Eternal Flame: A Seto and Shizuka Romance



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Chapter 5: Yugi Returns

Shizuka made her way through an immense conglomerate of demoniac teenagers. She was looking forward to seeing Seto. They hadn't spoken since the night of the thunderstorm. The night that they... Shizuka blushed furiously as she thought of what her brother would think if he knew. After she left Seto that night, Shizuka went home to have a altercation with Katsuya about staying out so late. He just worries about me, she thought amorously. Sometimes he just takes it too far.

Shizuka's thoughts trailed off as a vigorous force ripped through her body, sending her books flying across the hall. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t really watching where I was going.” Shizuka’s hand stopped mid-air as she the voice registered in her brain. No, It couldn’t be him. Shizuka slowly raised her head to the boy standing before her. “Yugi, when did you get back?” “Last night. I would have called you but by the time that I got settled in it was so late that I figured you were in bed,” Yugi said, staring into her eyes with a deep, warm expression. God how she’d missed that. “Look do you want to go somewhere to talk,” he asked her. “I am late to class”, she replied. “How about at lunch.” “That sounds great Shizuka,” Yugi replied, taking her hand and softly laying a kiss upon it. “I missed you.” Why is he acting this way, Shizuka wondered as she watched Yugi walk to his classroom. It was going to be a long day.

When the lunch bell rang, Shizuka was the first person out of the class. Shizuka wanted to know what happened with Yugi and Anzu. A part of her still had feelings for Yugi and she wanted him to apologize and profess his love for her once more. Was this wrong? It is not like Seto said in so many words that he wanted to be with her. How does someone elucidate the situation? Did they make any sort of commitment when they had sex, or was it just a one night stand? The fact that Seto never called her made her think the latter and only served to add to her confusion. In the end, it was her confusion that made her decision for her. “Yugi, there you are.” Shizuka said as she took his hand.

Seto anxiously searched the jam packed lunch room for Shizuka. He desperately needed to talk to her. Seto had spent the entire weekend trying to settle the confusion and emotional turmoil that had plagued him since the night that he had let Shizuka into his heart. Seto needed to tell Shizuka the realization that he had come to. At first he had not known what he felt. He was appallingly confused about the situation and he just needed time to think. He needed time to sort out his emotions. Seto was sure that Shizuka needed time too so he didn’t call her or talk to her for a couple of days. Seto hoped that she wasn’t mad. It had been a long time since anyone had been able to get to him like she did. He had never realized that he was lonely until he met her. Until he knew what it meant to feel needed.

Across the street at a small diner, Yugi and Shizuka sat over a diminutive table sharing a pizza. “So what happened with you and that girl?” Yugi twitched nervously under Shizuka’s scrutiny. “Things didn’t work out,” he replied. “That’s okay though, because I was sort of hoping that you and I could get back together. I have missed you Shizuka.” “I missed you too Yugi, it’s just that, well, I have sort of been seeing someone, I think. Nothings official yet but I care about him and I don’t want to jeopardize any chances that have,” Shizuka reasoned, with herself as much as with Yugi. “That’s okay baby. He doesn’t have to know.” Shizuka stared into Yugi’s chocolate brown eyes wanting to believe him, but in her heart she knew that what she was doing was wrong.

“Hey, Mai. Have you seen Shizuka lately,” Seto asked. “Yeah Seto. I think that she said that she was going to the pizza place across the street.” “Thanks,” he replied. Seto decided that he couldn’t wait to talk to her so he left the cafeteria. “I just need to put these books away before I go talk to her,” Seto said to himself.

“Shizuka, he doesn’t have to know. No one does. We will just keep this between me and you okay?” Yugi leaned towards her and gently pressed his lips to hers. Shizuka responded to Yugi’s kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck and slipping her tongue into his satin mouth. Shizuka couldn’t understand herself why she was acting so wanton. She still had feelings for him but she knew in her heart that things were over between them. So why was she kissing him. She briefly remebered the way that Seto’s lips had tasted when they made love. The way that they felt against her skin. She remebered how he had pressed them so softly against her raging pulse. I love him, she realized. I am madly and desperately in love with Seto Kaiba. Why am I kissing yugi? I should be kissing the man that I love. Shizuka tried to pull back, but before she could end the kiss, an incensed voice interrupted her frantic thoughts. Shizuka turned to see Seto standing before her with a crushed look upon his face. What have I done, she thought.