These are the places where Rose-chan got most of her pictures.   ^_^  Some have awesome wallpapers too!  And for you card game enthusiasts, many of these pages include advice, info, and more on the cards too!

(sites marked with * are Rose-chan's favs.)  |  (sites marked with * are affiliates)

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Yu-Gi-Oh Comic World

(official site-U.S.)*
(official site-Japan)

Yu-jyo - a Yugioh Episode Guide*

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Wild Drive

(official site-International)
(German fansite)


Chocolate Orange
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Yami Ryuu's Yu-Gi-Oh Gallery

Yu-Gi-Oh's Duel Monster Dungeon

Eyes Like Yours

   Jenniyah's Yugioh Scanslations*

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Yugioh Screen Captures

Shonen Jump - U.S.

ˇYu-Gi-Oh! Gallery!

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Guide


Yugioh Chaos



YuGiOh Trading Post **

Aishiteru Seto Kaiba

Yu Gi Oh Animation by Janime *

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False Memories *

Tiny Tenshi: A Shrine to Baby Bishonen

Anime Yume

Yu-Gi-Oh Fanstuff Paradise

LELOLA [dot] net

** Yu-Gi-Oh Toki

Yugioh Link List

** Embracing the Light and Darkness

Sennen Rage

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** Anime Dark Ko * sf-1.gif (3140 bytes)
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Visit my site: std.gif (3113 bytes)
kingdom.jpg (2941 bytes) Perfect Duel *