Eternal Flame: A Seto and Shizuka Romance



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Chapter 4: Fire & Thunder

Seto sat in his office drinking a mocha latte and catching up on the current news via computer satellite.
Seto had been working the entire weekend to contrive a science assignment and now it looked as if
school would be canceled due to a vast thunderstorm that was on the way. Seto loved the rain
so he decided to take a walk outside. Seto threw on a black leather jacket,
slicked his hair back and made his way downstairs and out of the door.

Once outside, Seto began to walk down the street. Suddenly, the rain began pouring out of the skies.
Seto heard a soft whimpering coming from the other side of the street.
Turning his head, Seto saw Shizuka endeavoring to stay arid by holding her school books over her head.
Seto ran over to her and wrapped his jacket around her diminutive shoulders.
"I know an unpretentious apartment near here. It's a lot more imminent than either of our houses.
Come on, I'll take you there. Seto noticed Shizuka's precarious look so he took her hand and pulled her along.
Seto led Shizuka to a deserted apartment building and he took her into a scanty but cozy atelier apartment.
Looking around, Shizuka saw a fireplace, a small kitchen area and a huge bed covered in red satin.

"How did you find this place," Shizuka asked Seto increduously.
"I come here when I want to get away from Kaiba Corps and all of the responsibility that comes with running a company.
I found it a couple of years ago and I fixed it up and put in a fridge, a bed and a sofa."
Shizuka looked at the sofa that Seto had gesticulated towards,
noticing that it was the same red satin that the bed was embellished in.
"I never surmised you as a red satin kind of guy," Shizuka critiqued sardonically.
"Yeah, well there is a lot that you don't know about me Shizuka". "Oh really? Like what?"
"Stick around long enough and maybe you'll find out," he replied enigmatically.

Shizuka walked up to Seto and immolated him his jacket back but he repudiated it.
"You wear it," he said. "The leather looks nice with you're red hair."
Seto stroked Shizuka's lips with his finger tips and then walked over to the fireplace and lit the fire.
The crackling of the fire sounded harmonious in polarity to the sound of the thunder sundering the air outside.
Seto walked up to Shizuka and began to remove the clothing from her supple body.
Shizuka started to expostulate but it was cut off by Seto's fervent mouth against hers.

Once Seto had Shizuka completly undressed, he carried her to the colossal bed in the corner of the room.
Seto layed Shizuka upon the sheets and undressed himself before proceeding to kiss every inch of her swan-like neck.
"I am sorry for the way that I behaved last time.
Please forgive me Shizuka," Seto whispered seductively against Shizuka's neck.
"I forgive you Seto. Just. . .make love to me," Shizuka whispered back.
Seto felt himself harden painfully at her words.
Seto was not known for tremendous patience but he wanted to make sure that Shizuka
would never forget his touch and he wanted her to savor every kiss and every feeling that he invoked within her.

Seto moved his body atop hers and began to kiss his way down her body.
Once he reached her breasts, Seto took her nipple in his mouth and began to tease
the sensitive flesh with his teeth. Seto heard Shizuka's sharp intake of breath and was incouraged in his onslaught.
He stimulated her nipple with his tongue, gratifying in every pleasured sound that escaped her lips.
Shizuka's body was arching cruelly beneath him, bringing him to unmeasurable intensity of passion.

In one rapid motion, Seto drove into Shizuka's body, losing himself in her hot, firm depths.
Seto stilled so that he could regain control of his desire driven body.
Slowly Seto began to gently pump Shizuka, feeding off of her stentorian moans and the
way that she was trying to suppress the sound by biting into his shoulder.
The feel of the satin beneath Seto's skin paled in comparison to the viscosity of Shizuka's silky skin.
With each stroke, Seto's body augmented in profound exultation.
Sliding himself into Shizuka faster and faster, Seto clenched his teeth together
in an attempt to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

Seto felt Shizuka's body clench tightly around him and she screamed his name as she violently came.
Drove on by the sound of the thunder outside and the pale red light illuminating the depth of
rapture in Shizuka's eyes, Seto began to pant as soft pleasurable waves spread through his body like sugar,
leaving him too breathless to make any sound.

Seto and Shizuka lay entangled togather beneath the satin sheets.
The room was utterly silent except for the sound of their ragged breathing and the gentle fall of rain on the roof.

I will end Chapter 4 with a slight spoiler for Chapter 5. In the next chapter, Yugi Motou returns from Tokyo.
Will Shizuka and Yugi try to patch things up? Will Seto finally decide if his pride is more important than love?
Stay tuned to find out.