Interlude 2 - The many torments and OOC behaviors affecting Yugi

"Why, Kami-sama, why?!!!!!!!!!"

Murasaki Rose looks up from her art tablet to regard the small teen,"Nanda, Yugi?"

Growling in frustration the boy threw his hands up in the air, "Why am I always being tormented?!"

"How ya figure, Yugi-kun?" Jianu asked.

"Oh let's see, in over half of these fanfics, I'm either being raped, abandoned by my friends, or suicidal!!!!" he ranted, waving his arms for emphasis.

Jianu raised an eyebrow, "You're kidding."

"I wouldn't say half, but there are a lot of those fics," Rose countered. It didn't help placate the furious teen at all.

"Damn, nearly everybody's taken a shot at you," the red-blonde teen commented, having wandered over to the computer to check things out. "Must be cause you're so damn irresistible."

Yugi glared at her.

"Anyway, I only see the first thing as ever actually happening . . ."

"Even when it's by one of my FRIENDS?!!"

Unusually fearful of her cousin, Jianu ventured a response, "Umm, no?"


Rose sighed and patted her muse's spiky hair, "Buck up, Yugi-chan! At least you know I won't do that to you. Least ways I don't think I will."

Both muses stared at the author in shock, too stunned to make any sort of comment as Rose laughed maniacally.