Author name: Ms.Meow (my nickname)

Title: The newcomer

Warnings: may contain a few swears

Genre: adventure

Summary: The groups life is pretty much the same as usual, until the day the teacher introduces a new student to the class. The new classmate isn't normal though, for he harbors a dark secret. Soon he leads the gang into a vortex where anything can happen to anyone. Meeting dragons and fairies, there remains one question; how and will they ever get home again?

Ms.Meow: If this sucks, please don't kill me, alright?


Chapter 1: Hello, Nistani!

"Good morning class!" Yugi's L.A teacher called out cheerfully to her class. "Good morning" everyone else murmured back. "Today I am going to assign you all a little project to work on over spring break!" everyone groaned "And you will all work in pairs! Alright? Now how does that sound?" Again everyone groaned. "I don't need to do this." Marik muttered to himself. "Ah come on! It's not that bad! It's just a little thing I want you to do! Now I- wait, hold on a second." The teacher went to her desk and picked up her phone to answer the ringing.


Everyone fell silent as they listened to her conversation, hoping that they wouldn't get called down to the office. "Yes...He's here?......Okay, I'll be down in a minute.......Yes, I know. Okay, bye." With that said, she put the phone back down on the receiver and turned to face the class. "I have to pick something up from the office. I'll be back in a minute or two, alright? I hope I can trust you all to behave yourselves while I'm gone." she announced to the class. Everyone murmured "okay" and then the teacher left.


Yugi turned to face Joey and Tristan. "What do you think she went to get?" Yugi asked them. "I don't know, but whatever it is, I hope it's good news for us." Joey answered back. Tristan was about to say something when the classroom door opened up. Everyone fell silent and looked up. What they saw was the teacher leading a thin boy to the front.


"Class, I would like to introduce Nistani Galliada to everyone. He is a new student to the school so I would appreciate it if you all helped him out in getting used to the school. Now, where shall we put you?" the teacher looked around the class. "Ah! How about next to Yugi Mouto over there. Yugi? Will you please raise your hand so that Nistani knows where you are?" Yugi did as he was told and smiled a welcoming smile to the boy as he made his way to the empty desk by Yugi.


"Hello! I'm Yugi Mouto! I'm probably going to be helping you around the school till you know it pretty well." Yugi told Nistani. the boy did not answer, he only continued to look out the window. Yugi turned to his friends and shrugged. "Attention class! Before the principle called, I was going to name your working groups. Ryou and Marik, you'll be working together." Marik grinned as Ryou shivered.

"Joey and Tristan."

They slapped each other high-fives.

"Mai and tea."

They scowled at each other.

"Yugi and Nistani."

Yugi smiled, then frowned slightly when he saw that Nistani continued looking out the window.

The teacher continued to call out the groups. She finished just as a bell rang out. "Oh darn, school's over. Oh well. I'll finish explaing the project tomorrow!" the teacher replied after the bell finished ringing. "There is no homework in L.A today children! Just remember who you are with for your project, alright?" she finished as the students got up and started to gather their things up. "See you at the arcade, Yugi! And bring Nistani with you too!" Tea called out to Yugi. "Alright! See you in 5 minutes!" he called back. "Come on, Nistani! Let's go to the arcade!" Yugi completed, turning to face Nistani. Nistani jumped up and fell off his chair at the sound of Yugi's voice. Yugi saw his pale cheeks turn bright red as he got up off the floor and brushed his pants. "Sorry about scaring you like that!"Yugi apologized to the embarrassed boy. "And school's over anyway. Want to head over to the arcade with me and my friends?" Yugi finished. The boy nodded and they left for the arcade.


"Hey lookee here guys! It's the midget and the vampire!" a sudden voice rang out. Yugi sighed, then turned around, knowing who the voice belonged to, where as Nistani jumped and whirled around, startled. When they turned around, they saw a punk from their class standing there. Around him, his goons were there. “Vampire? Midget? Is it just me or are you running out of ideas for insults?” Yugi asked the teen. “I’m not running out of ideas! And besides, Nistani does look like a vampire anyway!” the teen argued back. Yugi looked at a Nistani who was staring in fear at the teen’s huge goons, and realized that he was right. Nistani looked almost like Ryou, only his hair was completely black, his skin was chalk white, he had pale red eyes, and he was fairly thin.


“Come on, Nistani! We’re going to be late!” Yugi pleaded, pulling on Nistani’s arm. “Yesssssss, let ussss.” a soft voice answered Yugi. Startled, Yugi dropped Nistani’s arm and turned to look at him. Yugi let out a low squeak, for Nistani’s pale eyes were now a deep, blood red color. His fear was short lived however, when he heard a shriek behind him and turning, he saw the bully and his goons running away from them. I wonder what their problem is, Yugi thought to himself. “Let’ssss go already.” Nistani replied softly again. “Yeah, let’s hurry up.” Yugi replied back hurriedly, taking a quick glance at Nistani’s eyes. He was puzzled when he saw that they were pale red again.


“What took you guys so long?” Joey demanded when Yugi and Nistani arrive at the arcade. “We were ssstop by a ssstupid foooool who didn’t know better tooo nottt pick on people he didn’t knowwwssss. What a ssssssstuuupid man.” Nistani hissed at them. “What he means to say is that a bully got in our way. He ran away when Nistani’s eyes became blood red.” Yugi quickly cut in. “Well, we’re all here, so let’s hit the games everybody!” Tea called out. Everyone nodded and Nistani only grinned.


Well, that’s the end of chapter one and I’ll have you know, I made up the bully and Nistani, so that’s why you won’t find them anywhere on the show. Also, ever notice how Nistani hisses like a snake when he speaks? Hope you do!

dis-claimer: I do not own yu-gi-oh!