January 02, 2010 - Yo!  It's the first update of the new year!  ^_^v  Unfortuntately, it's a micro-one.   I've updated the rotations and joined a couple new directories.  I've also updated my fanfiction:  You'll find Retrieving Destiny finally posted in it's entirety along with Express, a PWP Bakura x Ryou one-shot.  There is a lot of new stuff on the way . . . I still haven't gotten most of it ready yet.  *grins sheepishly*  Be on the lookout for updated anime & manga lists, some holiday fanart, a newly re-edited version  Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters, some new book covers, more doujin in the reference section, updated links, and maybe some new wallpaper!  Still . . . so . . much . . . work . . to do . . *collapses*


August 15, 2009 - Okay, I lied.   Heh.  This isn't really an update.  More of an announcement and a chance to touch base and let you know I'm still working on the site.   See my first website (The one that this site started out on as just a mini-shrine.) just celebrated it's 10th anniversary.  So please check out the new artwork I did for the Asylum Network!  http://www.db-asylum.com  In Dueling Hearts news, I've got a lot of new stuff on the way . . . I just haven't gotten any of it ready yet.  *grins sheepishly*  Be on the lookout for updated anime & manga lists, new fanfiction from yours truly, plus a newly re-edited Of Dragonballs and Duel Monsters, some new book covers, more doujin in the reference section, updated links and maybe some new wallpaper!  Urgh . . . so . . much . . . work . . to do . . *collapses*


April 18, 2009 - All right, all right.  I know.  I'm waaaay later than promised with an update.  I've been awful busy, plus I was prepping the new graphics for the site.   You like?  Oh, I finally got confirmation on the final Season of GX, it was NOT aired in the United States.  4kids chose to start 5Ds instead of the final season probably due to how dark it was in comparison to previous seasons.  This of course sucks for the people who just watch the dubs, but for the fansub watcher's like me, it's no problem.  Check it out! We've got a new affiliate!  ^__^ I was hugely flattered when I saw that they wanted to affiliate with my site.   I've never had a business want to affiliate with me before, host their ads sure, but never just affiliate.  *grins hugely*  In other news: there's lots of new stuff and as you can see, there are several new sections coming!  There's even a new sister site in process, so keep your eyes open for Asylum Annex!  I'm spreading my insanity out in new directions! Yeah!


November 06, 2008 - Sorry guys, not really an update.  I wanted to get the Halloween stuff down before I buried my self in my NaNoWriMo project.  Ah yes, hard on the heels of completing my story for the GTAC challenge at Little Dragon, I roll right into an even more insane project:  write a 50,000 word novel by November 30 . . . I AM a complete nutcase.  @_@  Unfortunately this means that you won't be seeing anything new here until December.  But with luck and a little time maybe I'll have a nice Christmas or New Years theme up.  Or maybe I'll just do something for the winter.  Hmmm. . . decisions, decisions.  Anyway, wish me luck!  This is going to be one of my most ambitious projects in quite a long time!  >_<

malikmov2.gif (919 bytes)

October 16, 2008 - Happy Halloween to everyone and Happy 5th birthday to Dueling Hearts!  Wow.  It's hard to believe I've been working on this site for so long.  @_@  I've made some special graphics for the holiday this year.  Nice ne?  The beautiful and creepy shots of Yugi I used come from the Yu-Gi-Oh R manga.  (I'm still hoping for a U.S. release.)   The splash picture, site banner, and the two avatars were all created by me.  ^_^v  New stuff!  There's a new sister site and a potential affiliate.  The 5Ds Japan list has been updated and there's a new section for 5Ds U.S.!  The Gx manga list has been updated too.  Moved and updated the DVD covers:  We've got pics of the US season box sets and more of the import DVD covers.  Made a little update to the books, there's new wallpaper, and more full-length tracks in the music section!  New fanart from me and Misasi.  And finally, my doujinshi collection has expanded yet again.   ^_^;

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August 08, 2008 - Here we are with a lovely update and icons that kinda match!  At least the colors do anyway.  Both of these were made by Hales.  Sorry about the long delay in updates, but I've been hugely busy these past few months.  Believe me when I say that it doesn't have to be your wedding to suck away all your time and energy.  But my baby sister is married and her husband has left for boot camp, so life is returning to semi-normality.  Or at least as normal as things ever get in my home.  Look we finally got some of the bios done!  *does happy dance*  The entire section for the OVA is up!  Man was that an adventure.  @_@  As you can see the 5Ds section is up and the Gx summaries have been updated.  There's new wallpaper and music, more cover scans in several sections, some new fanart from yours truly, and the adopted section has been updated.  Plus there's two more new sections up, the episode downloads and the doujinshi guide!  ^__^

g-yami06.gif (295 bytes)

