Warning: This fanfic does not make sense AT ALL! So read it only if you like things to be twisted and muddled around.


Also for the very first time, I'd like to dedicate this fanfic to someone: Who better than Marshall Bruce Mathers the third? (Eminem for the dumbos who don't know or don't care) because ... well ... why else would I dedicate this to him??!! He's CRAZY man! Just like someone I know *looks at herself in the mirror and gives her reflection a big fake smile*



Marik's daughter grows within


Little Yugi Moto stepped out into broad daylight and grinned. He was free for the morning at least to do as he pleased. And he watched the humans do their thing, rushing about in their own busy lives.

 He looked to his left and scratched his crazy hair lazily. Blonde, black and purple. Not what you would normally see on usual people on the street. But with Yugi Moto, well ... it was a pretty cool hairstyle. His Yami was lucky though, he had even more blonde zigzagging up the black and purple.

 The sun shone on the side of his huge dark purple eyes. So he had to shade it with the side of his hand. Looking left and right, still trying to decide where to go, but ...

 "Ouch! I'm sorry!"

 A girl had just bumped into him, making him stagger backwards. He only just managed to regain his balance and see who she was.

 She looked about 15 or 16, had brown hair and blue eyes, and naturally, she was a bit taller than himself. He also noticed that she had a very deep voice.

 And she was heavily pregnant.

 She frowned at him slightly, as if thoughtful, tilting her head to one side as she surveyed him closely.

 "You're not Yugi Moto, are you? The famous Duellist?"

 Her voice was not deep, as he'd thought at first. It was just low and cynical. Her blue eyes glinted with something very intelligent, and her mouth twitched into a smirk.

 "Uh . . . yeah. I'm Yugi" he said, rubbing the back of his head and laughing, trying not to look at her stomach in case she might think he was judging her for being pregnant at so young an age.

 Her smirk grew wider, disfiguring her pretty face into that of a face a bit more sinister. She held out a hand "My name's Te'a Gardner" she told him as he shook it.

 He was beginning to wish she'd stop leering at him like that. It made him slightly uncomfortable.

 He nodded at her, then made to move on out of her way, but she blocked it.

 Now her smile was impossibly wide, she looked more than sinister now. She looked evil.

 "Um . . . can I get through? Only I have . . . stuff to do" he said, beginning to feel annoyed.

 "Oh really? Well, well. Shame, but I think he would want to see you, Yami Yugi. Come out, now"

 "You want to speak to the spirit of the puzzle?"

 "I don't care whether I do or not, but he would want to."


 She twisted a brown lock of hair around one finger as if she had to think about it, then she said "Joey Wheeler"

 "Who's Joey Wheeler?"

 "A friend of mine. He's been dying to meet you"

 Now Yugi didn't feel good at all. Why did it have to be another damned day like this? Where another person wanted to duel him. What would they want this time? His soul? His Millennium Puzzle? His word never to play duel monsters again?

 "So let your Yami out" she commanded, her voice turning icy and cold.

 "I want to meet Joey first" he said slowly "Before I do anything"

 "Oh my!" she said teasingly, still twirling her hair "You're awfully brave for someone so short!"

" I. Want. To. Meet. Joey"  he said again, as if speaking to an idiot.

"Really?"  she said sarcastically  "Well, if I were you. I wouldn't want to meet him"

 Yugi Moto suddenly felt very tired, he would have liked nothing more than to flop on the couch and have a good sleep for a few days. He didn't reply to her, he just stared at the pavement and waited for whatever was going to happen, to happen. If she didn't say anything, then fine.

"Let your Yami out, Yugi Moto. And everything will be fine."  Said Te'a.

Yugi glared stonily at her  "I can' t get him out! He will come out when he wants to! And I' m not going to force him!"

 Just then, Yugi Moto' s Millennium Puzzle started to glow. Te'a smiled and watched with fascination as her old enemy, Yami Yugi let himself out.

 "Nice to see you again, Pharaoh"  she said calmly   "Took you long enough to come and see me. Were you hiding away in that little body?"

