneath his hand, he reached into his shirt to pull out the pendant he was researching.  For some reason, Pegasus had insisted he actually wear it, so the small teen had humored him but kept it tucked under his shirt to avoid unwanted attention.  Now as he grasped it in his palm, he knew that it was warmer than it should be from body heat alone, turning it over he released a startled yelp and dropped it.  It didn't go far, simply thumping softly against his chest, the strange glow it had been emanating fading so quickly that the orange-haired teen could almost believe he'd imagined the whole thing.  Almost.


After Dartz bade them a good day and left to find Hanasaki, Yuugi turned to his mate, "Atem, earlier you said that Dartz and Tryphon were together for almost thirty years.  Did they grow up together?" he asked, quite confused by the Atlantean king's youthful appearance.

"No, mry.  They met twelve years before I was born, when Tryphon was sixteen and Dartz was twenty-four.  Tryphon had come to the palace to become apprentice to their royal scholar.  I was told that when the old man brought Tryphon in to court to introduce him to the king, Dartz literally leapt off his throne and pinned Tryphon to the nearest wall.  Tryphon admitted it was only the quick thinking of Dartz' father Ironheart that had gotten them out of the throne room and safely into Dartz' bedroom."  Seeing the unspoken question in his mate's eyes he explained simply, "Tryphon had to literally lure Dartz through the palace halls, while following the direction spell Ironheart cast for him to follow."

Yuugi giggled, "And that worked?"

"Well, Dartz did admit that he "stalled" their progress once or twice along the way," he chuckled, "and managed to shock quite a few of the palace residents while they were at it."

Yuugi laughed outright at this, trying to picture the handsome king and his shy friend behaving in such a manner.  His laughter slowed to a stop as a slightly disturbing thought occurred, "Are they immortal?"

Atem shook his head, "No, our kind simply live a long time and age slowly after reaching adulthood, my light."

A delicate black eyebrow arched, "How long?"

"It is not uncommon for our kind to live for around one thousand years or more."



Silently entering the archive building, the Atlantean king scanned the aisles for his mate.  He'd tracked the teen's soul to this structure and was unsurprised to find that his beloved was holed up in amongst the archives.  Searching the cramped area he soon came upon a heart-achingly familiar scene:  Surrounded by piles of books, parchments, and other papers, Hanasaki was working intently, poring over a particularly large tome, pausing every so often to jot down notes as he read.

The pale orange-haired teen gasped in shock as a pair of warm arms slipped under his own to wrap around his middle, giving the boy an over whelming sense of deja vu.  He wasn't given much time to dwell on it as the owner of the arms quickly picked him up and pulled him back against a solid chest, knocking the stool he'd been sitting on over in the process.  Frightened by the strange sensations flooding his body, Hanasaki began to struggle in the stranger's grip.  When it loosened enough to allow him some movement, he turned in the other's arms to face his attacker and gasped in shock.  With the exception of the modern clothing, this was the same man he'd seen in his dreams!

He blushed fiercely as the aqua-haired man gently cupped his face and began stroking his cheekbones in an almost reverent manner.  He was gazing at the shorter male with such longing and devotion that for reasons he could not fathom, nearly made Hanasaki's heart break.

"I feared I would never see you again, my beautiful fos to(1)," he finally spoke, pulling the teen close to him again.

Hanasaki eeped and attempted to jump back, "D-do I know you?  H-have we meet somewh-where b-before?"

'So he doesn't remember after all,' the man thought sadly as the realization that while his lover had been reincarnated, he would not have all the wonderful memories of their past together.  He had hoped the teen might have retained some piece of his former life.

Shaking off his melancholy, he finally answered his light, "I am Dartz, King of Atlantis and your skotos to(2),"

"M-my what?!"

"Your darkness and mate.  As you are my light and mate," Dartz explained, smiling warmly down at his light, not expecting the boy's next reaction.

Crying out in fright, the small teen thrashed frantically in fear and denial.  Pulling free of the beautiful man's hold, Tomoya backed into a wall, his gray eyes wide in fright and denial.  Mates.  Light and dark.  Atlantis . . . It couldn't be real!  Sinking to the floor he covered his head with his hands, shaking his head in denial as Dartz attempted to calm him.

Finally the king had had enough.  Crouching down next to his light, he pulled the panicking teen into his arms and began to rock him, softly crooning the same lullaby they used to sing to their daughter.  After a while he felt the teen relax bonelessly in his arms, chuckling softly to himself when he realized his beloved light had fallen asleep.  Standing with the boy held bridal style, he carried him out of the building and to his tent.

Laying the boy down he took a moment to change the cot into a comfortable bed, removed the teen's wire-rimmed glasses then paused to cast a spell on the tent, barring anyone outside from entrance and stopping sound from escaping.  Magically stripping them both down to a single garment, Atem's light had called them "boxers", he joined his light on the bed, wrapping an arm around his waist and curling comfortably around his small form.


Hanasaki slowly returned to awareness feeling very cherished and safe.  Sighing he snuggled into his warm bed, the more awake part of his brain shouting a warning to him.  Stubbornly, he tried to resist the urge to awaken, but the sound of soft laughter brought him fully alert.  His head snapped up and he found himself staring wide-eyed at the laughing Atlantean king.

"You're quite adorable when you are waking up, my fos to."

