Seduction of Darkness

by: Xananddare Liadon

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah. I know. The old legal yadda, yadda. But it has to be done. So ::takes a deep breath:: I neither own nor am I affiliated with Yu Gi Oh!. Yu Gi Oh!, it characters, concepts, images, etc are all copyright 2001 Kazuki Takahashi.

Rating: NC-17 for yaoi, some explicit language, and elements of BDSM

Genre: Romance/Angst, Bakura/Yami pairing

Warning: Doom saga spoilers.

Summary: Bakura, failing at finding the source of the pharaoh's power within the Puzzle, finds a secret for creating his own body and seeks to gain the pharaoh's power in a different way, seducing Yami when he is most vulnerable.

Special thanks to PainofDarkness for giving me the inspiration for this story and for the poem she allowed me to use as a spell in it.

*M. C. Escher was a Dutch surrealist artist known for, among other things, his impossible buildings.


Bakura grumbled fiercely, but quietly, in several languages, his gaze finding nothing but solid stone walls wherever he looked. Metal doors that would have been better suited to a nineteenth century prison than a tenth century BC tomb led only to more hallways leading to darkness, stairs M. C. Escher* could have designed, or heart attack-inducing traps.

Finally he balled his fists and made as if he was going to hit the wall, and only self-control painfully earned over centuries kept him from doing just that. "Insane labyrinth!" he wanted to yell, but instead muttered it through tightly clenched teeth. As satisfying as venting his rage on the bewildering endless walls would've been right then, he forced himself not to, reminding himself that he could not take the chance alerting the pharaoh of his presence in the Puzzle.

Especially now, when from the glimpses he had been able to catch of Yami's recent memories, the master of this accursed house was becoming unstable, and the events leading to that were giving Bakura no end of sadistic amusement. Perhaps I should spend some time in his chamber of recent memories for some entertainment. A wicked smile on his lips, Bakura turned around and took the nearest stairs down.

* * *

Yami lost. He had watched it coming and struggled against it like a drowning man against the ocean waves. And yet, he lost.

He stared at Raphael with a menace designed to hide his fear of what would happen next, and then he felt himself being pushed out of the enclosing Seal. Turning, he saw Yugi taking his place, an expression of serenity and trust on his face, and felt the horror of seeing Yugi disappearing into the darkness, darkness that now threatened to consume him.

"Aibou! AIBOU!!" he yelled into the darkness, yet the darkness swallowed his voice. He fought against shadows wrapping around his legs and then fell into an abyss that, though infinite, was no greater than his own despair ...

And impacted head first on the floor. For several moments he laid there panting, his sweating body bathed in the moonlight coming through the windows, before rolling over onto his back and rubbing the new bruise on his forehead. With a groan and a few curses that Yugi would have been surprised to hear, Yami sat up, untangled the sheets from his legs, and crawled back into the too-small bed, only to curl into a ball with his head between his legs, silent tears falling from his eyes.

"Yugi ... Yugi ..." It's my fault. It should have been my soul that was taken. Aibou ... aibou, could you ever forgive me?


Makes me wish I had some popcorn! Bakura thought with a chuckle. This is better than a soap opera! Ah well, back to the search. He quietly left the room, his smile fading as he pondered what path to take next, and then growled in frustration. I must have walked every hall and stair here enough times to leave ruts in the floor! How am I supposed to find the source of the pharaoh's power if this maze of memories is incomplete?! This time he did kick the wall before he could stop himself.

The resounding boom and ensuing rumble that was much louder than it should've been alerted him immediately. Shit! He ran in a random direction, not daring to look behind him to see what made the new sounds like thunder as golden lightening chased him, the power crumbling the stone wherever it touched. Cursed defenses! I must lose that thing before I'm incinerated into nonexistence or fall into the abyss of Yami's mind! He ran in completely random directions like a fleeing deer, from room to hallway, from hallway to stair, from stair to room and on and on until he was completely lost, finally ducking through a doorway hidden in shadow and slamming the door behind him. He felt the gold lightening pass the door with a powerful vibration that almost sent him falling onto his nose. He remained plastered to the door, his teeth clenched, his ears listening ... and heard only silence. Good, feels like it's gone. Relieved, he slid down the wall and practically collapsed onto the floor. I might as well rest here for a while.


/He opened his eyes at the touch of fingers brushing against his cheek. "Mmm?" he groaned, his eyes trying to adjust to the gloom. Was it darker in here? It looked like a scene from a Shadow Game in fact, yet the Shadow Realm's black "fog" was drifting lazily, without any apparent purpose as it would be during a game. The fog wall wasn't even "solid", Bakura could see holes in it opening and closing, revealing the stone behind it. It's acting more like real fog than the Shadow Realm. Strange, very strange. He looked up at the person who was stroking his face and met Yami's red-violet eyes, the fire normally blazing in them now seemed banked, gentle. But not as strange as that!

