Author: Murasaki Rose
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Title:  Raiu Renai
Part:  2/2
Beta:  None
Genre:  Romance/PWP
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi
Pairings:  YxYY
Spoilers: None
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink
Disclaimer:  Here we go.   Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shuueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just having fun.

Summary:  Yami makes Yugi's fantasy come true.


Yami no Yugi watched the sky outside with a smile, it was storming again.

The last few days had been rainy and gray, but today was the first time it had actually stormed since his aibou's confession.  Since that day, the spirit had been secretly planning to make Yugi's fantasy a reality.


/Yaaamiii~!  Are we almost there?/  Yugi whined impatiently as his dark led him blindly through the streets of Domino.  As much as he loved being out in the storm, he was insanely curious about where he was being taken.  He was damn horny too.  The hikari had been seconds away from jumping his dark when his other half had grabbed his hand and hauled him downstairs. 

(/Almost, aibou./)

 'It better be soon, or I'll end up jumping him here on the street!' Yugi thought to himself, being careful not to let Yami hear.

Even though Yugi was concealing his thoughts, the former Pharaoh was well-aware of his light's frustration.  Yugi hadn't been shielding his thoughts earlier and the dark had spotted Yugi's "problem" when they were putting on their shoes.


The pair reached the park in record time, Yami leading Yugi deep into the park until they reached a grassy area surrounded by trees.  From here you could watch the sky while still enjoying the shade of the trees, it was a spot they often visited in better weather.

With a snap of his fingers, Yami cast the shielding spell he'd found, causing a glowing ring to form at his feet.  The spirit flicked his wrist and it spread out to a seven foot radius and flashed brightly then dimmed, casting only a faint glow.  "Until I dispel the ring, no one will see or hear us.  They won't even be able to enter it, "Yami explained to his confused light.  "I wanted you to live out your fantasy."

Yugi blinked at him in surprise, not quite believing his own ears.  But here they were, deep in the park, in the middle of a thunderstorm, hidden from prying eyes by magic . . .  he smiled brightly.  His yami was simply amazing.

Yami was so caught up in watching his light's reaction that he was caught completely off guard when Yugi pounced.  Growling playfully, the amethyst eyed teen tackled his dark to the wet and muddy ground, pinning him on his back.

"Arigato, koibito," Yugi purred, leaning foreword to nip at the spirit's throat, his slender fingers working quickly on the buckles of Yami's sleeveless leather shirt.  Pulling the spirit into a seated position, he yanked the muddy shirt off and tossed it aside, humming in approval as Yami returned the favor.  Not wanting to waste time, the small teen urged his dark back down, quickly unfastening the other's pants.  Grinning up at his light, Yami took over, removing his pants and boots while Yugi did the same.

Clothing-free, Yugi looked back at his darkness and groaned.  The sky above made a sharp crack and the whole scene was lit with a surreal light for a moment, making it seem that much more ethereal.  Yami's spiky hair had fully flattened under the weight, his water-logged bangs clinging tightly to the sides of his face.  The falling rain was faithfully following every dip and curve of his lover's body, wetting every inch that shone faintly in the glow cast by the shield.   The smoldering, half-lidded, crimson eyes that were locked on him showed clearly that his darkness was enjoying HIS view as well.

/God, Yami.  Do have any idea how damn good you look?/  Yugi exclaimed mentally, lowering himself to meet the spirit in a heated kiss.

(/I could ask you the same,/) Yami replied, trailing his hands up and down Yugi's slick back.  Smirking into the kiss, Yami darted his hands down to Yugi's butt and squeezed firmly, gaining a muffled squeak from his light.

Pulling back, Yugi mock-glared at his darkness, "That was evil, mou hitori no boku."

Yami snorted, "That wasn't evil.  THIS is evil," he growled, pressing Yugi's hips down and grinding their arousals together.

"Aahhh! Yami!" the hikari gasped, collapsing onto his dark.  Desperately trying to regain control, Yugi snaked his hands between them and pinched both of Yami's nipples, hard.

"AIBOU!" the spirit shouted, arching his chest up into the pleasurable touch and his hips back down.  Not allowing Yami time to recover, Yugi continued to roll and pinch one nipple while replacing his other hand with his mouth.  Yami's mouth flew open in a silent scream when Yugi began suckling on the sensitive nub.  The scorching heat of Yugi's mouth was made even more intense by the coolness of his skin brought on by the steady rainfall.  Shuddering with pleasure, the spirit struggled to grip Yugi's unoccupied hand and bring it to his lips.

The almost desperate grasp of Yami's hand on his brought Yugi out of his lustful daze just long enough to assist his dark.  The hot tongue swirling around his fingers making him purr against Yami's chest.  Ceasing his ministrations, Yugi removed his fingers in time to catch Yami's faint displeased whine in his mouth.  Tongues entwined and clashed in time with the clouds above, while Yugi carefully prepared his lover.

Gasping for air they separated again, this time Yugi settling in between Yami's legs, taking a firm grip of his hips, /Ready Yami?/

Lifting his hips in assistance, the spirit nodded to his light, (/Hai, aibou./)  A deep breath from his amethyst-eyed lover was all the warning Yami got before Yugi plunged in to the hilt, both teens hissing at the sudden intrusion.  Shuddering in need, Yugi trailed gentle kisses across his dark's shoulders and chest, waiting for his lover.   The not-so-subtle buck of Yami's hips prompted Yugi into action, immediately he began driving into the dark spirit, shifting slightly each time until- 

"RA, YUGI!"  Yami's legs clamped around Yugi's hips, holding the hikari at the appropriate angle and allowing the spirit the proper leverage to thrust back.   Around and above them the storm raged on, the loud crashes of thunder and flashes of lightning seeming to work in harmony with the lovers.  Feeling his release coming fast, Yugi moved one hand to stroke Yami's turgid arousal.  A few firm strokes coupled with hard thrusts to his prostate sent the dark spirit screaming over the edge.   Watching with half-lidded eyes, Yugi drunk in the beautiful vision of his dark's release before following him with his own.

Collapsing against the spirit, Yugi purred lazily knowing they'd have to move soon.

"You know I'm going to pay you back when we get home," Yami rasped, gently petting his hikari's slick back.

"I know."  Yugi smirked, "and I'm looking forward to it."





Endnote:  What can I say?  Yami likes it a little rough.  *hentai grin*