Author:  Murasaki Rose
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Interludes With an Author
Series:  Yugioh/Dragonball Z
Genre:  Crossover, Comedy, Spamfic
Spoilers: None
AN:  " " = speech, ' ' = thought, ~ ~ = telepathy, / / = hikari to yami mindlink, // // = yami to hikari mindlink
  This can be skipped as it's main purpose is to roll out the disclaimer and a brief explanation as to who Jianu is.


Interlude 0 - Greetings, Disclaimers, and other Miscellany


A hush falls over the assembled crowd as the lights dim and a spotlight shines down center stage.  Seconds later, a woman with waist-length, spiky, amethyst hair(half of which is tied in a ponytail), steps into the light.  She's wearing an emerald green tank top with flowing sheer emerald sleeves attached to her arms with black leather bands, a black choker with a gold medallion bearing the Sennen eye rests around her neck.   Completing her outfit is a pair of black cargo pants, two black belts(one with a duel monsters case), and black hi-tops.  A pair of glasses sit over a pair of blue-gray eyes as a long red-brown tail swishes gently behind her.

"Hajimemashite, minna-san!  Namae wa Murasaki Rose!" she chirps, bowing to the audience

"In English!"

Rose scowls and her pendant flashes leaving TWO nearly identical girls behind.   The one woman is wearing the same outfit the previous form was wearing save her shirt is now sea green, her sleeves are a matching, solid color, her pants are dark blue, she's wearing dark brown boots, and all the black leather has been replaced with dark brown.   The other woman is wearing the same thing only her shirt is forest green, her sleeves are black mesh, she still has all the same black leather accents, and she's wearing black leather boots.  The most startling difference though is their eyes.   The lighter girl has round, bright eyes that seem to welcome contact while the darker girl has angular eyes with thick lashes, giving her a more mysterious look.   They both still have glasses.

"Oh dear, " the lighter one mutters, staring nervously out at the crowd.   She never did well in front of an audience.

"Damn it Bakura!" the darker woman growled.  "Now we have to start over!  And you know my hikari has stage fright!"

"Heh.  That's what makes it fun."

Just as it looked as though Yami Rose was about to snap, the Egyptian thief was jumped by some of Rose's other muses.


Now.  Where were we?  Oh yeah!  Since we've split, I suppose I should introduce us both:  I am yami Murasaki Rose and the softer, gentler side is hikari Murasaki Rose and we are your author.  Yes I said author.  I may have a split personality, but we merge together to write."

Hikari Rose smiled, "Over here we have our muses:  From Dragonball Z we have Goku and Vegeta . ."  Goku smiled and waved while Vegeta snorts and turns away.

"Friendly ain't they?" Hikari Rose jokes, giggling nervously.  "We also have Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho," she continues, indicating the red-haired kitsune youkai, who bows politely.

"And over here we have the rest of our muses, some of the boys from Yu-Gi-Oh." Yami Rose says with a smirk, taking over for her light.  "The squirming lump over there is Yami no Bakura," she says with a grin, indicating the furious silver-haired yami bound and gagged in the corner.  "Sitting on top of him is his hikari Ryo Bakura," Ryo smiles and bows, silver hair falling over large, chocolate eyes.  "Our resident Pharaoh, Yami no Yugi and his hikari Yugi Mutou . . ."  The two tri-color haired teens smile, though on Yami it's more of a smirk.   The two are wearing more leather than should be legal and they wear it well.   Yugi begins giggling when his dark half pulls him into his lap, amethyst eyes drawing half-lidded under his other's crimson gaze.

"For the love of Ra, get a room you two!"

At this both Roses snort, though Hikari Rose is bright red in embarrassment.

"Really Malik, like you have any room to talk.  You and your yami are just as bad, if not worse!" Yami Rose retorts to the last of her muses who've been staying off to the side for most of this.

"She's right you know," Marik purred, nuzzling his hikari's neck.  The platinum-haired duo looked even more alike than the other yami-hikari's, the most notable difference being that Marik's hair stuck out in all directions and he preferred black tank-tops to Malik's lavender belly tops.  The two sported a multitude of gold jewelry pieces that stood out nicely against their naturally tan skin.

Hikari Rose turned even redder at their display, while Yami Rose chuckled softly at her light's embarrassment.

"So I guess that's everything . . ." the poor hikari tried to finish.

""Oi!  What about me?!"

The two women turn to find their very own creation standing behind them, looking quite put out.

"Oh yeah . . ."

Jianu and the muses facevault.

Light and dark re-merge leaving a complete Murasaki Rose to explain the teenager to the audience.  "Minna, this is Jianu Kreiger.  If you've read my Dragonball Z fanfiction than you already know her and can just skim this part.  Jianu is the Guardian of the three-star dragonball and the first super-human.  She's smart and powerful, but far from perfect.  Turns out, she's a little insane."  Jianu glared at this, but Rose just ignored her.  "Don't know quite how that happened, she just kinda wrote that way.  In my Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, she's Yugi's cousin and a reasonably good duelist, but Yugi, Kaiba, and Jou still keep kicking her ass at it."

"One of these days I WILL kick Kaiba's ass." Jianu growled.

Rose snorted, "Physically yeah, but in Magic and Wizards?  Not a chance in hell."

The strawberry-blond glared darkly at her creator, but decided to keep quiet lest she invoke the wrath of the authoress.

"With that out of the way I guess all that's left is the disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters from Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT.  They are all the property of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei Animation, and Funimation Inc.  Also, Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Shueisha, Konami, Toei, 4 Kids Entertainment and Kazuki Takahashi.   However, all the other characters in my stories are mine.  I'm not making any money off of this, its just for fun.  And to top it off I'm a college student who works part-time for the school system so you know I don't have any money.  So suing me won't get you anything worth having."