The pharaoh was kneeling over him, much closer and they could have been in an embrace. "Well," Bakura asked, his outward defiance hiding that he wasn't sure whether he should be angry, frightened, or perplexed. "Aren't you going to kill me now that you've found me?"

Yami's eyes were both puzzled and hurt. "Why?"

I could think of a hundred reasons why! But before he could list them, Yami took his face in both hands and kissed him on the lips, softly, tenderly. The HELL?!

Yami ended his kiss as gently as he began it and looked at Bakura curiously. "What's wrong?"

"Where do I start?" Bakura retorted.

Yami just chuckled, then he leaned closer until they were nearly lying against each other and began nibbling at his neck. "Why should this be so strange?" His hands started stroking his sides and chest. "You're intelligent, cunning, and very attractive. I have more in common with you than anyone else in this world."

"Either I am dreaming, or you have finally gone completely insane!" Still, Yami's kisses and caresses were definitely ... distracting. He wasn't sure he wanted to make the pharaoh stop, and when Bakura felt his hand sliding down his pants, he lost the will to.

But the gentleness that was definitely out of character was starting to annoy the thief. It's time for him to discover that I am not like little Yugi, to be handled with care. Bakura pulled Yami's head away from his neck and kissed his lips deeply, his tongue demanding and receiving entrance. Yami growled in response, pressing his body hard against his, his hand rubbing his erection even harder. That's it. Demand what you want! He left Yami's mouth to give similar attention to his neck, ripping away the belt choker to lick and bite the tender flesh hard enough to leave bruises. Yami's gasps and moans of pleasure were all the encouragement he needed.

The thief pulled away long enough to strip off his shirts then swiftly attacked the buckles on Yami's own shirt and jacket, throwing the offending garments away. For a moment he reveled in the sight of him, feeling so strange that he'd be attracted to him, a man when he had never before felt attraction to a man, let alone to the pharaoh.

Then Bakura did what the pharaoh didn't have the guts to do. He stripped off the leather pants and underwear in one pull and started stroking Yami's erection hard and fast. Yami moaned and clenched his fists, his eyes closed in pleasure.

The thief smiled in triumph. Now who has control? He leaned down and traced Yami's jaw line with his tongue, eliciting a sigh from his now captive. "You like that, do you?"

" ... yes!" Yami gasped.

"Mmmmm. Good. Now it's time you learned real pleasure!"

Yami opened his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Bakura just smiled and kissed his eyes shut. "Close your eyes my innocent pharaoh." Then his tongue made a long, slow, leisurely path down his chin, neck, and chest, causing Yami to squirm underneath him until that sweet, flexible tongue met the base of his member and went even slower, going up and down its length over and over like a kid savoring an ice cream cone.

Yami proved he wasn't quite as innocent as Bakura thought when his hands grabbed fistfuls of that soft, long white hair. Bakura's ministrations were making him gasp and moan loudly, which only caused the thief to prolong the exquisite agony. "Bakura ... please!" he gasped.

Heh, heh, heh. Now you're mine! He took Yami completely into his mouth, the pharaoh's scream of ecstacy ringing sweetly in his ears. Mine!/


What the--?! Bakura shook himself. What could have possibly possessed me to dream of ... that?! He made a face like he had just eaten something disgusting. What the hell is this place, the storeroom for Yami's erotic fantasies?! He looked around the room, little good it did him since virtually all the rooms were alike. I could be anywhere in this confounded ... wait a minute. His gaze was attracted to the wall on his left where there appeared to be something engraved. Hello, he thought as he pushed himself up to take a much closer look. What's this?

The wall was almost completely covered in engraved hieroglyphs, but they looked so worn they were almost impossible to see and could've been easily overlooked. As it was, Bakura had to run his fingers over them like a blind man reading brail to know what they said. As he read, his eyes widened in surprise and glee. Unbelievable! This says a person can create a body from the energies of the Shadow Realm! This is perfect! But ... I need to use the power of one of the Millennium Items, and even if I did have access to the Puzzle's power, it's far too dangerous to use it while Yami can detect me. I must find a way to return to my Ring. Hmm, I know Yami has it, he has to touch it sometime. I only have to wait, then I can pass through his Puzzle to the Ring. And from there ... His smile widened to a shark's smile, full of teeth. I can gain my freedom … and perhaps another way to gain access to the pharaoh's power.


Yami could not be cheered up, despite Tea's best efforts. Frankly, her efforts were also beginning to annoy him. Not wanting to let out an angry outburst, he just left the cabin. If anyone asked, he was going to check their luggage. Out of the cabin, he decided he might as well do that anyway. At least then it'd be unlikely he'd be bothered by anyone in the baggage car.