March 31, 2008 - Back with our first update for 2008!  First off, we've got three new affiliates!  Whoo hoo!   There are now over 300 Yami Yugi pics!  o_O  We've also got a crap-ton of new cover scans.  *grins*  Guess who's book collection got a boost.  *whistles innocently*  Now for those of you wondering what the hell Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds is, it's the new series that will be replacing Yu-Gi-Oh Gx, which ended with episode 180 at the end of this month in Japan.  For more info on the new series, go to Janime.   Kaiba's gallery is finally back with a lot of new goodies.  There are roughly 150 pics in there, 50 or so are brand new to the site.  Also, Yami's gallery has been updated and there are now galleries for Asuka and Manjoume, as well as major updates to Sho & Judai's image galleries.   Overhauled the cover galleries, so not only is their new stuff, they look completely different too.  There's new music in the downloads, got the album-cuts for Gx's season 4 opening and ending.  And I finally got the episode list for Capsule Monsters.

Yami Yugi

December 24, 2007 - Merry Christmas everyone!  We're back again and just in time for the holidays!  ^_^  The manga list for Yu-Gi-Oh is finally finished!  Yes, the whole series, by volume is now listed.  R may be finished too, but I'm not sure if I have the last two volumes lined up right, so that may change.  There's more DVD covers and some great V-Jump covers too.  I've also updated both game lists and will update the covers next time.  There's new fanfiction from yours truly, if you're a fan of YxYY yaoi, then you'll love my latest creation.  ^_~*  You'll also find new official wallpaper and icons made by me!   BTW:  The two icons you see here were created by me from actual Yu-Gi-Oh manga.  The images were clipped from a Christmas short done by the master himself:   Kazuki Takahashi.

Yami Bakura

August 11, 2007 - Wow it's been a while since I've updated.  I've had a lot on my plate these last few months.   Besides surviving work and the holidays, I've been prepping for the arrival of my niece (who was born on Feb 13), and preparing for my graduation from college this year.  (Which I successfully completed May 15) There was a hell of a work involved and I'm also interviewing for a job to start my new career.  To make up for the lack of updating, we've got a pretty big one this time around.  On to the new stuff!  I've finally completed the Episode lists for the both the Japanese and English versions of YGO.  I'm still working on the English Gx, but the Japanese list has been updated.  All the manga lists have been updated, as have the DVD galleries.  There's new Jump covers, game lists, game covers, a bunch of new wallpapers, new banners, new English music, new fanart and fanfiction, new and updated image galleries, and a whole bunch of other new stuff.  So look around and tell me what you think!


November 30, 2006 - Well, as you've already noticed, I'm trying out a new layout.  You see, recently I came to realize that the old layout was a bit too complicated to browse.  I mean, it was nicely organized and all, but it just took too many clicks to get people where they wanted to be.  So I've dumped the content page and several of the divider pages.  All the relevant link pages are over here.  *points to the left*  I'm also playing with avatars a bit.  You see, I've collected so many of the darn things I'll never use them all in my blog and LJ.  So yami and I will be using them here in the new updates.  Credit will be given to the creators IF I know who made them.  If you see one uncredited and know who made it, please let me know so I can fix it.  As far as new stuff goes . . .  well, there's just waaaaay too much new stuff to list it all here.  Since almost every section got updated, it'll just be easier to list where I didn't update.  Bios, fanfiction, and cosplay are the only sections WITHOUT new stuff.

October 25, 2006 - Happy Halloween, minna-san!  *bounces off*  *shakes head*  She's had waaay too much sugar.   Anyway, there are more scans in the cover galleries, and the manga lists have been updated.  We've got the Gx manga list up too!  ^_^  ~_~  New fanart and fanfiction by me along with the re-edited version of ODDM.

August 26, 2006 - Mini-update.   Just updated the fanlistings on the main page.

August 16, 2006 - See told ya so.  Yami!  *shrugs*sighs*  ~_~  Anyway, in Anime and Manga the Japanese episode list for seasons 1 & 2 of Gx are up, the manga lists for YGO and YGO-R have been updated, and there are new Japanese Jump, and Gx covers.  Re-made and replace a bunch of the 88x31 icons-  and made a bunch of blinkies too!  Next up, the fanlistings!

