Chapter 7: Regrets & Revelations

Shizuka walked into her house with a heavy mind.
"Hey Shizuka," her brother Katsuya called out from the living room.
Shizuka walked into the room and waited patiently for him to finish the level
Of his video game. Katsuya paused the game and turned his eyes to her. "Where
Have you been little sis?" Shizuka hesitated before deciding to just 
tell him that Yugi was back in town.
"Really? Yugi's back? That's great. Where is he at now," Katsuya 
asked elatedly.
"I don't know. Probably at the game shop. He didn't really say where 
he was going.
Katsuya paused to scrutinize Shizuka's face for a moment. "Is 
everything okay little sis?"
Shizuka didn't really want to particularize, essentially because she 
knew that if Katsuya knew what had happened,
Seto would have to put all of those lavish bodyguards to momentous 
work. "Everything is fine. We just had a pop quiz in history class 
and I am a little anxious about how I did." Katsuya's face 
brightened. "Don't worry
about it. You are the brightest student in the school. I am sure that 
you did fine.
Shizuka's thoughts drifted right back to Seto when her brother said 
this. "I don't know about that.
Seto Kaiba is pretty intelligent." Katsuya rolled his eyes and did a 
huffy breath.
Shizuka knew all too well about her brother's diminutive enmity with 
Seto Kaiba.
"Look, I have a lot of homework so I better get upstairs to my room." 
Shizuka turned back towards the staircase.
"Okay, have fun," he called behind her.

Shizuka reached her room and threw her backpack on the floor.
She lay down across her bed and closed her eyes, thinking of Seto. 
She remembered the way that his eyes had flared up when he saw her 
kissing Yugi,
And then they had gone back to icy blue in a flash. How does he 
remain so apathetic about all of this, she wondered silently.
She picked up the phone next to her bed and hastily dialed Seto's 
number. His secretary answered and asked for her name.
"Hold one moment please," she told her. Shizuka waited apprehensively 
for a ephemeral thirty seconds before the secretary came back onto 
the line.
"I am sorry but Mr. Kaiba is not accepting your phone calls right now."
"Just tell him that I really, really need to speak to him," she spoke 
desolately. "I am afraid that isn't going to happen young lady. Mr. 
Kaiba is a very busy man and he doesn't
have time to speak with you. If you would like to schedule an 
appointment he is available next Tuesday. Otherwise, there is nothing 
that I can do for you," the secretary spoke somewhat callously.
"No, that is fine. I will just catch him at school or something," 
Shizuka said dejectedly, preparing to hang up the phone. "Hold on one 
moment," the secretary's voice came over the line. "Mr. Kaiba has 
asked me to go
ahead and put you through." Shizuka's face brightened but her stomach 
twisted into nervous knots.
Shizuka's thoughts drifted to Seto once more. She had been surprised 
to see how caring that he could be. When she was upset about breaking 
up with Yugi, Seto
had been so nice to her. She hadn't known him very well then but she 
knew enough to know that Seto wasn't exactly famous for being a 
caring person.

Shizuka's thoughts were caught off when Seto's icy voice came over the line.
"What do you want," he asked frigidly. Shizuka provisionally 
considered hanging up. “I-I… just wanted to say that I am sorry for 
hurting you and -,” Shizuka was rapidly cut off by Seto. “Don’t 
flatter yourself. I can’t be hurt, least of all by someone like you,” 
he said. “Okay… well, I just wanted you to know that there is nothing 
between me and Yugi anymore. We are through and I thought that you 
should know that,” Shizuka spoke erratically, intimidated by the 
austerity of his tone. “I really don’t care either way what you do 
with Yugi, so if you don’t mind, I have a meeting in half an hour and 
it is far more important than anything else that you may have to 
say.” Just as Seto was about to hang up, Shizuka panicked and said 
the one thing that she had been dying to tell him since she had 
realized it that day in the coffee shop. “Seto… I love you.” Shizuka 
waited through the painful silence as Seto vigilantly considered her 
words. “I am sorry that you feel that way Shizuka, but I am afraid 
that I can’t return those feelings…. Goodbye.” Shizuka clutched the 
phone tightly long after Seto hung up. She couldn’t believe that she 
had said that, and to only have him brush it off like it was nothing. 
God, she was such an idiot. Shizuka finally hung up the phone, tears 
streaming down her face, and she just sat there for the rest of the 


After Seto hung up the phone, he sat at his desk in total silence, 
intensely contemplating what he had heard. Seto couldn’t remember the 
last time that anyone except Mokuba had said those words to him, and 
it had scared the hell out of him. He hadn’t premeditated on 
hurtingShizuka. That was the last thing that he would ever want but 
he had panicked and he didn’t know what else to do besides shut her 
out. Now that the smoke was starting to clear from his head, he 
realized what he had done. He couldn’t call her back and tell her 
that he hadn’t meant it, his pride wouldn’t allow it and he wasn’t 
quite sure what he felt anyway. Maybe it was better this way, he 
thought bitterly. He very well couldn’t have a relationship with the 
lifestyle that he led. He closed his eyes and relived the night of 
the storm. Nothing had ever felt so perfect and he secretly wished 
that he could go back to that night and forget everything that had 
happened from that point on.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the customary spoiler…………….

Next Chapter: Shizuka & Seto have their first REAL talk since the 
storm and Seto admits his feelings. Stay tuned….