The car was as quiet and secluded as he could have wished. He didn't want to offend his friends, but right now all he wanted was to be alone. Yami glanced around and found Yugi's overnight bag had fallen to the floor. The old suitcase's clasps had been knocked open, and its contents scattered. Frowning, but resigned, he gathered them up, taking special care to four bundles wrapped in black silk, hiding them between Yugi's clothes. When his hands touched one of his white shirts, he paused to stroke the collar, then held the shirt against his chest. Yugi, I miss you! I miss you so much! But I will find you, I promise! Not wanting to take too much time and cause his friends to worry, he folded and put away the shirt with a sigh and picked up the last silk bundle. This one had come partially undone, half of the Millennium Ring peeking out. I knew Yugi's mom should have sewed velcro on these things, he grumbled and all but shoved the Millennium Ring back in the pouch.


YES! Bakura thought in triumph, his spirit leaping through the connection the Puzzle had with Yugi's body, coursing like electricity through it and into the Ring.


"Ouch!" Yami hissed. "Damn static!" Irritated, he shoved the Ring into the suitcase and slammed it shut, not realizing his left hand was still in it, and smashed the lid on his knuckles. Yami jumped, clutching his hand and cursing. "Worthless fucking piece of ..." he muttered and stomped the suitcase shut with his foot.

"Hey! You shouldn't talk like that!" Tea said from the door.

"Huh?" Yami had the grace to look sheepish. "Oh, sorry."

"Are you OK? What happened to your hand?" She closed the distance between them in two quick steps and took his hand in hers before he could protest.

"It's nothing. I just closed the suitcase on it. I'll be fine."

"Ouch! You're bruising already. Come on, let me take care of it." She found her suitcase and began rummaging through it. "I packed some salve in with my first aid kit."

"You don't need to--."

"Oh come on. It'll only take a minute."

"I'm fine."

"You're fine, but you're yelling that kind of language?" She found the salve for bruises and shut her suitcase. "Right. Move it buster."


"I said come on! I can take care of it."

Yami gave up. He let Tea lead him back to their cabin and tend his bruises like an overbearing nurse.


Back in the baggage car, Yugi's suitcase briefly came to life and opened, then Bakura's ring levitated off the ground, its silk pouch falling away. That was too easy! Bakura thought. The fool is so immersed in guilt and self-pity he wouldn't notice if his past incarnation himself arrived and slapped his face! He laughed loudly. Oh, it feels good to do that again. Now, to find the rest of my spirit ... Inside the Ring, Bakura went into a trance, using one of the simplest of magics. "Power calls to power," his spirit body glowed brightly. "Like calls to like, bring forth what calls to me!" He extended tendrils of power into the Shadow Realm, prepared to wait hours for the remainder of his soul to rejoin him.

He didn't have to. As if it were waiting for him, the remainder of Bakura's soul was soon touched by one of the probing tendrils and rushed through it to merge with him. Perfect! My soul is complete again, now to create a new body ... Shadows to shadows, dust to dust, darkness entwined, combining its lust. Make me a darkness, a tangible hell, a soulless body, in which I can dwell. Answering his call, the black fog of the Shadow Realm swirled around the Ring, shaping itself into a standing form that became more and more detailed with each passing second, until Bakura opened his new eyes. He looked at his hands for the first time. "Now I truly am the darkness!" He laughed. "Now, where is that sulking pharaoh?" Without warning and to his complete surprise, he disappeared.

Yami, after sitting patiently and letting Tea mother hen him, finally pulled his hand away and retreated to find a secluded spot where he could be alone. He found it outside between the engine and the front car and leaned against the guard rail, watching the passing scenery.

Bakura appeared behind him from almost nothing, his shocked expression turning to glee. Oh my, I can use the Shadow Realm to teleport too! This just keeps getting better and better! But I must be careful, the Realm seems to respond to my wishes whether I'm ready for them or not.

Yami's head whipped up at once. He turned around and glared at the intruder of his privacy. "Bakura! How did you get here?!"

Bakura chuckled. "Somehow, I doubt you'd believe me if I told you." He reached out a hand to touch Yami's cheek. But, as he suspected would happen, the angry king of games grabbed it, and then froze as he immediately sensed that the thief no longer what he appeared to be.

Yami narrowed his eyes. "I don't know how you did that, and frankly I don't care, but you can get off this train!" He let go of Bakura's hand as if he wanted to throw it away.

"And how do you suggest I do that?"

"You got on somehow. You figure it out." Before turning back to watch the scenery, he added "before I toss you off right here."

"Well, aren't we bloody minded," Bakura retorted. Yami ignored him, until he found himself abruptly grabbed by the shoulders and turned around.

