*sighs*   Because some of these sites have material for adult audiences, my hikari couldn't handle this section.  She gets too damn embarrassed.  Most of these sites support shonen-ai/yaoi so if the idea of two males getting together offends you, you'd best be careful.

(sites marked with * are my favorites.)  |  (sites marked with * are affiliates)


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Kyokou Geemu

Edmondia's Abode*

Dragondreamer and Yami Dragon's Yugioh Page

Fyre Faerie's Lair

Abyss of Nothingness*

Terra's Dream

The Artistic Land of AlaerArt.com!

DracOnyx Den

South Beach

Yami Yugi.com

Tsutsuji's Room of the Soul

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Dark Game Addiction

Eternal Milestone

Crimson Illusions

Yami Luv Yugi

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Project YuGiOh!

* ** Between Angels and Devils
** Shattered Reflection ** Eve's Yu-Gi-Oh World
** Dark Souls, Light Hearts ** Transcendence *
** Anzu's Angels ** yugioh absinthe *
Let's Have Some Fun With Yu-Gi-Oh! * Yugi_Anzu_SIB.gif (47776 bytes)
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*.denile is a river in egypt*

Shedding the Darkness

Soul Bonds

Fanfiction Phenomenal

*Dai-na's Shrine*

Akashic Records