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Lovely shots taken from both the T.V. series and the manga, collected from a variety of sources.  You can find most of the websites I gleaned these images from in the links section.

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Judai Yuki
(Jaden Yuki)
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Sho Marufuji
(Syrus Truesdale)

Asuka Tenjoin
(Alexis Rhodes)

Hayato Maeda
(Chumley Huffington)

Tyranno Kenzan
(Tyranno Hassleberry)

Fubuki Tenjoin
(Atticus Rhodes)

Rei Saotome

Jun Manjoume
(Chazz Princeton)

Daichi Misawa
(Bastion Misawa)

Ryo Marufuji
(Zane Truesdale)

Edo Phoenix
(Aster Phoenix)

Saiou Takuma

Johan Anderson
(Jesse Anderson)

Chronos De Mediz
(Dr. Vellian Crowler)

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YGO Cameos

Judai and Sho

Judai and Manjoume

Judai & Asuka

Other Students

Academy Faculty & Staff







Icons courtesy Battle Fever.