III. Facing the Fury of Fuego

Seto had no idea that tracking down his guide to victory would be quite this easy. Now the fun could really begin. He had found the first link in his search, but found it hard to believe that this fiery woman was going to lead him to his first non-Egyptian God Card. He had tangoed his way into a duel with the one person who was supposedly the best in this country. It seemed she had heard of him. She was just to eager to accept the challenge. Once he had bested her, he would get down to his true business here in Buenos Aires, and possibly ask her about the design of her unusual Duel Disc. "Brave
words won't make your skills any stronger, Senorita Alvarez. Any duelist knows that they face when they go up against me, and it won't be pretty," said Seto.

"I'm not just any duelist, Senor Kaiba, "said Fuego. "Let's hope you duel better than you dance." Fuego nodded, made a motion for the band to cut the music, and the crowd in the La Ventana made a ring around the dance floor. It had just become an impromptu Duel Arena! She flipped open the sphere at the bottom of her disc, and pulled out her deck, then turned the two halves of the broken sphere open and placed her deck in it. She pulled one card out, it had a 5 star monster on it. She came over to Seto, he pulled his pick-up game deck from the pocket of his duster, and did the same. He had pulled a magic card. It was a ladies choice start. "I choose to go second. A kiss for luck, Senor? You might just need it."

"As tempting as that might be, you'll need all your wits about you, because this duel will be over before your brother over there finishes his mojito, if not sooner. 4000 or 8000 game?"

"8000. Bring it!"

Seto waved to one of his men, and they brought over his classic style Duel Disc, and he placed the deck in the disc. Buenos Aires was most definitely a city of surprises. He had expected Fuego Alvarez to be some nerdy archeologist who made theories on Duel Monsters from behind a desk, not a spirited latina gamer. She most likely would lose this game, but she just gained so much more. Seto always needed more allies, as they were so
few as it is. "And so it begins..."

They drew the five cards and Fuego looked down at hers. What a nice little run! Salamandra, adds 700 ATK points to a Fire Monster, Blazing Inpachi (1850/0), Shadow Ghoul (1600/1300) effect: add 100 ATK pints for every monster in your graveyard, Malevolent Nuzzler, add 700 ATK points to any monster, when that monsters is destroyed, pay 500 LP to put it back on top of the deck, and the old standard, Change of Heart, take control of one of your opponents monsters for one turn. This was such a old school draw. She knew of Seto Kaiba's reputation and his many experimental twists and
turns, but he knew nothing of hers. The reports of his duels has been on IDN, International Duelists Network. He might be ready for a Fire Deck, but maybe not. She would irk him enough to see where things might go. She pointed at him, held up two fingers, then smiled. She saw his eyes grow wide with surprise when she had just indicated that she would take him down in two turns.

Two turns! No way! Seto looked at his draw. Too much magic this time around, not a good thing. One monster, three equips, one trap. He drew his next card for his turn, and it was a two-summon monster. Keeping a couple on monsters on the field this early in the game might be all he needed with those equips waiting. "I bring out 7-Coloured Fish (1800/800) in Attack mode, and lay one card face down, and end my turn."

Fuego looked back at her cards and drew another. It was a good thing they were playing the standard 8000 point game instead of the shortened 4000 point game. With this run she was planning, in a 4000 Point game, she would wipe him out in one turn. Ow! Best to make him sweat a bit. She slipped a card face up on the lower part of the fan, and quickly followed the play plan. "I play Change of Heart, and take your 7-Coloured Fish(1800/800), then summon Blazing Inpachi (1850/0), equip it with Salamandra (+700 to Fire), add a Malevolent Nuzzler (+ 700 ATK, when card is destroyed, pay 500 LP to
bring it back to the top of your deck). Since you are wide open, so so sorry, but really,I'm not, you are hit with 5050 points of damage directly to your Life Points."

