Author Name: Ryan Shinhan
Title: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild language and mild adult themes
Genre: Crossover (Yu-Gi-Oh/Sonic)
Summary: Tea finds out that she has an ancient incarnate named Rouge. Rouge was Yami's wife in ancient times. What is her goal find out.
Pairings:  T/Y R/?

Note: I do not own any anime series or anything no matter how much it sucks.
I made a few of my own cards and the fifth guys deck is an exact copy of my
own. So all of his are real. I may use a card that already exists by
accident, but if I change it is because I felt it should have a different
effect or Atk/Def points.


    Those guys were so stupid. How could they think that they could compete
with the number two duelist in all history? We played by the rules of the
recently finished Battle City Tournament. The first three didn't know what
they were doing and fell out in a few turns. The fourth and fifth I
recognized as the two guys that just barely missed the Battle City Finals. I
wiped the floor with the fourth, but the fifth might have given my Yami a
challenge on one of his bad days. Maybe. Well he had a light deck that was
really good. First he played two cards face-down, a monster in face-down
defense mode, and the Ookazi magic card which took out 800 of my Life
Points. No biggie. I let out my Tiny Drac(1000/0). I attacked his face-down
monster and when the dust cleared my Drac had stuck his fangs into a
Mystical Elf. I took another 1000 points of damage, but do to Tiny Drac's
special ability, his Mystical Elf became a vampire under my control but
doesn't count for the Five monster limit. I put her in defense mode and
ended my turn. Then, he does the stupidest thing I'd ever seen. He played a
Yami card. To make things worse for him, he played a monster card in
defense. I draw and play a simple magic card Dian Keito the Cure Master
which got me back to 3200 Life Points. I attacked with Little Drac and
gained control of . He started laughing and reaching for his deck and I
asked what was so funny. He stopped to explain. Witch of the Black
Forest(1100/1000) is sent to the graveyard, he is allowed to search his deck
for-that's where I cut him off. I didn't send it to the graveyard. It is
sent directly to my control. He saved himself by explaining this to me. On
his turn, he played a magic card called Chain Energy along with a monster in
defense mode. I attacked it and destroyed it. it was a little vegetable
called a Griggle. I was stronger but I lost 500 Life Points. Then he used
Monster Reborn on Griggle and brought him back and he played a Lady of
Faith(1100/80). I knew that he was going to sacrifice them, but I just
couldn't think of what. It was a Wingweaver(2750/2400). O knew that I'd have
a hard time beating that and then I remembered that I could sacrifice my
Little Drac for an even more amazing monster. I sacrificed it using my
coffin card to place a coffin counter on the field. If the counter is still
there in three turns a monster with amazing power will be unleashed. For the
short-time part of the duel I played a Succubus Knight(1950/1600)
sacrificing my Witch of the black forest and moved another Little Drac to my
hand. I equipped Dark Powers to my succubus knight raising its Atk/Def by
700. I didn't attack with it because I wanted to get my best monster out. We
didn't do anything for the next turn then he brings out a
Hyozanryu(2100/2800) in defense mode. It was no big deal to me. I called
forth my ultimate monster, Garguile the Dracmaster(3000/2000), who powers up
all zombie monsters on you side of the field and brings them back from the
graveyard. I played him along with a magic card, Ryuker, that took half of
the total Atk points of the monsters in play and adds them to each of your
monsters. This brought my Succubus knight to 5925/5575 and my Garguile to
5975/4975. After I did this, it was a short matter to wipe out his monsters
and life points. Everyone had stopped to stare and left me an aisle. Once I
was outside I found Shadi waiting for me. he congratulated me and told me
that a new threat was coming and I would need the help of past enemies to
overcome it. I had no idea what he meant but I knew that we wouldn't be
depending on Yami this time.