"I don't hide Te'a. What do you want?"  he said in his deeper voice, much deeper then that of Yugi Moto, his hair had blonde streaking up the back, where it was also black and purple, he was taller and his eyes weren't big, round and innocent like his body, Yugi Moto, but they were narrow, sharp and diamond shaped.

 "What do I want? I want you to meet an old friend of yours, my boyfriend. Joey Wheeler."

" I see you two have been busy"  said Yami Yugi, eyeing her stomach disdainfully.

She giggled and looked behind her shoulder, as if expecting someone to come "It's none of your business, darlin'. What do you care?"

"I don't"

Her blue eyes sharpened when he said that, and for a moment he was sure that there had been tears in her eyes, but she blinked furiously and they were gone, leaving pitiless chips of blue ice behind for eyes. "That's how it's always been Yugi!" she screamed, stamping her foot on the floor in disgust "Over two thousand years we have known each other, can't you ever learn to forgive and forget? Jesus, Yugi! You never loved me, no matter how hard I tried."

"It would help if you didn't kill your mother." he said coldly "You were so jealous of her because I loved her, so you killed her. I don't care what you do, who you marry, how much trouble you're in or if you die."

"Daddy!" Te'a let two fat tears roll down her cheek before she wiped them away and stared at him angrily "You're my father" she said shakily "You're my dad! You had me when you were 3000 years old! And you never liked me! I tried so hard to make you like me and you never did! I was only 200 years old when I killed my mom! I didn't know any better!"

Yugi tilted his head to the side "So you got pregnant for attention? And went and got yourself some boyfriend to come and take revenge on me?"

"No." she said, breathing hard "Joey was a pathetic human. He left as soon as he knew I was with child. I don't want to hurt you, daddy. I just want . . . "

She stopped, as if ashamed, then turned and walked away. She was shaking so hard from suppressed sobs, that it was hard to think straight <Pathetic, pathetic. Now he thinks you're a little girl who cries all the time.> She pulled her head high.

"Te'a" said Yugi softly, calling her back.

Knowing he would never actually run after her, she turned her head to look at him. Pride burning fiercely in her eyes as she faced him "Yes?"

He brushed a hand through his hair "Te'a, good luck with the baby. Come see me sometime when he's born, or she's born. I'd like to see him or her"

She smiled at him with real appreciation "Thank you, Yugi, daddy. I just wanted you to know I was sorry"

The cynical, haunted and wicked expression came back to her eyes as soon as he'd turned his back and walked away. She laid a hand on her stomach "I never needed to share a body like you, daddy. I am more then just spirit now. You are only using another boy's body. I was born a Yami, whereas you were made one. So be careful daddy. Anything could happen to you"

Her dad, she'd always classified him as an enemy. She'd never killed her mom, and he knew it. It was her brother, Marik. But Yugi would never admit his son could do any wrong, even though he knew in his heart that Marik was to blame.

"Damn you, Marik" she whispered "Damn you straight to hell!"


* * *


"So, little sister. Did you tell him?" he asked, twisting Te'a's arm around her back sharply and painfully.

"No! Let go of me!" she screamed, struggling in his arms, trying to wrench her arm from her brother's grip. He smacked her on the back of her head teasingly and grinned.

She hated him, always her dad, Yugi had liked him better. Especially in his Egyptian finery. With Gold bands around his wrists, pointy golden earrings and head bands, a royal purple cloak swathed around his shoulders, the long tattoos on his back. His blonde spiky hair splaying out magnificently around his shoulders and his light purple eyes that seemed to gaze into your very soul. He was very handsome, her father's pride and joy, whereas she'd just been the younger sister, blamed for everything. With normal brown hair that fell to her shoulders, big blue eyes filled with cunning and evil. Never wearing the royal Egyptian attire as she was supposed to, instead making do with frayed and faded denim cut-offs, black t-shirts plastered with skulls and other nasty things. Now she was pregnant, all the more for Yugi to despise her.

