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Author's Note: This chapter doesn't really have alot to do with the relationship between Shizuka and Seto.
This chapter is about Seto discovering who he is and what he really wants, and who better
to help him do that than the one person that he truly trusts at this point. For anyone that this sounds boring
to then don't read. It is my duty as an author (especially as one who is trying to write someone as complicated as
Seto) to explore the world of self discovery. it is only through this that Seto will be able to realize that it is okay to
let his gaurd down. I am just trying to make it realistic here. On another note, I would like to thank all of those that have reveiwed.

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Chapter 6: The Bonds of Brotherhood

… Shizuka tried to pull back, but before she could end the kiss,
an incensed voice interrupted her frantic thoughts.
Shizuka turned to see Seto standing before her with a crushed look
upon his face.
What have I done, she thought.

    “Shizuka,” Seto stuttered, appalled at the vision before him. “Seto wait.
I can explain,” Shizuka shouted, still somewhat in disbelief.
“What is there to explain Shizuka? Your boyfriend is back. Good for you.
I am glad to see that you worked through your little problem,”
Seto replied, cold as ever. “But, I thought…” “You thought what,” he
“You thought that there was something between us. You were good and
I had fun,
let’s leave it at that. Now, if you don’t mind, I have far more
important business to attend to.
” Shizuka watched in shocked silence as Seto turned and walked away.
He didn’t even get mad, she thought. Somehow Seto’s indifference
bothered her more
than she cared to admit. Shizuka turned her face to Yugi.
“Shizuka, you deserve someone who cares about you.
Not someone who would say such cruel things to you,” he said when she
started to leave.
“Yugi, you don’t understand. I love him. I love him and now he hates me,”
Shizuka cried sadly. “Shizuka, I’m sorry. I… I didn’t realize.
I promise that I will do everything in my power to make things right.
I won’t lie.
I want you for myself, but not at the cost of your happiness.
Shizuka smiled sadly at him. “Thank you Yugi. That means the world to me.”

    Seto sat at his desk, typing up Kaiba Corps’ monthly expenses.
“Holly, could you send Mokuba up here please,” Seto said pressing
the intercom button on his desk.
“Yes Mr. Kaiba,” said the voice, filtering through the state of the
art system.
“Could you please send up Mokuba.” Seto sat back in his leather chair,
reveling in the power that he had over his servants. Throughout his
there had never been a day go by in which Seto did not feel powerful.
Until now. Seto’s head jerked up at the sound of the door opening.
“Did you want to see me Seto,” Mokuba’s soft, boyish voice said,
interrupting Seto’s troubled thoughts. “Yes. I was just wondering
if you have seen my new card.
I could have sworn that I left it on my desk.” Seto stopped
searching through the papers
on his desk when he realized that Mokuba wasn’t saying anything.
“What’s wrong Mokuba,”
Seto asked his younger brother. “No, I haven’t seen it Seto,” he
answered back.
“Well, then what’s wrong? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?”
Seto noticed the way that Mokuba was squirming uncomfortably beneath his gaze.
“It’s just that, well you have been acting awfully strange lately.
This past week you have been so happy, then today you come back from school
and you seem more distant than ever. It’s just that sometimes I worry
about you.
You have all of this money and power but you isolate yourself from
just about everybody.
I hate seeing you so unhappy all of the time. For awhile, I thought that you
had actually began to be normal.” Seto stared in amazement as his
little brother
finished speaking. Anyone else who had the nerve to say something like that to
the great Seto Kaiba would have lived to regret the mistake. “Mokuba,
I didn’t know that I was such a disappointment as a brother to you,” he said,
thouroughly astounded at the little speech. “You are not a
disappointment Seto.
Ever since I can remember you have done everything in your power to
protect me.
I just wish that you would start to look out for yourself as much
as you do me.
You are a good person and you deserve to be happy. You need to put the
past behind you and move on. Gozaburoh is dead and he is not coming back.
That chapter of our lives is over. It’s time to look forward to the future,”
Mokuba finished, his words foreshadowing what both brothers secretly knew
would be an incredible future. “How did you get so smart Mokuba,”
Seto asked in wonderment. “Let’s just say, I grew up with an amazing brother
to look up to.” Seto countered with something that he never thought that
he would say to anyone. “Alas,the student surpasses the teacher.”