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s_rose.gif (1031 bytes)Art ~ pencils, markers, pens, & Paint Shop Pro

Merry Christmas 2010


WARNING!  Cross-dressing.  This year Yugi joins Jonouchi, both boys sporting matching sexy holiday dresses.  The hemlines are a tad riské, hence the higher rating than last years.

Theme 22 - Mother Nature G 100 Theme Challenge from the Pharaoh Atemu Club.  Child of the jungle, free and unfettered by modern civilization . . . and pants.
Metamorphosis G Contest Entry for Pharaoh Atemu Club.  Atem falls prey to the Seal of the Orichalos with terrible consequences.
Project A.T.E.M.U. PG Contest Entry for Pharaoh Atemu Club.  The theme was bondage.   Daring to be different, this is what I came up with.
Candy Cane Cutie PG-13 WARNING!  Cross-dressing and Shonen-ai.  Inspired by the story of the same name, Jonouchi's sporting a new look and Kaiba definitely approves.
Happy 30th Birthday
Murasaki Rose!
PG My Yugi and Yami muses play dress up as a present for my 30th birthday.
Tomoya Hanasaki G One of Yugi-tachi's friends from earlier in the series.  This is how I picture him at age eighteen.
Atem as Sphinx Pharaoh G Contest Entry for Pharaoh Atemu Club.  Atem cosplaying as one of the Spectres from Saint Saiya.
Natsu Matsuri G Yugi and Atem enjoy the food and fun of a summer festival in Japan.
52,000 Kiriban G Chibi-o-rama!  Full of big-eyed cuteness, my  favorite guys give a big thanks to all of you for coming to the site.  ^___^
Jianu Kreiger G Jianu's final look.  Very different from her earlier look in "Cousins".

Ahku and Per'aa

PG-13 WARNING! Shonen-ai.   Pharaoh Atem x Yugi.  Atem gets a little "grabby" with his aibou.   *hentai grin
Judai and Sho G Full size version of the 40,000 hit kiriban pic.
It ain't easy being
G Contest Entry for We (heart) Pointy hair.  Yugi's more popular than he can handle.
Yami Duel G Art-trade.  Duel between myself and Yami Michiel, while our lighter halves cheer us on.  Silent Magician vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
Yugi no Tenshi G "Angel Yugi"  Created for my site: Hikari no Tenshi.  Yugi as an Ancient Egyptian-dressed angel.
Dark Passions R WARNING! YAOI!   Kiriban pic from Devart.  Yugi the incubus seduces a willing Yami no Yugi.   ^O^ 
Stolen Treasure PG WARNING! Shonen-ai.  Ryou x TK Bakura. Our favorite thief walks off with his greatest prize.

Yami & Yugi Cosplay 2

PG WARNING!   Cross-dressing.  Yami and Yugi dressed as the Sorceror of Dark Magic and Dark Magician Girl.  Kiriban pic.

Party Time!

G Yugi, Murasaki Rose, Ryou, Malik and their yamis celebrate Dueling Hearts second anniversary.
Yami Halloween G Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura, and Yami Malik go DBZ for Halloween.
Gemini Cosplay G Yami and Hikari Murasaki Rose as the card "Gemini Elf".
Kaiba G Seto Kaiba single shot.   Matching piece to "Cousins".
Winter Snuggle PG WARNING!   Shonen-ai.  Yami x Yugi fluff
Merri Kurisumasu! G My 2004 Christmas card.   Chibis!
Happy 1st Anniversary! PG-13 WARNING! Scantily-clad Yugi!  Full size version of Dueling Hearts anniversary kiriban.
Who I am G Head shot of Pharaoh Atem
Who I will become G Matching head shot of Yami no Yugi.
Yami & Yugi Cosplay PG WARNING!   Cross-dressing.  Yami and Yugi dressed as Lantis and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth.
Cousins G Yugi Mutou and his cousin Jianu Kreiger from my fic:  Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters.
Cousins w/bckgrd G Same as above, `cept with scenery.
So long, suckers! G Ryou's just gotten out of school and his yami has decided he's waited in the ring long enough.
Mekkake Hikari PG-13 WARNING!   Shonen-ai and scantily clad boys.  Ryou x Yugi  Inspired by the fic:   Seduction of Ice
Yami Yugi PSP G Head-shot made entirely in Paint Shop Pro v6
Hide n' Seek G Second contest piece.   Ryou and Bakura as silver wolf pups.
Hard-Wired G Very techno Seto pic
Always PG WARNING!   Shonen-ai.  Seto x Jounouchi fluff
Toddler Yamis
PSP | Pencil
G My first contest piece!  Yami Yugi, Bakura, & Marik make the most adorable chibis.
Trimmin' the Tree G My Christmas card for 2003
Foxy Yugi PG Companion piece to "Foxy Lady"

Foxy Lady

PG WARNING!   Cross-dressing.  From Ran-chan's fic:  Velvet and Sequins.
Yami Bakura G Naturally, this would be the second.  Another head shot.  B&W pencil.
Ryou Bakura G My first Yu-Gi-Oh pic.   Head shot of Ryou.  B&W pencil.


s_rose.gif (1031 bytes)Junk ~ design sketches and other stuff that went nowhere
Yami Rose and
SM Lv8
The first of three pics I drew to create SSJ Garfield's art trade.
This one features the darker half of my web persona and my favorite Duel Monster: Silent Magician Lv8.
Hikari Rose and Saiyan Michiel Second of three pics I drew to create SSJ Garfield's art trade.  This one features both our web personas lighter halves, cheering on their dueling dark sides.
Yami Michiel and BEWD Third and final pic used to create SSJ Garfield's art trade.  SSJ Garfield's darker half and one of his favorite cards: Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
Yugi as DMG WARNING!   Cross-dressing.  This is the original piece, without any editing.
Yami as SDM This is the original drawing from the second cosplay piece, without the PSP edited color changes and editing.
Jianu Design sketch.  Just laying down the groundwork for her style.
Yami Yugi Technically this was the first YGO pic I started, but I didn't finish it until after I'd done the Ryou & Bakura sketches.


s_rose.gif (1031 bytes)Wallpaper ~ PSP generated goodies

Here you'll find wallpapers created by yours truly.  Each wallpaper comes in either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 and has been saved in compressed Winzip form.  If you do not have Winzip go here to download it for free.

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