"Te'a" Marik whispered in her ears "You know I can make you lose your baby, if you don't do what I ask you to do."

She spat at the ground "The baby is yours too! And I hate you for making me pregnant! There was no way I'm gonna tell my daddy that my brother is the father of my own baby! He'll immediately blame me! He'll say I seduced you, when it was you who raped me!"

"Tsk tsk, dear sister. is that any way to talk to someone who's bigger and stronger then you? Besides, he wouldn't be that angry would he? He had his first child, me, at 2800 years old. You are 2000 and deserve a good baby. Even if you do look the same age as him, that's only a Yami trait, for we never age. We are immortal. Daddy wouldn't be that upset, I'm sure he'd just be happy that his grandchild is pure blood Yami and not half human as you told him"

"Should have been Joey's child" she said sadly

"Joey didn't even love you!" he snarled, yanking her arm up so painfully she felt the pain go right through her spine and into her eyes, shooting bright dots into them "He left you for Seto Kaiba! He's gay, you stupid moron! And you didn't even see it!"

Te'a felt her brother's hot breath steaming down her neck, it made her eyes water just thinking about how her child may be retarded because of . . . because of . . . she shivered <incest>

"Now, Te'a darling. Why don't you tell him who the father of your baby is?"

"I told you!"

Quicker then a flash, he had a knife pulled out and bared at her throat "You'd better give me straight and truthful answers, unless you want a taste of my blade." 

"I'm not scared" she hissed "I can't die brother. And you know it! So put that silly toy away! Before I make you do it!"

"You're awfully brave for a little sister in a position you're in. Now let me tell you something. That baby growing inside you can easily die before it is a year old. Only then will it's full potential of Yami power will course through it's veins and make indestructible. Now, Te'a, if you want me to slice your stomach open and kill your baby. I'll be more then happy to do so, I promise you"

"You wouldn't! You wouldn't!" she raged, and got her chance as she stamped on his foot and sent him doubling over.

<Get out! get out! Get out!> her brain ordered in a panicky way. Her baby was her only key to her father's sympathy. There was no way she'd let her stupid brother ruin her chances!

She ran down the passage, not even grabbing a jacket as she threw open the door and ran into the night. She pumped her arms as fast as she could and looked back.

Marik was charging after her. About 10 meters away, and he was gaining on her fast!

Yelping, she surged forward. Damn her stupid stomach that was weighing her down! Damn it to hell! Marik was charging at her with a knife at the ready, raised above his head.

<Oh, Joey! Where are you when I need you?! Why'd you have to run off with Seto Kaiba? Why?>

"Come on sister! If you stop running and agree to what I ask I won't hurt your damned baby! But if you make me chase you, heaven help you when you're caught!"

Her mind froze in a battle of wills. Turn back, give up and be safe, but lose a chance of ever getting your father's love. Keep on running, risk losing your baby and keep your chance of getting respect from Yugi.

<Which should I do? Oh God!>

She slowed down. Father's love or child's life. She'd chosen to have her child's life. Love or life, which was more important? To her. Life.

Marik caught up and grabbed her arm. "Little cunt!" he yelled in her face "Don't ever do that again, unless you want your dear baby to feel my knife right in it's heart."

"No" she gasped "I won't. I won't do it again"

"You'd better not" then he smiled "Now you must tell our dear father who the father of that baby is."

"He'll hate you!"

"Ah, but maybe if you tell them that Bakura is the father . . ."

"What would he care?!"

"Him and Yami Bakura were good friends."

Te'a slumped up against a tree "He thinks Joey is the baby's father. And I'm not telling him otherwise! Why do you even do this? What's the point?"

"After being alive for 2200 years, one does get a bit bored."

Te'a glared, pushed herself off of the tree. Cunning slipped into her eyes, narrowing them down to beady slits. She looked up at her brother and smirked "You are so pathetic"

He raised an eyebrow "Oh?"


"I see, but remember who was the one running and who has the knife."

"You hide yourself behind weapons!"