Yelping in fright, the orange haired teen attempted to bolt off the bed, only to find himself restrained by the other man's arms.  After watching his struggling and fear increase, Dartz decided to put a halt to it.  "ENOUGH!" he shouted, making the captive teen freeze in shock.  Removing his right arm from the boy's waist, he gently brushed Tomoya's hair back, holding his hand to the side of his light's face.  "Calm yourself, my love and tell me what is frightening you so."

Unconsciously reveling in the older man's touch, Hanasaki sighed.  Why was he so scared?  "I-I don't understand," he muttered, continuing before Dartz could inquire further.  "I've been feeling all these strange emotions since we got here.  And then . . . YOU show up."  He looked up into Dartz' gold eyes, "I dreamed about you.  And me.  We were somewhere that doesn't exist and I thought it was just a weird dream until I saw you.  What's going on?  Why did I dream about you and how are you even here?  Is this even real?!" he ended on a nearly hysterical note.

Warm lips pressing against his own cut off the rising tide of hysteria and brought about a wealth of pleasant sensations welling to the surface of his being.  So pleasant in fact, that he couldn't help the slight whimper that escaped when the beautiful man pulled away.

Dartz chuckled warmly at his reaction and couldn't resist giving the teen another quick peck on the lips.  "Did that feel like a dream, my fos to?"   Tomoya blushed cherry red and shook his head rapidly, bringing another short laugh from the Atlantean.  "Now, if you are listening, I shall explain everything.  There exists a race of creatures in this world known as lights and darks, human-like magical beings who have co-existed with the human race for thousands of years.  At least we did until a xenophobic sorcerer decided to wipe out our kind.  Three thousand years ago, my mate and I were visiting Khemet when this madman attacked.  He managed to seal myself and all the darks of Atem's court, Atem included, along with a few of our knights.  The rest were murdered with our lights."

Tomoya stared at him in shock, "Then that means . . . oh my god!  That Atem guy Yuugi-kun was with this morning, he's the Pharaoh?!"

Dartz nodded, "Yes, and Yuugi is the reincarnation of his light, Heba."

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"I think you already know," the aqua-haired man replied, smiling mysteriously, "But to be sure that there are no misunderstandings . . ." he leaned in and rubbed his nose against Tomoya's, "You, Tomoya Hanasaki, are the reincarnation of my light and my soul mate, Tryphon."

The orange-haired boy inhaled sharply as Dartz pulled the now unresisting teen flush against his body, making the teen suddenly very aware of the fact that the two of them were only dressed in their underwear.

Tomoya stifled a squeak as the charismatic man holding him slipped a hand down from his waist to grope his rear, Dartz taking advantage of his surprised reaction to press their lips together.  The Japanese teen froze in shock, gasping in surprise as the aqua-haired man began cupping and kneading his buttocks with both hands.  His gasp gave Dartz the opening he needed and the Atlantean king wasted no time in delving deep into his mate's wonderful mouth.  As an insistent tongue stroked along his own, Tomoya found himself hesitantly responding to the other's advances.  He couldn't understand why, but for some reason, the more of the other male he got, the more he wanted, his inexperienced hands beginning to stroke hesitantly across the broad chest of the other man, earning him soft sounds of approval amidst their kisses.

Breaking their kiss, Dartz smirked up at his dazed light, "Hold on tight."  Was the only warning he gave before flipping them over, keeping himself between his mate's legs as they landed.  Again he joined their mouths, Tomoya surprising them both by responding immediately, small arms wrapping around the other's back to pull them closer together.  Unwilling to pull away from his beloved, Dartz removed the last of their clothing the same way he'd removed the rest, groaning softly into Tomoya's mouth as their bare erections came in contact.  Tearing himself away, the gold-eyed man pressed hungry almost desperate kisses across every inch of bare skin in his path moving languidly down the teen's neck and chest and heading steadily towards his burning arousal.

Lost in the pleasurable sensations, Tomoya was only faintly aware of the other male stretching and preparing him for their joining.  His small fingers clenched tightly in the bedsheets, the teen arched and cried under his darkness' ministrations, begging for something he couldn't name but his dark could provide.

Positioning himself at his light's prepared entrance, Dartz stroked his hand over Tomoya's cheek, coaxing the young light to look back up at him.  Locking eyes and entwining the fingers of one hand, the Atlantean king pushed forward, pausing only to let his light adjust before moving forward again.  When he was buried to the hilt, he pressed his lips to Tomoya's again, engaging him in a slow, deep kiss before beginning to move.  Soon, the teen's hesitant responses became very enthusiastic as his body fully adjusted to the other's length buried within him and he struggled wordlessly to express his need.  Easily interpreting his light's needs, Dartz gave him a roguish grin and started a steady rhythm, one that he quickly increased as the small teen beneath him began bucking up to meet him.  Stopping long enough to pull them both into a seated position, Dartz began thrusting hard up into his light's body as the teen pushed down on his swollen cock.  One particularly hard thrust from the two of them suddenly sent Tomoya screaming into his climax, Dartz following him with a choked shout of his own.  Despite his fatigue, Dartz continued to hold them upright, waiting . . . and was rewarded with the bright flash of light and burst of energy that heralded the first appearance of Tomoya's new wings.  The Atlantean king smiled at the sight of the currently transparent "liquid" white wings now flowing from his light's back.  They were identical to the ones he'd had three thousand years ago and a perfect match to his own black ones.

Exhausted, but still feeling incredibly horny, Tomoya lifted his head and grinned mischievously down at his darkness.  "My turn," he purred, carefully pulling himself off the other's length before pushing him down on his back.


November 19, 2008
-edited May 06, 2009


1 - ancient Greek for light

2 - ancient Greek for darkness