Title:  Retrieving Destiny
Part:  6/23
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  none
Genre:  Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings:  Yaoi (male x male), implied Mpreg
Pairings:  YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM, HxO, PxC, IxM
Minor Pairings:  BMGxA, BMxK, TxCxH
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary:  While assisting his grandfather on an excavation in Egypt for their senior class trip, Yuugi and his friends unleash seven powerful beings from their millennia-long imprisonment.  These strange creatures, who call themselves "darkness", will bring about a series of life-changing events for the close-knit group of teenagers.

2,454 words | 2nd draft - 2,649 words


Yawning cutely Yuugi hummed contentedly as he woke, stretching his neck muscles by tilting his head from side to side as he slowly sat up.  He hadn't raised himself very far when he was suddenly made VERY aware that Atem was still embedded within his body.  Vainly trying to fight down the blush that covered his face, the teen carefully lifted himself until the other's member slipped from his body.  A quick glance over his shoulder at the tent's entrance showed him that it was still dark outside, so he couldn't have been asleep for long.  Returning his attention to the sleeping darkness below him, Yuugi moaned softly as he felt a powerful wave of lust sweep through his body.  Kami but the man was gorgeous!  Moving to crouch on hands and knees over the pharaoh, Yuugi shifted his weight to one arm so he could use the other to explore.

Starting at the top, he leisurely examined the other's amazingly similar hair.  Running his fingers through the strands, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that the spiky locks were just as soft as his own.  He loved the three extra lightening bolt-like gold bangs that rose up from the crown of spiky gold bangs up into the crimson-edged black spikes.  Moving on he lightly trailed a finger across tanned skin, admiring the sharp features his darkness possessed.  He couldn't help but be amused by the discovery that Atem's eyelashes were even thicker and longer than his own.  It was while Yuugi's fingers were trailing down Atem's sharp jaw line that his deep crimson eyes snapped open, startling the Japanese teen.

"Enjoying yourself ari?" the Egyptian teen asked, stifling a chuckle at Yuugi's wide-eyed expression.

Suspicion reared its ugly head as he looked down at his amused lover, "How long have you been awake?"

"Since you started moving," the pharaoh answered, knowing his lover would be miffed with his reply.

And he was.  Scowling down at Atem, Yuugi pondered an appropriate form of revenge.  Absently he noted the other's wings were gone, but pushed that thought aside for later.  Suddenly inspiration struck and he grinned deviously at the other male.   "Atem-koi," he cooed sweetly setting off danger alarms in the pharaoh's head.  "You wouldn't happen to be ticklish, would you?"

"No," he replied far too abruptly, hoping that Yuugi wouldn't catch on.

"Hmm, are you . . . sure?!" Yuugi asked, attacking on the last word sitting down on the taller teen's thighs, his hands darting to the other's flat belly.  Atem managed to sit still for all of five seconds before he erupted into a wild bout of deep laughter.  His body suddenly coming alive, writhing and squirming in an attempt to escape as his hands reached up to attempt retaliation.  The second his hands made contact with the hikari's stomach, Yuugi ceased his attack and darted forward, small hands gripping tanned shoulders as their lips connected.

Immediately Atem forgot all about tickling, instead focusing on the smooth skin beneath his hands, caressing down the pale teen's back to cup the firm, rounded buttocks.  Yuugi purred into his mouth, arching to rub his returning erection against Atem's.  The darkness pulled his mouth away to gasp, his head falling back submissively as his mate began grinding against him.  "By the gods!" he whispered fiercely as Yuugi found an interesting spot on Atem's neck to suckle.  The light let out a small dominant growl, nipping, then licking the same spot to soothe the abused patch of skin.

Pulling back to admire his mark, he was surprised when Atem placed the jar of oil from before into his hand.  "Claim me ari.  Take me as your own and complete our bond!" he pleaded, pressing needy kisses to the underside of Yuugi's jaw.

Gently pushing Atem to lay flat on his back, Yuugi settled between his spread legs admiring the picture his heavily aroused pharaoh made.  With some encouragement and a little help from his lover, Yuugi carefully oiled and stretched his darkness, nearly loosing it with his mate's enthusiastic responses to his every move.

Lifting Atem's hips for a better angle, Yuugi leaned over his darkness and brushed sweat soaked bangs away from his closed eyes.  Crimson fluttered open to lock with amethyst as the hikari pushed all the way in, wringing gasps from both parties.  Panting heavily, he struggled to regain his control while allowing Atem time to adjust to his length.  Suddenly, the pharaoh lifted his hips, prodding his light into movement.  After a few clumsy first thrusts, the pale teen quickly found his rhythm, shifting his angle bit by bit until Atem let out a yell.  Grinning triumphantly at his dark, Yuugi increased the power in his movements, hitting that same spot deep inside the pharaoh over and over.

