Author Name: Ryan Shinhan
Title: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild language and mild adult themes
Genre: Crossover (Yu-Gi-Oh/Sonic)
Summary: Tea finds out that she has an ancient incarnate named Rouge. Rouge was Yami's wife in ancient times. What is her goal find out.
Pairings:  T/Y R/?

Yami and I had just been engaged when a new Duel Monsters tournament and it
was so exclusive I couldn't come as a spectator or even sneak onto the boat.
I mean, how could I not want to go with him? We were engaged to be married
in a few months and he leaves for a tournament. Oh well, with a skill and
determination like his(and his face, too), how could I not let him compete?
    I was so lonely for a week. then a miracle. The Spirit of the Wristband,
although I didn't know it was Rouge the queen of Egypt and Yami's past wife,
appeared to me. I didn't know it was her at the time because she disguised
herself. She said she was a foreign exchange student from Egypt. She waited
at my locker all dance class. I in vited her to my house and asked her name.
She told me about her being my incarnate and why she was here. The thing
that surprised me the most was when she showed me her true form. It was
everything I could hope my body could be.

    She took me spiritually to her shrine. It turns out that it was Yami's
house that she lived in. When she told me that she'd married Yami I realized
that she was Rouge. Good thing She's my incarnate. She was the mysterious
duelist known in ancient times only as "Rouge the Bat." She set up the
tournament that Yami was invited to as the guest of honor. She did it so
that We'd be there when he got back. She explained that she was a bat
duelist. We went shopping that day for cards to make our deck. We ran into
the others. Joey was so pissed that he didn't get into the tournament.
Tristen and Serenity had been together for longer then Yami and I. Joey gave
me this card that looked really cool. It was the Succubus Knight. It was
also Rouge's fav card. He also ytold me about all the bat cards he knew of.
I went shopping and by the afternoon, we had the bat deck Rouge had a
millenia ago. I went to the arcade and the guys who tried to hit on me the
day Yugi set me up on that date tryed again. They had a bit more confident
since Yami wasn't there, but they were still black and blue. Rouge got
pissed and took over. She told them taht they could all take me on and that
if I lost once that I, not Rouge I, would go on a date with them. No, I
would be there boyfriend for a week each.