As you've probably guessed by the name, Yuka-san is a japanese fanartist.  She once hosted all her art on her own website:  "Chihuahua Online", which has long since been closed.  In an effort to ensure she gets credit for her work(since lots of people tend to use it without permission >_<), I have archived as much of her work as I have been able to locate.  If you have any of her art on your site, please move it to the fanart section and give her credit!


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Note:  Omote is Japanese for "outer" and is the term most Japanese fans use to refer to the lighter personalities like Yugi and Ryo.  As opposed to the term "hikari" that American/European fans prefer to use.


Title Rating Description/Characters

Angelic Partner


Yami and Yugi shonen-ai fluff.
Boku to Yaro G Yugi striking a pose in low-riding hip-huggers.
Eternal Paradise G Yami and Yugi
Halloween 1 G Cross-dressing.   Yugi & Yami as Aiko & Mimi from Ojamajo Doremi.
Halloween 2 G Yami as a vampire.
Halloween 3 G Shonen-ai.   Cross-dressing!  Yugi and Yami share an embrace.  Yugi is dressed as Morrigan, but I'm not sure who Yami's supposed to be.
Little Mermaid 1 G Yugi as a merman.
Little Mermaid 2 G Merman Yugi rescues Prince Yami.
Moonlight Destiny G Chained together, Yugi and Yami shonen-ai fluff.
Yugi 1 G Yugi in his Battle City gear.
Yugi & Yami 1 G Yugi and Yami concept piece.
Yugi 2 G Yugi enjoying the rain.
Omote 1 G Yugi laying with the puzzle.
Omote 2 G Yugi in short-shorts.   ^_^
Omote 3 G Yugi enjoys a warm drink.
Cherry Cherry


YAOI!  Yami x Yugi.  Yami and omote share a tasty treat.  ^_~*
Yugi 4 NC-17 Yugi having a private moment with the puzzle.  O_O
Yugi 5 R Tied up in ribbons, complete with a bow, Yugi's made Yami a present.
Ryou 1


Similar to the above pic, except Ryou doesn't look too happy about it.
Yugi 6
Doujinshi cover
PG-13 Yugi being tied up with ribbons.
BONUS!  Doujinshi cover it was used on!
Yugi 7 PG-13 Yugi wearing nothing but a sheet and looking quite pleased about it.
Omote 4 G Yugi prays.
Omote 5 G Yugi's been cooking.
Rose G Yugi and Yami:   Duelists of the Roses style.
Ryou 2 G Ryou looking adorable.
Ryou & Bakura PG Ryou and Bakura
Yugi & Yami 2 G Yugi x Yami shonen-ai fluff.
Yami & Bakura G The yami's pose, but Bakura doesn't seem to want the shirt.
Yugi 8 G Yugi being cute.   ^__^
Wild Drive G Yami enjoys a snack.
Yami 1 G Yami with the Black Magician's staff.
Yami 2 G Yami laying back.
Yami & Omote 1 G Angel Yugi and Demon Yami shonen-ai fluff.
Yami & Omote 2 G Yugi x Yami shonen-ai fluff.
Yami & Omote 3 G Yugi x Yami shonen-ai fluff.
Yami & Omote 4 G Yugi soaks Yami with a garden hose.
Yami & Omote 5 G Yugi x Yami shonen-ai fluff.




Title Rating Description/Characters

Omote & Yami

G Chibi hug!
Yugi 1 G Shy Yugi
Yugi 2 G Yugi imitates a "Sound Pierrot".
Yami Yugi G Just Yami.
Jonouchi G Jou's happy.  ^_^
Mokuba G It's Mokuba!
Summer G Yugi enjoying the summer.
Omote G Chibi Yugi with his puzzle.
Puzzle ni Chu G Chibi Yugi gives his puzzle a kiss.




Title Rating Description/Characters
Voice G Yugi in casual clothes.
Yugi & Yami 1 G Yami's giving Yugi a piggy-back ride.
Yugi & Yami 2 G Just a hug between yami and hikari.
Yugi G Battle-torn Yugi in his Battle City attire.
Yugi & Yami 3 PG-13 Yaoi!  Yami x Yugi, an intimate embrace for the two.
Yugi & Yami 4 G Yugi holds the puzzle with fond thoughts of his yami.
Yugi & Yami 5 G *glomp*
Yugi G Yugi enjoying the sun