Author:  Murasaki Rose
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Title:  Reawaken
Part:  1/2
Spoilers: Shadow Game arc
Warnings: Shonen-ai, male/male pairing
Pairings:  Yami no Yugi x Yugi Mutou
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, --text-- = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, ::text:: = yami to hikari mindlink


Reawaken:  The Spirit


Dark.  Silent.  Alone.   A spirit without memory floated.  Without a name, without form.  No emotions.  It couldn't remember them.

Male?  Female?  It didn't know.  The concept of gender wasn't one it thought on.  When it could.  So much time spent in peaceful oblivion.  Centuries would pass and it would never know.

Time was also a foreign concept.

All it did was float . . . . . in the darkness.


Warmth.  Pride.  Joy.   Anticipation.  These EMOTIONS were familiar to . . . him?  Yes.  He knew this, though he wasn't sure how.


"Finally, the last piece!"

Light.  Too bright!

Fading.  Vision returning . . . a room?  No, a labyrinth.  His soul.  Straight ahead, a door.

Darkness.  Heh.  Nothing compared to his time in the puzzle.  But before him, another door.



/I wish I were stronger.  Maybe then I'd have more friends./

A voice?  Who . .?  Ah yes, his savior.  His light.

What did his savior look like?   'I want to see him.'

The door opened.

Bright.  Warm.  Innocent.  Intelligent.  Inquisitive.

This was the soul of his other.  But where was his light?   Aha!

On the bed in the corner, tucked under covers, his savior slept unaware.   But not peacefully.  Fear rippled through the room, surrounding the light soul.

This sleeping soul behind the door.   His gentle savior . . . was afraid?  Yes, there below his joy and pride, lurked a terrible fear.  Someone had trespassed on his hikari's soul.  They would pay.  But first . . .

Strength.  Security.   Devotion.  Warmth.  The dark spirit sent these emotions to his savior, forcing away the fear, and allowing the dark one to view the light one at peace.

Beautiful.  Angelic features, relaxed in sleep, reflected the innocent soul within.  Unable to stop himself, the dark one caressed the boy's face and hair, marvelling at how soft it was.


His savior's head moving closer to his hand.  Nuzzling against the spirit's palm.

Warmth.  Joy!  'I will protect you, my hikari.'




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