"Get your hands off of--." He was cut off by the thief pressing his lips against his own. Yami's eyes took up half of his face, shock and anger warring for supremacy inside him, to both be pushed aside by another emotion entirely. He uses a kiss like a blunt weapon, he thought distractedly. But ... his lips ... His arms lifted almost instinctively and wrapped around Bakura's waist. ... sweet. His eyes slowly closed with a sigh. He felt hands sliding up the front of his shirt and didn't protest when they began stroking his lean chest muscles and fondling his nipples. ... so sweet.

Heh, heh, heh. If only you realized how close you are. Bakura pulled his mouth away for a moment to look at Yami's face, caught in sweet ecstasy and arousal. Then he leaned down and use his tongue to trace a path from the nape of his neck to his jaw, then over his lips, as if to say "let me in."

Yami was too drunk on desire to refuse, but as Bakura's tongue entered his mouth, his eyes opened, and intoxication turned to realization and sudden anger. He shoved the shocked thief away with an intelligible curse of rage, and as if that weren't enough, kicked him in the privates, sending Bakura down on his knees. For several moments he just stood over him panting. "Do that again, and I will render your new body to its composite magics and send your spirit into the nearest Hell!"

"A pity," Bakura gasped just as Yami turned to leave. "You looked like you were enjoying our little foreplay."

Yami just left and slammed the door shut behind him, leaving Bakura to recover on his own, almost immediately to his surprise. Hmm, that should have left me bent over and whimpering for a good while. This body must recover faster from injury and pain. How very useful. He looked at the door where Yami had gone through. So much for the direct approach, although it looks like I have awakened his desire. He leaned back against the rail, licking his lips in remembrance of the kiss. Mmmm, and perhaps mine as well. Strange, I have never felt attracted to a man before.

No matter, I can explore the possibilities of that later. He smiled like a player who had just made his first move towards checkmate. Poor Yami thinks he can still be a good little boy like Yugi, but I can sense the darkness inside him, and it will draw him to me.

* * *

In the small corridor between cars, Yami punched the wall. How could I have ...?! If only I had listened to Yugi, I never would have lost him! Or been vulnerable to that ... that assault! Feeling like he was drowning in guilt and grief, he slid down to the floor. Aibou ... why is it the longer I'm away from you, the more I taint my soul with darkness? What is wrong with me?! And yet, a part of him admitted he enjoyed it, enjoyed how he melted into that kiss and how he liked Bakura's hands on his chest. He shook himself in disgust. Impossible! How could I ever be attracted to that, that bastard?! Why is he doing this to me? What does he want from me?

The sound of pounding feet running towards him interrupted his train of thought. What the? He returned to their cabin to meet Joey and the others, and learned how everyone else in the train had disappeared ...


Bakura was as surprised as everyone else when the engine disconnected from the rest of the train, with Yami and Tea in it and he in the back. I must not lose Yami! The Shadow Realm complied. He materialized behind the pair just in time to watch Weevil challenge Yami, calling him "Nameless Pharaoh." Well now, this should be fun to watch!

The duel was definitely an eventful one, especially when Weevil summoned the "Seal of Orichalcos." So that's the seal that took Yugi, now there's a card I need to find! When the insect duelist fooled Yami into thinking he had Yugi's soul card, Bakura saw through that in a second. I don't know which one of them is more foolish, Weevil for making such a preposterous claim or Yami for believing it. Then Weevil tore the card in two. Bakura winced and almost felt sympathetic, not for Yami, but for Weevil. You, have just made the biggest mistake of your life!

He knew Yami was enraged now. Even with the pharaoh's back turned to him, he could imagine how he looked. Every line between his eyes would be visible and pointing down with his eyebrows, shadows beneath his narrowed eyes, his nose wrinkled, and his teeth gritted. It made his face look more triangle-shaped than heart-shaped, and if the wind was blowing his hair back, the effect was even more pronounced. He makes quite an impressive display when he's angry, he thought. I, of course, prefer him submissive. It gave me such a sweet feeling. He chuckled watching Yami attack Weevil over and over, even after the duel ended. Poor Yami, he's in so much anger and pain he doesn't realize he's into overkill. Perhaps ... a little comforting is in order when this is over. And after comforting ... He liked the sound of that plan, but before he could think more pleasant thoughts on it, the train derailed, sending everyone down into the ravine.


Ow, Bakura winced in pain. I don't ever want to do that again! What the hell happened? He pushed himself to a sitting position and saw he was on the ground, hundreds of feet below the train tracks. That should have killed me! I must be nearly indestructible now. He laughed. Just better and better. Now, where's Yami? As he now expected, the Realm teleported him to a tent where both Yami and Tea slept. My body protected me, but what protected them, a miracle? And who took them here and put them to bed? He gazed hungrily at Yami, noticing his body twitching and shaking, mumbling intelligible words in his sleep. Oh my, a nightmare? Bakura created a little pocket of the Shadow Realm around the two of them as he knelt and gently pulled the dreaming pharaoh into his arms. I better be ready to comfort my poor lover when he awakens.