August 15, 2006 - Hey, check it out!  We've got two new affiliates!  ^_^   There's also new wallpaper in Miscelleaneous, a new author in fanfiction, a new artist in fanart, plus new art from Mistress Paco, and new art and fanfiction from me!  Don't forget we've updated the GX episode list, and both manga lists!  And Look for more updates over the next couple of days, we've got lots more where this stuff came from!   ^_^

April 27, 2006 - As promised, we've made a massive update to the fanart section.  Three new artists, plus new art from Crazy-Dog, Mistress Paco, and me.  Crazy-Dog also gave us a couple new icons, which you'll find down in "Misc".   There are new link banners in several sizes too. Now we've got a few Gx ones, as well as a few featuring our own artwork.  There've been some new additions to the Image gallery.  Moved mutliple galleries to the main site, moved and updated Ryou, Yami Bakura, Group, Malik, Isis, Yugi & Anzu, BEWD, & Black Magician galleries.  Both the Bakurae's galleries and the Group gallery got an overhaul, plus we've finally put up the Yami & Kaiba section.  There's also a ton of new stuff in "Anime and Manga". We've put up new game covers and lots of dvd covers, as well as updated the U.S. episode list and added the one for Gx.  Next time we'll be updating more of the image galleries and the fanfiction.

April 09, 2006 - Little update this round.  Updated the fanlists and moved the guestbook.  We're trying to stop all the spam its been getting.  >_<   If this doesn't work, we'll have to remove it. We've also re-coded the music section(to make it look nicer) and replaced the TV cut of "Overlap" with the album version.  ^_^  We'll be updating the fanart section and possibly the image galleries next time.  Which should be sometime this week, if all goes well.  And we don't rip our stitches again.  o_O

Jan 11, 2006 - Happy belated birthday!   *looks over at hit counter*  Damn!  You guys really do like us!   ^___^  ^___^  Well, in recognition of your affection and in celebration of our birthday . . . We have put together one hell of a site update.  There's new stuff everywhere!  Updated the cover galleries and the English episode guide.  There's also new fanart from yours truly and Mistress Paco, new fanfiction from myself and new authors Galandolel and Lee Pascoe!  Four new official wallpapers- Which we've moved off of Fortunecity and onto our server.  There's a bunch of new moving gifs too.  You may have also noticed the induction of the Gx characters into our site.  We've been watching the show on Cartoon Network and have been enjoying it quite a bit.  ^_^  True, it's not as good as the original, but it's still fun to watch.  And Sho is absolutely adorable!!   *cuddles the shy bishonen*

Dec 03, 2005 - Partial site update.  Image galleries are back with some new pics of Yugi and Yami Yugi, as well as the addition of some of the Gx crew to the group.  Yuki & Sho have joined our little family!  We'll have more to add later today or tomorrow.   ^_^v

Sep 29, 2005 - Micro-mini update.  Fixed the Janime links, now they'll go to her site again.  It's not her or our fault. Yea, her bastard web-host sold her URL just so he could make more money.  Seriously, that's what he told her.  Greedy bastard.  He only did it to her because of how popular her URL is.  So everybody help out and change to the new URL, ASAP!

Sep 10, 2005 - Put up quiz, cosplay, and sitely/FAQ sections in Misc.  Also, there's new fanfiction from myself, new author Makoto, and a new artist Mistress Paco.   Nine new official wallpapers, more moving gifs, more info on the manga guide, more images in both cover galleries, AND we updated and overhauled the entire links section!

Jun 09, 2005 - In honor of school ending, summer, a recent trip to A-kon, and all things YGO . . . . We present to you the UBER-UPDATE!  Yes, the uber-update.  Wherein nearly all current sections have been updated and two NEW sections have been added.  And they ain't small either.  The only section not updated was the music, and the only section not up is the bios.  I'm still debating their format and style.  We'd list all the changes, but really, it'll just be faster for ya to browse around and see all the new stuff for yourself.  Ja!

Mar 27, 2005 - HUGE gallery update this round.  We've added in TWELVE new image galleries!  Malik, Yami no Malik, BEWD, and a whole bunch more!   Also moved some of the other galleries for organization purposes.  If something isn't working, PLEASE let us know!   Fanfiction has been updated!  New fiction from me and Serenity Wintirs, and a new author:  Call me Gary.  We're also pleased to announce that the music section is up! Japanese tunage for everyone to enjoy!  Not sure if you've noticed, but we've been tweaking the graphics around here too.  It's nothing major, but it does make things just a little bit nicer.  ^_^

Jan 27, 2005 - The cause is down for an overhaul.   Hopefully will be back up next week.  No promises though.

