Author Name: Ryan Shinhan
Title: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild language and mild adult themes
Genre: Crossover (Yu-Gi-Oh/Sonic)
Summary: Tea finds out that she has an ancient incarnate named Rouge. Rouge was Yami's wife in ancient times. What is her goal find out.
Pairings:  T/Y R/?


Intro: While investigating an ancient shrine with her college class, Tea
Gardner makes an astonishing find. The key to the ancient spirit of Rouge
the Bat.

Prologue: Ancient Egypt, At the time of The Great Banishing of the Shadow
    "Rouge, I love you more than anything. This is the only way for us to ever
be together again. I need you to agree."
    "Alright. I'll do this for you and you alone. Once we are reincarnated, we
shall be together again. I shall miss you every day that I am contained.

Chapter One: First Date
It all started when Yugi stuck me with Yami for a day to help figure out his
past. I thought of it more as Yugi setting us up on a date. Anyway, I always
thought that Yugi was a different person when he dueled at Duelist Kingdom.
I 'm afraid that I was more than attracted to him. When I saw him standing
there, I just melted. I decided to take Yami to the new Egyptian exhibit in
the museum. He was detached as usual. He didn't really want to be there. I
decided to get him out of there by going to the arcade and teaching him
something other than duel monsters. When we got to the arcade, I got so
pissed. There was this complete idiot was hogging the DDR machine.(You know
Dance Dance Revolution?) He gave himself the most idiotic nickname, "Johnny
Steps." He was showing off by taking on any challengers, so I decided to
show him how a pro dances. I threw my white jean-jacket to Yami, and I swear
that it was the first time I ever saw him blush. I was wearing a yellow
tube-top, a red choker and bracelets, and a white miniskirt. As soon as I
stepped up to the platform, the cocky piece of shit started talking trash
about how this was a man's game blah, blah, blah. I flicked him off and told
him to shove it up his ass and the game began. We went through three of the
hardest songs and up until the end of the last one I was mutilating him.
Then, out of nowhere, he starts using his legs to try to trip me and I still
didn't miss a single beat. After the game, this mob of boys came up to me to
try to hit on me. Yami saw this and in a flash, he had knocked them all
down and winded them. Everyone else backed off and we strolled out of there
like nothing happened. Just to be sure Yami held me protectively. I thought
I had died and gone to heaven. At the Egyptian exhibit, this girl named Isis
Ishtar shows us a tablet of a battle between Yami and Kaiba in ancient
Egypt. Yami was shocked and I was too, but not as much. I mean, with
Yami/Yugi and Kaiba there's only hostility. The battle was held between the
high priest and the great pharaoh. Obviously, my Yami would have surely won,
but no one is sure. Isis asks me talk to me in private and I said okay. She
gives me news that nearly sent me into shock. She told me that I would come
to possess a Millennium Item. Yami and I went to the park that night. All of
a sudden, Yami turns around and kisses me full on the lips. Yami leaves with
a heavy blush on his face. I stay there for a few minutes stunned. Then,
Shadi appears and without a word, puts an envelope next to me and
disappears. The note says," You, Tea, are the possesor of the most secret
Millennium Item of them all, separated from the others, buried in a separate
place, the Millennium Wristband. It contains the spirit of the wife of the
pharaoh, Rouge. There are other powers, but only Rouge can unlock them.
        Shadi." I know that I'll always keep this on my wrist. Yami is my
boyfriend now. I must have gone to heaven. To help him find out about his
past, I took up ancient Egyptian history along with dancing. My class got to
go to Egypt to get to be on a real archeological dig. Our teacher tells us
to line up to go inside some newly found ruins. I had to go in last.When I
get inside, it's pitch black. I turn on my flashlight. About a hundred yards
in, I fell through a patch weak floor. When I hit the floor, I black out
after the room strangely lighting up.