"Aibou! AIBOU!!" Yami woke up screaming, only part of his mind realizing somebody was holding him. The first second he reached for him, needing someone, anyone, for solace. The next second he realize who he had his arms around. With a curse of abhorrence he shoved himself away and saw Bakura's amused expression. "You had better not have thought that was funny," he said dangerously, his face showing all the features the thief noticed when he was angry. He pushed himself to his feet and looked around. "Where's Tea?"

"You don't need to worry about Tea. She's sleeping quite peacefully in a little tent. In fact she was right beside you."

Yami's anger wasn't mollified at all. "I'll deal with you later, after I make sure of that. But if you've hurt her, you'll wish I had thrown you off the train!" He closed his eyes and tried to dispel the Shadows, but nothing happened. What the–? What's going on? Why isn't the Shadow Realm responding? He opened his eyes and glared accusingly at Bakura. "What have you done to the Shadow Realm?"

"I?" Bakura gave his best innocent look, which in this case wasn't entirely feigned. "How could I have done anything to the Shadow Realm? I don't have the kind of power, and you know it."

"Then why can't I dispel it? And why ..." He looked at his surroundings, his expression growing more and more puzzled. "Is it acting so strangely?"

Bakura looked around and saw Yami was right. It looks like the Shadows from the dream. Very interesting. I wonder what it means. Is this even the Shadow Realm at all? I summoned it, so it must be ... is it? He watched Yami try to make sense of the lazy patternless movements of the black "fog", then go so far as to touch the fog itself, a tendril of it wrapping briefly around his hand. Oh my, did he just tremble?

The thief crept up behind him. "What's wrong?" he asked softly.

"This doesn't make sense," Yami replied, perhaps either too confused or just not caring he was conversing politely with his captor. "The Shadow Realm should not act like this." And it definitely shouldn't make someone feel ... like that when he touches it. It felt like a charge went through my body and settled at ... but it wasn't an electric or magical charge. "What does it mean?"

"How should I know? It's the first time I've ever seen it like this."

"Somehow I doubt that," Yami replied suspiciously.

"Believe what you'd like. I certainly had nothing to do with this. I am as clueless as you." Bakura lazily wrapped his arms around Yami's waist from behind.

"If I have to remove your hands one more time," Yami began as he reached to pry them off. "You'll need eating utensils that can attach to your–." Suddenly, a thick tendril wrapped around his wrist, stopping him and sending a charge through him that made him gasp.

Hmm, that didn't sound like a gasp of pain, and it seems to react to him. I wonder if perhaps ... yes, yes that makes perfect sense. He tightened his arms around Yami ever so slightly. There was no protest. Then he began running his hands up and down his sides. "I think you know what this is now," he whispered in Yami's ear before he started nibbling on it.

"It ... can't be," he almost pleaded. The darkness still wrapped around his wrist was sending gentle charges pulsing through his body, leaving odd and yet very pleasant sensations, especially wherever Bakura touched him.

"It is. There is no escaping from the darkness of your own mind. You either fight it, or submit to it." And you don't feel like fighting it, do you? His hands slid up to his shoulders and began sliding down his jacket.

"... no."

"If you don't want it, then end it. Take my hands off your body and walk away. I won't stop you." But you won't, and I think you know it. The jacket fell to the floor, and Bakura began kissing his neck, unbuckling the belt choker to gain more access to the soft skin.

"I ... I ..." Yami reached up, his hands trembling, and grabbed Bakura's hands before he could fully remove the choker, then jerked himself away from him and the shadow tendril, leaving a surprised thief with a choker in his hands. For a moment he just stood there, breathing heavily, composing himself, and commanding his rebelling body to calm down. "I don't know what you want from me, or how you pulled off this," he said, gesturing to the strange Shadow Realm. "But your ploy won't work. What is it you want? My Puzzle?"

Bakura casually dropped the choker, his amused facade restored. Actually, I've been wondering about that myself.

"I asked you a question. What are you after? Why are you doing this?"

"What makes you think I want anything from you, except you?"

"I seriously doubt that." I must find a way out of here, before this place drives me insane! He felt like the darkness was pressing against every corner of his mind and spirit, searching for a way in, searching for a weakness. He fought against it, trying to block out what he finally understood was his. It whispered to him, wanting him to give in, wanting him to embrace it. Struggling against it was intense to the point of physical pain.