* * *


Yugi Moto flopped onto his bed, the phone rang. He brushed his crazy hair out of his eyes and stared at it for a few moments, as if unsure how to answer it. Finally, he picked it up.

"Yeah?" he said into the phone, he closed his large wide set eyes and let his brain spew images to entertain himself as he usually did.

"Hi, nice way to answer the phone"

He sighed, he didn't feel like talking to this girl right now. Sometimes her rough and husky voice just got on his nerves. Though he had to admit, she was a beautiful person, inside and out.

"Hey Mai"

He could almost feel her grin through the phone. Seldom did she ever not have one. A half grin, that only showed the right hand side of her teeth.

"I'm bored"


"Yeah . . . Yugi?"


"Stop saying 'yeah'. It gets totally boring."

"Yeah, ok. Sure."

Yugi Moto pictured Mai. Probably sitting at her desk, chewing a pencil to smithereens and spitting out bits of it every now and then, a smile on her sexy face. He opened his eyes again.

<I really have to stop fantasising about her. Really. I'm turning into a real . . .> he struggled to find the right word, then gave up. He'd had his seventeenth birthday just a month ago, and for some reason, the past year had changed the way he looked at girls.

He now had to struggle to keep his eyes fixed on their faces and not straying any lower. He'd always thought of himself as an honourable guy. And he had to stop thinking about females.

Pegasus thought this hilarious. Yugi had an image of his friend in his mind for a second. Baseball cap the wrong way around, pink hair hanging in his face. Big muscles that made girls crowd around him and absolutely no shame. He thought there was nothing wrong in having daydreams about woman and talking about them as if they were objects.


"Yeah? I mean, yes?"

"I'm bored"

"So I've heard"

"Aw, come on! It's Sunday! Phone your friend, the cute one. And we'll all go out. Pleeeeeeease, Yugi sweetie! Pleeeeeeease?"

"Yeah, sure."


* * *


"I've always wanted to meet Mai, I'll bet she's just my type" Pegasus said, peering into Yugi's face curiously "You said she's sexy, but what does she look like specifically?"

Yugi sighed, then grinned "She's my friend, and I'm not going to talk about her looks just for someone like you. Anyway, she's not your type. The only type you like is the ones that are willing to jump into bed with you, and she's not like that."

"Crap" Pegasus muttered, he flicked his pink hair out of his face and glared at nothing in particular. Pegasus was Yugi's oldest friend. He was now in his thirties, and Yugi supposed that when you got that old, all you might think about is girls.


It was Mai, running to catch up with them. She was looking very pretty in a white top that showed off most of her stomach and a pair of denim shorts. Her blonde angled hair was blowing in the wind, streaming behind her. She had her black, white and dark blue takkies on her feet and no make-up at all.

Yugi had to nudge Pegasus to stop him from staring at her like that.

"Hi" she said breathlessly as she caught up. Doubling over to breathe and giving Pegasus a view up her white top.

When she straightened she smiled at Pegasus and said "I'm Mai, in case you didn't know"

"Yeah. Uh . . . you can call me Max"

Yugi raised an eyebrow.

"Hey Yugi, baby! Thanks for coming." she bent down to hug him. Mai had recently become a very huggy person. It was hard to remember that only a year ago she'd been a prideful person, too prideful to hug and act like a 'girl' as she put it.

Now she couldn't care less if people thought she was a bimbo.

"Hey Mai" he said.

"I invited a friend to come with me. I said we'd meet her at the beach. It's time you had a girlfriend Yugi. And she sounded very interested in you."

"What's her  name?"

"Te'a, I think. She seems nice enough."

Yugi stopped dead in his tracks as the memory came back into his head. Those cunning eyes, filled with so much wisdom, as if she'd lived for thousands of years.


"Yup. You've met?"


They soon were running towards the beach. Yugi tried to put Te'a out of his mind. What would that pregnant girl want with him?

"Oh, I hope this doesn't discourage you, but she is a teensy bit pregnant."