Seto was silent as he watched the Life Points spin away from his counter. She took over 5000 of these on the first turn. Not even Yugi had been so bold. There was cheering around the dance floor as the local heroine took him down a notch. It would not last for long. Before he had a chance to draw his next card, he saw a few camera phones switched on. He had to make up for that loss soon, or this defeat would be on IDN within hours. Just the fact that he was dueling someone as cute as Fuego down here in Argentina would make a story, but his possible defeat by her was the fuel for Dueling headlines. She needed to be taught a lesson. If felt sort of odd to be on the other end of such arrogance. "I flip my trap card, Jar of Greed, and draw one card."

"And I end my turn."

Seto drew another card, and felt a small surge of promise. "I play Monster Recovery (Put back one monster from your side of the field in your hand, place your hand in your deck,and redraw the same number of cards from your original hand) put the 7-Coloured Fish back in my hand...." He went through the motions from the direction of the card, and redrew seven new cards. Two summon monsters, two Malevolent Nuzzlers, and three regular monsters. He looked up at the holograms on Fuego's side of the dance floor. The huge Blazing Inpachi held the Salamandra sword in one hand, and clasped the hand of a green-skinned impish three-eyed female demon on the other side. The fire crackled around them, and they all just waited for his move. I call La Jinn (1800/1300) in Attack mode, add two Malevolent Nuzzlers (+1400) giving La Jinn an attack of 3200..."

"I'm still 50 points up on you."

"And that fact has occurred to me." No matter what she drew on the next turn, she still had taken no damage. Only a Dark Hole or Reigeki would make him catch up, unless he was able to keep La Jinn on the field. As of now, neither one had shown up. "I end my turn," he grumbled.

Fuego drew another card. "I play Battle Ox (1700/1300) in Attack mode, and I attack La Jinn with Blazing Inpachi, taking La Jinn and 50 of your life points. Next Battle Ox takes another 1700 of your Life Points."

Again, the Life Points drained off, leaving him with 1100. The Nuzzlers were in the graveyard, and he had the option of bringing them back for a cost of 500 Life Points each, but to be left with only 100 points when she was still up there with 8000. He drew another card, and hoped for some miraculous magic. No such spell came to him, but another 4 star monster did. Nothing strong enough to take down a 3250 point powerhouse, even with the Nuzzlers. The skill was with him tonight, but the luck was not. In reflection, he found what he came to Buenos Aires to find, and found a master duelist in
the bargain. "I resign..." he said.

Fuego nodded, and the band struck up a familiar tune. It was the 80's alternative standard, Fire Woman, by The Cult. To make things worse, they were actually singing it in English! The lady even had her own victory song! The woman was a national treasure when it came to this game. The victory dance became a samba, and Fuego collapsed her Duel Disc, then came back over to Seto's side of the dance floor. "Don't be so dejected. I know your reputation, but you nothing about me. I'll give you a rematch, but not right

"And why is that?"

Fuego unhooked Seto's Duel Disc from his arm and handed it to one of his men. She then linked her arm in his, and said, "Because you dance better than you duel, at least for tonight, and one duel is never enough. Plus I think I'm taking a liking to you. You're full of surprises. By the way, you were right. The game was over before Pablo finished his mojito." So, the little spitfire had a softer side. A little more information, and the new God Cards would be in his possession soon, and so would the title he had lost a decade ago. He was so lost in the thought of obtaining this new bit of power, that he lost step with the samba line. He pulled Pablo and Fuego aside, invited them to a breakfast meeting at his hotel, then went off to plan his new strategy.

Pablo turned to his sister. She just shrugged. "I never thought I'd see the day...." he said.

"That someone could take that Blue-Eyes White Dragon superdeck down in two moves? I never thought I would either, let alone be the one to do it. You know what?"

"What's that?"

"Good thing he was in a tango house tonight instead of a casino. There'd be nothing left of his cashflow. That's some pretty rotten luck."

"He'll bounce back. He always makes the top three in Battle City."

"Only because I haven't been there yet."