Yami fell to his knees with a cry. Yugi ... my hikari. I need you! I ... can't fight this alone! He felt someone kneel in front of him and wrap his arms around him. "It's using you."

"What?" Bakura asked.

"The darkness. It's using you to weaken me." And it's winning. I want you, and, and ... "And I don't know how to win against it."

"You're losing because you don't realize you're fighting yourself."

"What?" Yami looked up at him, looking for all the world like a frightened and confused child.

Bakura hid his smile. "The darkness isn't just yours, Yami. It's you. It's a part of you. The part of you fighting it is the part who thinks he can still be a good little boy. But the darkness knows better, it knows you, it knows who you really are, and it wants you embrace that part of yourself." Secretly he reveled in his clever argument, knowing how insidiously logical it was.

There's some sense to that, but ... "I didn't act like this before."

"When Yugi was with you. He influenced you, and you followed his example." His kissed his forehead and lifted his chin so that they were face-to-face. "You followed him, when you should have followed your own spirit." Bakura brushed his lips against Yami's. "You are the darkness."

I'm ... the darkness? The temptation to kiss was more than he could resist. I'm the darkness? But how can that be? And yet ... He felt himself being lied on the floor. It makes so much sense. I acted like this before Yugi and I began working together, after I stopped just taking over. Bakura left his lips and starting attacking his neck like a starving man while his nimble fingers unbuckled his shirt. ... yes. Yes. I am the darkness!

Yami rolled them over, putting himself on top. He ripped off Bakura's shirts, relishing the feeling of flesh against flesh. I am the darkness, and it is mine! His hands hungrily touched every inch of exposed skin and starved for more.

"At last, you've come to your senses!" Bakura said in triumph. Yami growled in response. The pair rolled over each other, fighting for dominance, each trying to make the other lose control. I should've expected this, strong-willed as he is, Bakura thought. Good, this should be fun! He moaned when Yami undid his pants and began stroking his member hard through his briefs. If he continues this for long, he'll win. I need to find a way to ... Bakura rolled himself on top and pinned Yami's shoulders.

Yami just smirked. "That won't help. Not when I can still do this." His hand slid underneath the thin white fabric and began stroking even harder. "I don't think you have the will to stop me."

It was hard to think around the pleasure, but Bakura fought to keep control. "I won't have to." This had better work. He let go of one shoulder and held up his hand. If I can teleport myself to a place, I might be able to teleport something from a place to me. He envisioned a certain item in the train's kitchen, and if he was lucky it was made of plastic. A small bottle appeared in his hand.

"What is that?" Yami asked, staring at the oddly shaped bottle.

"A honey bear," Bakura replied smugly. A full one too. Perfect! With exacting slowness, he squeezed a thin line of honey on Yami's collarbone, then leaned down to very slowly lick it off. Yami's gasp did not disappoint him. He repeated the procedure on his nipples, his ribs, his arms, his neck. Then he ripped off the tight leather pants and began again on his thighs. Yami moaned and writhed beneath him. The hand stroking him could only freeze every time Bakura's tongue touched his skin until he went too far down for him to reach, the other had grabbed a fistful of hair, urging him on.

Finally, Bakura pulled up and looked straight into Yami's eyes, holding them as he ripped off the last pieces of clothing they wore. Then he grabbed the honey bear. "I think you know what happens next."

"Do it," Yami gasped.

He complied, drawing three lines of honey on his member. Then he grabbed both of Yami's hands and held them down before his tongue went to work. To Yami's sweet torture, he seemed to take forever licking each line, and then continued long after.

It was driving Yami crazy. Bakura was taking him to the edge over and over. After a while the thief's tongue would hover at the tip, as if to finally take it into his mouth, then he would go back to going up and down it with his tongue. Again and again, until the pharaoh was losing all semblance of control. He freed his hands with a strong pull and grabbed Bakura's head by the hair. "Please!" he begged. "Do it!"

Bakura debated whether to keep going, then opted to just let him have it. He took Yami into his mouth all at once, causing him to come almost immediately.

Yami's cry of pleasure and frustration could have shaken the walls. Afterwards, he growled. "Too ... soon!"

"Relax," the thief soothed him, pulling himself up till he was face to face with him. "First time's always fast." Then he gave him a long, slow kiss, their tongues meeting. "Mmm, I won."

"Yes," Yami admitted. "For the moment." He picked up the discarded honey bear with a smirk of amusement. "You used this a little too liberally." He waited just long enough for Bakura realized it was empty, then tossed it aside and rolled him over.


