Born:   October 16, 2003

Designed, created, hosted, and run by:  Murasaki Rose

Originally a mini-shrine at the Dragonball Asylum, Dueling Hearts was created in the same spirit of unity:  I.E.~ to offer something for fans of all tastes and ages to enjoy.  This could also translate into:  Piss off fans of all tastes and ages.  Kinda depends on your outlook on life:  you're either gonna love, like, or hate my site.  And although I hope you like it, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over the ones that don't.

What's in a name?
Ah, yes.  The name.  When naming a site, knowing yourself is half the battle, seeing as most websites are a reflection of self.  So seeing as I'm a hopeless romantic and Yu-Gi-Oh revolves largely around dueling, I eventually came up with the name Dueling Hearts.  ^_^
A bit corny you say?  *shrugs*  Eh, maybe a little.

How come the pictures in your graphics aren't in the galleries?
That's because these images come from Janime, who humbly requests that visitors not put her images in galleries, but welcomes their use in site graphics.  It's a simple enough request to grant, and as you can tell, I haven't had too hard a time gathering images to fill my galleries.

When does Jianu appear in the series?
She doesn't.  Jianu is purely my own creation originally from my Dragonball Z fanfiction.But she's a fun character to write and was a great way to combine my two favorite series.

Will you send me pictures of (insert character name here)?
NO!!!  I will NOT email you pictures just because you are too lazy to get them on your own!  Just save the images from the galleries!  And if you don't like those, go to the link pages and try those sites out!  I do not have the time or desire to send anyone pictures.  *growls*  It won't kill you to find your own.  The bulk of my collection is archived here anyway.