They reached the beach, and immediately he spotted Te'a. Her huge stomach betrayed her wherever she went. Looking up, she smiled in a totally warm fashion at Yugi, as if their ominous dispute form earlier that day had never happened.

"Hi, you must be Yugi Moto" she said, extending her hand out for him to shake. Her eyes twinkled mischievously but otherwise she acted as if she really hadn't met him before.

"Yeah." he agreed, giving her a sharp look.

Pegasus wrinkled his nose slightly. He tucked his cap lower over his eyes and turned back to Mai, "Heya, why don't we ditch Yugi Boy and his girlfriend and go get an ice-cream?"

Mai gave Yugi a sorrowful look, clearly she didn't want to go with the guy. But she seemed to think that Yugi might want some alone time with Te'a, so she said "Sure Max," and followed him meekly.

Te'a sighed and sat down, "I'm sorry about earlier. I had to speak to your Yami, badly"

"You want to speak to him again?" Yugi watched the retreating backs of his friends as they made their way to the ice-cream stand.

"No, no. Not yet. Well ..."

Yugi waited patiently for her to continue.

"I have to I suppose."

"He's your dad"

"Yes, I guess you would know about that."

"You killed your mother too."

Te'a hesitated, "Well, not 'kill' exactly. You can't kill ... Yamis. But you can trap them in a place for eternity."

"And that's what you did to your mom?"

Te'a hesitated, wondering if she should tell him the truth. But, what was the point? It's not like she cared very much about what this Yugi Moto thought of her. Plus, Yami would probably be hidden inside him listening. It would give him even more of a reason to hate her, he would blame her and say that she was blaming her brother when it wasn't his fault.

<Damn you Marik!> she cursed.

"Yes." she said, looking at her knees, or trying to anyway. The bulk in front of her didn't even allow her to see her toes in the shower.

Yugi Moto didn't try and pursue the issue. He looked down along the beach instead to see Pegasus and Mai slurping ice-creams and grinning.

"Yugi - I would tell you the truth, but ... my father is in you. He'd hear, and blame me anyway"

Yugi didn't take his eyes off Mai and Pegasus, he was afraid to look this strange girl in the eye.

"What truth?"

"Look, I'd rather not say this face to face with my dad - so try not to let him out while I'm talking, okay?"

"Yeah ..." he said vaguely.

"This baby is Marik's" she said clearly, "Not Joey's, he made me tell you. Promised to kill the baby if I didn't tell you. Not that you'd believe me papa. You never have, I didn't kill mother - I didn't. But that's not what I came to say - I came to tell you that Marik is the father"

With that - she walked away.


* * *


"You told him?"



He smiled at her from across the room, his Millennium Rod held at his side like a faithful pet.

Then he didn't even look her way, but stared out the window, his face set into a smug satisfied look.

"I care nothing for our father's love, as you do Te'a. I want him as dead as our dear old mother"

Te'a said nothing, but her fists were clamped firmly at her sides.

"Then maybe he'll be happy, being with his beloved again. And you might be happy to, for when I kill him. He will know that you are innocent."

"If you kill him, " she said softly, "I will send myself with him, and your precious baby too."

"The baby is nothing to me. I never meant that to happen. I really should kill it. But then ... hmmm" he thought about it for a second, "It would be useful ... to have a son or daughter on my side."

"People aren't there to serve you!" she shouted, "And I'm sick of doing as you ask! I'm not scared of you anymore!"

"How far along are you, sister?" he asked, ignoring what she had just said as if she'd never even said it.

"8 and a half months!" she said coldly, folding her arms over her chest.

"Tsk tsk" he said mockingly, "And you're losing your temper too. You should be resting. After all ..." he smirked, "We wouldn't want something happening to our dear child - do we?"

Te'a gulped <Should have been Joey's child!>

Marik played with a piece of blonde hair, teasing it between his fingers, "With that Millennium Puzzle and the last God Card - I will be all powerful."

Te'a sank to her knees and covered her face with her hands, not in a gesture of despair and hopelessness, but rather in a desperate attempt to pray for patience.