Yami couldn't remember when Bakura left. When he awoke beside Tea on the train, he was tempted to think it had just been a dream, until he looked down and found his clothes were rumpled, his shirt wasn't tucked in and his shoes were off. I had sex with him. I had sex with Bakura, in Yugi's body! He grabbed fistfuls of his hair and made as if to pull them out by the roots. No. No! How could I?! How could I have done that?! Even if this darkness is a part of me, I had no right! He feared what would happen once Yugi found out, but he felt he had no choice but to confess to his aibou. He'll hate me. He'll throw me away, and he'll hate me, and it will only be his right. Resigned to his fate, he woke up Tea.


(Contains excerpts of actual dialogue from final duel with Dartz, translated from the Japanese. Doom Spoilers!)

Bakura growled his frustration, tempted to scream it to the world, except that it meant he'd be discovered. He had followed Yami since his duel with Yugi, but despite his best efforts, he never could get the pharaoh back into his bed. Whenever he tried, Yami refused him, pushed him away. The thief frowned, remembering the final rejection bitterly.

* * *

"You don't give up, do you?" Yami had said. "I don't care how many times you come after me, the answer is no."

Bakura was undaunted. "After all the fun we had?"

"Had is definitely the word. I let you seduce me once. I won't allow it again. I will not betray Yugi again." He turned and began to walk away.

Angrily Bakura spat "And do you think he's just going to forgive you now?! Ha! If I were Yugi, I'd shatter your Puzzle and let the pieces float aimlessly in the Shadow Realm for eternity!"

Yami had paused at that, then walked on. Bakura growled and ran after him, only to be halted by a strong hand grabbing his neck.

"Are you a machocist as well as a sadist?" Yami asked dangerously. His free hand closed over the Ring. "Come near me again, and after I destroy your new body, I will throw your Ring down the nearest sewer."


Bakura angrily brought himself back to the present. It's that brat Yugi's fault! He made the pharaoh want to be a good little boy again! If they hadn't dueled, Yami would still be with me! Now I can only watch and hope the pharaoh will stumble again into the darkness, although it looks like Dartz will take his soul first from the way this duel is going.

Dartz was completely confident of his win. Yami was broken, the change so apparent he could almost see his heart shatter. "Nameless Pharaoh ... your suffering and uncertainty ... as one who has shouldered the same fate, I am the only one who can understand your suffering. The least you can do is to put an end to your fate, with your own hand! Now ...!

"My fate ... with my hand ..." Yami looked at his hand for a moment as if he had never seen it before, then it slowly began to go to his LP counter.

"And so it ends ... your existence will return to naught!"

"I will ... be naught ..."

"Go now, to your friends' side!"

"Kaiba ... Joey ... Aibou ... that's right ... I am originally nothing. As a soul, trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle ... I had nothing. From the very beginning ... nothing. If I lose them, nothing remains ... that's why I will disappear ..."

"Nameless Pharaoh ... Be gone! Go, Seal of Orichalcos!"

Bakura couldn't believe it. He's ... he's ... he can't surrender! You stupid pharaoh, have you lost you mind?!?! Suddenly, when one of Yami's tears fell onto the Puzzle, a gold light from the Item filled the room and pushed back the Seal.

"Of course ... I didn't realize it," Yami said, refilled with hope. "In the depths of my heart, I have a vessel which holds the memories I have created with my bonds of friendship. That is my all! I am not 'nothing'. So long as that vessel remains with me, I can be reborn, time and again!" His spirit rekindled, he faced his surprised opponent. "Dartz! I will tell you why ... why I, who had lost everything, have been resurrected in this world, after three thousand years. That is ... from the friendships I have formed, to be reborn! To defeat you, and change the course of the future!

YES! That's it, Yami! Bakura didn't seem to care he was cheering for someone he'd normally call his enemy. Now beat him! He watched as Yami drew a card and summoned Legend of Heart. Three knights entered the field.

"We are ... Timaeus!"

"We are ... Critias!"

"We are ... Helmos!"

"Our powers, together with the heart of LIGHT!!!"

The knights together shattered the Seal. Bakura could only watch, slack-jawed in amazed disbelief as Yami with their power defeated the seemingly undefeatable Dartz.


Several days later ...

It had come down to this. After fighting the forces of Doom. After finally confronting and defeating Dartz, summoning the Egyptian Gods to defeat Dartz and the Orichalcos god, and then destroying the Dark Dragon by consuming its darkness within himself, it had come done to this, the one event Yami feared the most.

Yami waited until the others were finally asleep and he and Yugi were alone in the RV. The young man was looking out the window, silent.

"Yugi," Yami began. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Don't say it," Yugi interrupted, his voice cracking. "I already know."

Yami was shocked. "What ... how?"

"After Kaiba picked us up in his helicopter and you went to rest in the Puzzle, Bakura found me and told me. He sounded like was gloating."

He would. "Yugi, I'm sorry."

"Just tell me one thing." Yugi turned around, his eye brimming with tears, his betrayed heart showing on his face. "Why?"