BTW: My birthday is Feb 6th,  I'm turning 26.  @_@  Presents are welcome!

Jan 07, 2005 - New art from Miss Uery and myself.  We've also changed the site look for the winter!  Snowflakes and everything.  ^_^  Links, and adoptees have been updated as well.  We added image galleries for Honda, Mai, & Otogi and re-arranged Ryo & Bakura's.  And we made some new banners and scrapped some of the old ones.

Dec 25, 2004 - Holy crap we broke 10,000!!  *faints*  Yami, wake up!  *pokes yami Rose*  We gotta do the updates!  *groans and sits up*  You start Hikari, I'm still a bit stunned.  Okay!  Fanfics, yay!  O_O   You've been in the Pixie Sticks again, haven't you?  *grins*  How'd ya know?  *sweatdrops*  Lucky guess.  Anyway, like Hikari said, we've updated the fanfics.   There's new stuff from me and Serenity Wintirs.  Go check it out!  *bounces across the room*   -_-  So we've also updated our bio and have added a new section.  Not sure if anyone will actually READ it, but that's okay.  *bounces back in*  We're gonna update the fanart next time!

Oct 28, 2004 - All right.   Why the hell wasn't anyone complaining about the broken links?  Hmm?  *taps foot impatiently* *sigh*   Don't mind her minna.  We've fixed all the broken links in the image galleries--  Checked every freakin' picture... *sweatdrops* Anyway, if there was one you saw that wouldn't load, or one you couldn't even see the thumbnail for, it's all there now.

Oct 16, 2004 - Today we are one year old!  *does happy dance*  And boy have we accomplished a lot this year.  We accomplished a lot today too.   Eh.  *shrugsAt any rate, on with the updates!  As you can tell, we've changed most of the section tags.   Our picture selection more than tripled from when we did this the first time, so we figured now was a good time to make new ones.  Fanfiction and fanart have been updated!  Finally we have our fics up as well as some new authors!  Whoo hoo!  The cause has been updated with new banners and a new page for members!  If you've already got one of the banners on your site, email us and we'll add you on!  BTW:  What'dja think of the new intro pic?  *grins evillyYAMI!!  What?  Before anyone has a coronary, that's the grown-up Yugi from YGO-GX.  In that series, he's my age!  *insert evil laughter here*blushes and shakes head*

Sep 29, 2004 - We're baaack!   *grins evilly*giggles*  Lots of new goodies this time:  There's a bunch of new banners and buttons for the site, and a quite a few new banners for the cause.  Yami got a whole bunch of new pictures off ebay.  HIKARI!!!  =P  *sighsGood news!  We overhauled the image galleries!  And we've finally put up the Kaiba and Seth galleries.  Our little sister was gonna strangle us if we didn't. O_O  There's been a total overhaul of the Yugi/Yami gallery. Now they each have their own pages, plus there's a page of Yugi & Yami pics and Pharaoh Atem!   We've also updated the links sections.  Next time look for updates in both fanfiction and fanart.

May 04, 2004 - OMG!!!! We broke 5,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy danceArigato gozaimasu minna!  All that and we've started a fanlist!  Go here: http://setoxyugi.db-asylum.com  to check it out!  Also, we've updated both mine and Tobias' art pages!  Go look!  Go on, shoo! *waves readers awayWe'll be working on the image galleries for next time.  ^_^

Mar 18, 2004 - Okay.   So it's been a week.  Hey, I've got midterms!  Anyway, I finally got the banners for both the site and cause uploaded so if you don't have one or want a new one, check `em out!

Mar 11, 2004 - Scratch the cause and banners.  Damn Anzwers won't let me upload for some reason.  I'll try it tomorrow after I've had some sleep.  -_-

Mar 11, 2004 - Whoa.  Our hit count has more than tripled since our last update.  O_O  O_O  Hey, the fanart is up!  Piccies from me and two others.   Wai!!  *does happy danceNow that's disturbing.  =P  We gots four new banners for the cause and one new site banner.  For space reasons, I've moved them to another server.  Also, I changed the pic on the main page.  You like?