<1 ... 2 ...3>

"I would torture him slowly" Marik mused, "Make him suffer, then I'll send him back to be with dear old mumsie"

< ... 4 ...>

"Maybe I'll make you watch."

"Shut up!" she screamed, grabbing the nearest thing available to her (which happened to be a golden statue) and threw it at him.

She'd actually gotten to four this time, usually he got her to lose her temper before she'd even reached 2.

Unfortunately, he anger made her aim decidedly wonky, the golden statue sailed right past him and thunked the wall, then rolled under a table.

"Marik! I promise you, I will never let you lay a finger on dad! He deserves to be The Pharaoh! He's got the heart of a Pharaoh!"

"Whereas I don't. Is that what you're trying to say?"

"No! You'd make a crummy Pharaoh!"

He got up from his throne- chair thing and walked toward her. Then, lighting a cigarette, he said "You don't mind if I smoke in here do you?"


He blew a puff of smoke in her face "Good" (imagine Marik smoking! *shivers* How sexy! And remember, this fanfic does not make sense, so bear it in mind)

Te'a sat on the floor and wrapped her arms around her knees.

Not that she liked it when Marik put a hand on her knee and said "You seem ... quiet"

"Go fuck yourself, brother!"

"Oh dear, little sister. You don't seem to see the situation that I have you in."

"Think I care?"

"Don't be pathetic"

She lunged up suddenly and knocked his cigarette out of his hand. "You little punk!" she screamed, grabbing him by the collar of his cloak and slamming him into the hard stone wall.

Her nose almost touched his, her eyes were narrowed down to slits. Marik felt her harsh jagged breathing against his face. He wrinkled his nose because the smell of peppermint coming from her breath was a little overpowering.

"What are you going to do little sister? Beat me up?" he smirked.

"SHUT UP!" she bared her teeth in an animal like snarl, her heavy breathing was starting to slow down, until it only came on his face ... (damn that sounds bad 0_o) in soft breathy caresses. After awhile, she managed a smile of her own to match his evil leer, she pressed a knee up against his crotch, daring him to even move a muscle. If he did he'd be in a world of pain, "Big brother" she whispered, "You know this is exactly the way I like it, to be angry and in control. You know that when I'm angry I don't feel pain very much - don't you?"

"Oh yes" he whispered back.

"Just because I'm soon to be a mother doesn't mean you should underestimate me."

"Nopey, looks like it doesn't" agreed, "Only ... can you do me one favour?"


"Can you light me another cigarette?"

She looked into his eyes. Of course not in a romantic way. But just because she knew that this was the best way to decipher if he was up to something. His light purple eyes stared back at her, framed by bits of wild blonde hair.

But they carried nothing sly. He just wanted a cigarette.

Te'a sighed and started to dig into his jean's pocket with her fingernails. Her face suddenly went bright red but she finally curled her fingers around a lighter.

"Where are the ciggies?"

"In my other pocket, little one" he raised an eyebrow teasingly.

She furiously jammed her hand in the other pocket, feeling a small amount of satisfaction when her brother winced. She brought out a cigarette and unpinned one of his arms so she could give it to him.

He took it and offered it to her, "Light it"

She brought the lighter up to it, suddenly having to fight down the urge to singe his eyebrows with it and lit the cigarette.

He calmly brought it up to his mouth and took a long drag, surveying her with his creepy eyes all the while. He was obviously thinking his situation through.

"Whatever you're thinking about, stop it"

"Oh?" his grin grew wider, "I was just thinking about how cute you look when you're on a rage rampage, little sister"

She felt sweat trickle down her brow, he was making her nervous. He always managed to do that, because he always knew just what to say.

Those were the exact same words he'd used when ... when ... <Incest> she shivered.

"I must say Te'a, even though you're the one who has me under control, I still manage to make you tremble"

In answer, Te'a punched him five times in the forehead and knocked him out.

Yes, sometimes being angry controlled your fear and made you almost invincible.