"I ..." He could barely look at him, but he forced himself to face those beautiful hurt eyes. "Nothing can excuse what I've done. After I lost you, the darkness within me tried to overwhelm me. Bakura took advantage of it, and me." He slumped down to the floor and hid his head. I was weak. I was weak, and I didn't want to fight it.

"How many ... how often did you ...?"

"We were intimate once, and we kissed once before that."

"Only once? You're not lying to me about that?" Yugi almost pleaded.

Yami lifted his head, his eyes gleaming. "I would never lie to you, even if I were able to. We had sex once, before I dueled you. After that, I could barely live with myself, and I never let him near me again." To his obvious frustration. Perhaps that's why he told Yugi, to get back at me. Yugi nodded, and Yami bowed his head again. "When are you going to get rid of me?"

"Get rid of you?" Yugi was surprised. "Why would I want to do that?"

Yami looked at him, completely confused. "But, you must hate me now."

Yugi shook his head. "Never!" He curled up by his aibou's side. "I'd never hate you. Yeah, I'm hurt, but ... Bakura seduced you. He found you when he knew you were vulnerable and used you. He admitted it, bragged about it. I would never get rid of you. I thought ... you would want to leave me."

"What? Why?"

Yugi looked down. "Bakura said that he got his new body from a spell he found in the Puzzle. That he got in there when Malik broke it to pieces, and then he put part of his soul into a piece he gave me."

So it was that spell. That was how he got a new body. "And you thought I'd ... make my own body and leave you?" At Yugi's nod, he took him into his arms and held him tightly. "Never."

"So, you don't love him? You don't want to be with him?"

Yami shook his head vehemently. "All there ever was between us was passion. But you, you have my heart."

"I do? Really?" Yami nodded.


That night, after Yugi finally fell asleep, Yami sat on his bed and fondly watched him. Aibou, after everything I've done, you still want me to stay with you. He gave a silent prayer of thanks. "You're more than I could ever deserve--."

"I'm inclined to agree," Bakura's voice jarred his thoughts. Yami turned and looked dispassionately at the thief. "What's wrong?" Bakura asked. "Aren't you glad to see me again?"

"Get out of here," Yami said curtly and turned back to Yugi.

"Don't tell me you actually care for this little brat." He reached over to grab the boy by the hair when he was stopped by a strong hand grabbing his wrist. "What the?" He looked at Yami, a completely solid Yami. "How did you do that?"

"I can do it too, Bakura. I had suspected you used the same spell I had hidden in my Puzzle, and when Yugi told me how you found it I was certain." He tightened his grip until Bakura gasped in pain, then let go. "Now leave," he ordered.

The thief glared at the boy, aware he was actually feeling jealous. "You'd choose him over me? We're not like that boy. You and I are the darkness!"

"Yes," Yami admitted. "I was controlled by the darkness, and I was the darkness, much like you. But I fought mine. I refused to let it rule me then, and I won't let it now."

"So that's it? There's no 'us' anymore?"

"Was there ever an 'us'? All we ever had was sex. And knowing you, that was only a ploy to get me to use the powers of my Puzzle for you when you couldn't use them yourself."

Bakura didn't reply. How could he, that had been his original plan?

"Go, enjoy your new body, your new life, but I won't be a part of it."

"Very well," Bakura replied, resigned. "I don't suppose I can get a goodbye kiss?"

Yami pushed him away with one hand. "No."

Defeated, Bakura disappeared into the Shadow Realm.


The pharaoh turned in surprise to see Yugi awake. "How long were you awake?"

He nodded. "Long enough to hear everything. How come you never told me you could make your own body?"

"Because I never needed one, and I never wanted to have one." He reverted to spirit form and lied down next to Yugi.

"Never? You'd never want a body of your own?"

"Never. The only reason I ever would want one ... would be to be closer to you." He kissed his forehead. "Because you have my heart." And because I love you.

"Yami ... thanks." He snuggled close to his aibou. "Could you hold me?"

"Gladly." Yami regained his solid form and held Yugi in his arms, happier now than he'd been in weeks.

"I forgive you Yami," he said before falling asleep.

Overjoyed, Yami held his hikari tighter.


Bakura wandered alone through the Shadow Realm, having no real place go. He had lost Yami, he lost the Puzzle, and he lost any chance of finding the pharaoh's power. In his mind, he had lost everything. What do I do now? he wondered. I have no one else, except maybe ... Ryou. But where could he be? I lost him when I lost my original body. Yami's memories on his hikari were vague at best. Where did he go after they found him on the ship? Is he in Domino? Could I find him? If I did, would he have anything to do with me? Still, it is a purpose, it is something I have to try.

A goal in mind, Bakura took the remains of his link to his own hikari and began to search ...