Nov 19, 2003 - Adoptees are up!!  *squeals in delight*  Lots of ultra-kawaii kitties and sphynxes!   Rose-chan's really happy too, `cause we're gonna have over 1,000 hits by the end of the day!   Yay!!!

Nov 10, 2003 - Same day, more sleep.  *grins*  The Cause has begun!  Support your local bishonen!  Wee!  I made all but one of the banners today.  *blinks*   What?  I got motivated.  Also, I got the Ryou/Bakura gallery up.   ^_^

Nov 10, 2003 - Lookie, we got the fanfiction section open!   But there's only one author!  *sobs*  There, there, Rose-chan.   *pats Rose's shoulder*  We'll get more eventually.  Even if we have to beg shamelessly for it!  HIKARI!!!!!!  What?  *sighs*  Nevermind.  Made some new buttons.  These'll stay up until I get the new art drawn.

Nov 04, 2003 - Wow, people are actually coming here!  Lots of people!  Well, I wouldn't say lots, but still, way more than expected.  Especially considering how old the site is.  Yeah, didn't it take the Asylum two months to get this many hits?   *glares at Hikari*  Urusai gaki.  There are thousands more DBZ sites out there, even back then.  Plus I've learned a lot of tricks on how to effectively get attention without being an ass about it.  ~_~  Coulda fooled me.  Brat. =P  Anyway, updated Jonouchi and Anzu's galleries.  They seriously needed it.  Not without some trouble though.  Ya, Fortunecity was being a pain in the ass again.  I was beginning to think I'd never get the stuff up!  Currently, I'm working on the Ryou/Bakura and Malik/Marik galleries.   There's also a few more clique links up.  What can I say, I'm a shameless fanatic.  I'll say.  *flips off HikariYAMI!  *blinks innocently*  What?  You know what.  *grins*  Whatever.  Oh!   There's a guestbook now for ya'll ta sign.

Oct 28, 2003 - We've got links!  Aieee!!!  Calm down fluffy. =P  *blows raspberry at RoseNow would be a good time to mention that normal updates won't be so close together.  Once everything is up and going it'll probably settle into a bi-monthly kinda thing, like the Asylum gets.  It all depends on the traffic.  We also got some of our banners up. Nothing fancy, but it's a start.   I'll get some more done up later.  ^_^v

Oct 27, 2003 - Joined some webrings . . . . and we're back to the gray again.  My dad says it looks more professional.  I kinda agree.   *shrugs*  Anyway, this is the color I had in the first place.   S'easier on the eyes too.

Oct 23, 2003 - Finished putting up the galleries I originally made for the Asylum.  Some of them are kinda small, but keep in mind, I didn't have a new webpage in mind when I made them!  There will be more added.  *grins*  I've got tons of new pictures and I'm just itchin' ta get them up.

Oct 22, 2003 - New hit counter.  Stupid fast counter kept counting every page view.  This one just gets unique hits.

Oct 22, 2003 - Changed the background to purple.  As if you couldn't tell.  *rolls eyes and pointedly ignores Rose*  Our mom said it looked better than the gray.  ^_^  Yeah, we're 24 and still get advice from our mom, gotta problem  with that?!  Yami, you're scaring people.  *glares at her hikari*  What did I say about that?   Well, you ARE and you're acting like Bakura.  *crosses her arms and scowls*

Oct 21, 2003 - We got the submission rules and the about me sections working.  *smiles*  So if you wanna send anything in, read the rules to find out how!  Rose still can't decide if she likes the purple or the gray background better.

Oct 20, 2003 - Okay, now you can actually SEE the update page.  *sighs and rolls eyes*  Stupid html editors.  For reasons unknown to man, the damn things keep screwing with my image maps.  >_<

Oct 19, 2003 -  Wooo hoo!  We've got an update page!  Not that there's much to report.  Kinda cranky aintcha', Yami?  It's past 3am and all I've gotten accomplished is an update page.  Of COURSE I'm cranky . . . and DON'T CALL ME YAMI!!  Gomen ne, Rose-chan.  Anyway that's not all we got done.  There's some clique links up too. Yeah, but I couldn't get a Yami Yugi fan one!  *pouts*   All the links I found were bad!  I got a 404 error on the one and a Tripod error on the other! *pauses to spit and glare*  Damn Tripod.  Don't mind her minna.  She had a falling out with Tripod a few years back.  It's a loooong story. HIKARI!!!!!!!!  Oops.  Gotta run!