Atem cried out with each thrust, unable to do little more than hang on to his beloved light for some form of grounding.  Yuugi, feeling his end rapidly approaching, somehow managed to reach between them and pump Atem's straining erection.

Atem actually shrieked, his release coming hard with just a few strokes from Yuugi's hand.  The tightening of his hot tunnel around Yuugi's own manhood bringing him to climax, screaming the other's name as he came, and ending in a huge burst of energy that once again brought Yuugi's wings out, this time fully solid.  Shuddering heavily, Yuugi barely managed to pull himself from his lover's body before he collapsed on top of him, his wings instinctively covering them both.

Still panting, Atem smiled proudly at his beautiful light, pressing a warm kiss to his head before settling down to join him in slumber.


With the sun beginning to rise over the horizon, bright rays of light washed over the small oasis, casting the entire area in a warm glow.  Inside the large tent just on the edge of the oasis, the interior became lit by a muted glow that awoke one of the tent's two occupants.

Angular crimson eyes slid open tiredly, the owner still drowsy from the night's events.  The sensation of soft puffs of air against his chest brought his gaze down to his beautiful slumbering mate.  He smiled while running his fingers through the pale teen's soft black, magenta-tipped locks, chuckling softly when his new light gold wings twitched in response.

Thick black lashes fluttered as rounded amethyst eyes blinked open sleepily.  As the fuzz cleared from the edges of his mind, Yuugi discovered that he felt immensely content.  "Ohayoo (1) Atem-koi," he greeted his already awake mate.

"And good morning to you, ari."

Yuugi snuggled against the other's chest with a contented humm, closing his eyes once more.  He knew they'd have to get up sooner or later.  Later sounded really good right now.  Wiggling his shoulders to get comfortable, he suddenly became aware of an odd weight on his back.  He wiggled again to dislodge it, but oddly enough it felt like it was attached?

"Atem, is there something on my back?"

The pharaoh gave his mate a secretive smile, "See for yourself," he invited.

Twisting his head around, Yuugi was met by the startling sight of light golden feathers, "Wh-what are these?!" he stammered, staring over his shoulder at his new feathered appendages.

"I would think that would be obvious ari," Atem answered cheekily, enjoying the opportunity to tease his light.

Yuugi glared at his darkness, panic forgotten.  "Smart ass.  You know what I mean!"

Atem chuckled, "Those are your wings, mry.  They began to form when I claimed you last night and finished forming when you claimed me."  The consternated expression on his light's face made him wonder, "I thought you knew you were supposed to have wings.  I'm sure I mentioned that kkwy and akhu all have them."

Yuugi shook his head slightly in disbelief, "You did.  I just thought that since I didn't have them already, I'd never get any."

The crimson-eyed teen suddenly looked abashed, "I'm sorry ari, I keep forgetting you know nothing of our kind.  Kkwy get their wings during the phase you call "puberty" but akhu never get their wings until after they bond with their kkwy."

Mollified by the explanation Yuugi replied, "Oh.  Okay.  You promise you'll tell me everything else right?"

"Of course ari, there's much we have to do and as soul mates, the more in tune we are the better."

Propping himself up on his elbows, Yuugi grinned eagerly at his darkness, "So does that mean you'll teach me how to fly?"

"Of course antyw akhu," he smirked knowingly at the smaller teen, "but first I'll have to teach you how to stand."



Several faceplants, a few bent feathers, a bruised posterior, and one dented ego later, Yuugi was standing outside with his new appendages stretched to their fullest length.

The feathers were a light shade of gold with the bottom edge of each wing lined with downy white feathers, almost the exact opposite of Atem's dark gold wings with their own bottom edge lined in black.  Like Atem's, Yuugi's wings stretched from tip to tip to form an impressive eleven foot wingspan.  They were lighter than Yuugi would have thought they would be and he had a hard time believing he'd be able to fly so soon.  After all, he'd never used the muscles they were connected to for something as strenuous as flight.  When he'd voiced his concerns, Atem had been quick to assure him that because the wings were magical in nature, they took most of the weight and strain away from them that their bodies would otherwise be forced to endure.

"Now ari.  Keep them stretched out and raise them as high as you can," Atem instructed, demonstrating with his own.  Yuugi did so, trying not to pout when Atem made him hold the position before having him lower them all the way down.  They had been doing exercises like this for a couple hours now and the Japanese teen was starving.

"Ateeeemmm~" the boy whined, patience finally running out.  "Can we pleeeaaase go get some breakfast?" he begged, giving his darkness watery puppy eyes as his stomach growled.

The young ruler appeared to be giving it some thought, "All right ari.  We can go . . ."

"Yatta!" Yuugi pumped a fist into the air.

"As soon as you can get yourself off the ground."

"Aww man!"


