Interlude 3 - The other Jianu

"Now that's just weird."

"Nanda Rose-san?" Jianu asked, peering over her creator's shoulder.

Rose pointed at the screen, "Check this out."

Jianu scanned throught the text of the fic Rose was reading, noting the character list, when suddenly she found it. "Hey!!
That other OC has MY name!"

"After four years it was bound to happen sooner or later," the amethyst haired demi reasoned. "And I really do think it's
just a coincidence."

"But it's MY name!"

Yugi patted her back, "There, there Jianu-chan, it'll be all right."

Rose sighed, "Ya know, there are real people named Jianu."

Yugi looked surprise, "Really?"

Rose nodded, "Yup, one of them's a doctor."


"That's what I thought."

"It's not fair!" Jianu wailed, kicking up a fit.

Rolling his eyes Yugi went off to find his dark half while Rose simply pretended the other girl wasn't there.