These beauties come from the Japanese site Sethen.  The artist Kitamura made them with the intent of sharing them with other webmasters.  Because she closed her site(and because I've seen them on sites all over the Internet), I decided to put them all up here so that others would know who created them.


sethmov001.gif (2440 bytes)

sethmov004.gif (545 bytes)

joumov002.gif (549 bytes)        setomov002.gif (559 bytes) atemmov003.gif (11001 bytes) atemmov005.gif (719 bytes)

sethmov003.gif (5238 bytes)

sethmov002.gif (4781 bytes) atemmov004.gif (5646 bytes) joumov003.gif (7888 bytes) atem-setmov002.gif (13163 bytes)
atemmov002.gif (2411 bytes)

atem-setmov004.gif (4594 bytes)

atem-setmov006.gif (2564 bytes) atem-setmov007.gif (36147 bytes) sethmov005.gif (2611 bytes)
tkb001.gif (2423 bytes) tkb001a.gif (2378 bytes)

atem-setmov008.gif (14036 bytes)

atem-setmov003.gif (38733 bytes)


atem-setmov005.gif (43049 bytes)

Click on the background and pick "Save background as" to get the buildings, then save the gif as normal.



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