About half an hour later, two pairs of flapping golden wings were gleaming brightly in the mid-morning sun as their owners made their way back to the encampment.  Every so often, Atem would have to stop and catch Yuugi's hand, pulling him back whenever an errant wind pushed him in an odd direction.  Sensing his mate's frustration, the other teen was quick to reassure him that he too had struggled with the wind currents in the beginning.  When they came in sight of their destination, the two teens landed behind the same outcropping of rock that Ryou had perched on a couple nights prior.  Well Atem landed, Yuugi ended up dropping himself on his already bruised posterior.  Trying vainly not to laugh, Atem wordlessly retracted his wings, then placed a hand on Yuugi's back to do the same for his light.

"Shall we go eat?" he asked, extending a hand to help Yuugi to his feet.

Accepting the hand, Yuugi allowed Atem to pull him up, eyeing the other critically as he did.  "I think you should change your clothing first."

"Why?  Do my garments displease you?" he teased the pale teen, trailing a hand down his linen-clad chest.

Yuugi leered at his mate, "Hardly.  But you'll cause a riot if you go into a camp filled with archaeologists dressed like that and then we'll never get breakfast."

The pharaoh sighed mock-resignedly, "For you then."

Yuugi watched raptly as shadows swirled around the other teen, obscuring him from sight for a moment then dissipating entirely, leaving the darkness dressed in an outfit nearly identical to Yuugi's.  Smirking, Atem strode to his mate's side, swaying his hips with each step.  He knew he'd done a good job with his clothing judging by Yuugi's dazed expression and the stirrings of lust he was receiving across their link.

Snaking an arm around his waist, Atem purred at the hikari, "Does this meet with your approval ari?"

Nodding and shaking the haze of lust from his brain Yuugi gave his pharaoh an admiring grin, "You have GOT to teach me how to do that."


Back at the camp, Yuugi's friends were freaking out.  They had awoken this morning to find that his tent was empty and that no one in camp had seen any sign of their friend all morning.  The worried teens had gone immediately to question Pegasus who had been expecting their arrival and was now attempting to calm them.

"It's nothing to worry about.  Yuugi-boy is helping out a new student who arrived late last night.  They must have gotten up before all of you," the silver haired man attempted to placate them.

Jonouchi was just about to tell the man where he could stick his excuses when a welcome voice broke through the din.

"Ohayoo minna (2)!" Yuugi chirped, silently warning Atem NOT to react to any of his friends.  Now that he knew they were all reincarnations of people the pharaoh had known, he didn't want to freak them out before it was necessary.

"YUUGI!!"  The whole group rushed up to the pair, throwing questions at the Japanese teen at an alarming rate.  Still, he finally managed to calm them all down, giving them a highly edited and partially fabricated version of what he had been doing.  It was during Yuugi's cross-examination that Malik noticed the other Egyptian teen waiting quietly behind Yuugi.

"So is this the new guy?" he asked, catching everyone's attention.

Yuugi grinned, "Uhn!  Guys, this is Atem Meti (3).  Atem-kun, these are my friends."

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," he said bowing politely, all signs of his shock hidden beneath his "royal" mask.  Inwardly though, he was marveling over the sight before him.  All of the lights and two ms-n hwi, truly this was a wondrous day!  Noticing the almost panicked recognition in Jonouchi and Anzu's eyes made the pharaoh decide it was time to retreat.  It wouldn't do to cause the two teens unnecessary stress without their significant others there to calm them.  Besides, his ari needed feeding.

Excusing them both, Atem took Yuugi's hand and began leading them in the direction of breakfast, both teens ignoring the surprised outbursts from Yuugi's friends.


Over breakfast the two teens discussed their plans for the other hikari and yami over their mindlink.

((So who should we release first?)) Yuugi asked, dipping some pita bread into his bowl.

Atem thought about it for a moment before answering, ((Dartz.  He is nearly as powerful as I am and will need the most filling in.))  He sighed, ((I fear he will be heartbroken when he learns that his light no longer remembers him.))  Seeing Yuugi's confused look he explained further, ((Dartz and Tryphon had been bonded for several years before the attack, ari.))

Yuugi gasped in horror, ((How long were they together?))

Atem shook his head sadly, ((Close to three decades.  They were very happy and very much in love.  They even had a nine year-old daughter and were planning to expand their family.))

Tears welled in amethyst eyes at the thought of a such a loving family being torn apart.  ((It's so sad, Atem.))

Reaching across the table to take Yuugi's hand, Atem squeezed it reassuringly.  ((It'll be all right.  Knowing Dartz, he'll recover quickly and have Tryphon in love with him all over again.)) He smirked roguishly, ((He never could keep his hands off the poor man for very long.))

Yuugi grinned mischievously, "We'd better let Pegasus know that Hanasaki-kun is gonna be unavailable all day then."


November 18, 2008
- edited April 30, 2009


1 - morning

2 - everyone

3 - righteous (ancient Egyptian)