Author Name: Ryan Shinhan
Title: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild language and mild adult themes
Genre: Crossover (Yu-Gi-Oh/Sonic)
Summary: Tea finds out that she has an ancient incarnate named Rouge. Rouge was Yami's wife in ancient times. What is her goal find out.
Pairings:  T/Y R/?

When I came to, I saw a perfect replica of myself in the Egyptian robs of
the pharaoh's wife. I wasn't sure if I were hallucinating or not. It had
been my fantasy recently. I was shaky when I got up and I couldn't see the
hole I fell through. I knew I had to look for a way out. I looked around and
saw a door leading due west. once inside I found a glass case with a set of
clothes that looked just my size. I picked them up and moved on. With the
clothes in my pack I moved on toward what looked like daylight. It turns out
that it was a strange light that when I touched it, it gave me a strange
instrument, a set of iron heels, and titanium nails. I put the items in the
side pockets of my backpack. then I see metal crates and almost turn back. I
fit them to the boots of the out fit and the nails to the gloves. I
shredded the crates to ribbons and was through with it. I found myself in a
shrine to
the ancient queen Rouge. Then, a strange gas leaked out of the walls and
into my nostrils. I passed out after a fit of shaking on the floor.
I found myself in a hospital bed. Yami was standing over me and I almost
feinted. Yami noticed this and thought I was still weak. He asked me if I
was hurt I told him of course I was, I was in a hospital for the love of
Kami. He said that he rushed to the site as soon as he found out that it was
at that site. It seemed that I was unconscious for three days in an Egyptian
hospital. He gave me a package before saying goodnight and making sure I was
alright. To prove it I threw my arms around him and kissed him hard. He was
a bit startled, but started to kiss back. After what felt like a few minutes
I broke the kiss reluctantly and went inside. I realized that the package
was still unopened and took the
liberty of doing so. There was a new stereo, a CD which was obviously burned
with my favorites, a home version of DDR, and a tiny case that I almost
missed. I opened it and there was a ring and a note. As I read the note my
eyes filled with excitement. I grabbed the case and rushed out the door. the
note fell open on the floor. It read "Tea will you marry me? The wedding was
held the next month. Yami said that i looked like a goddess, but I'm pretty
sure he was just saying that. You never know I could be the reincarnation of