Eternal Flame: A Seto and Shizuka Romance



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Chapter 3: A Random Act of Kindness

Shizuka spent the entire weekend researching for her esssay in between soap operas. There was no way that she was going to let Seto help her now. "That jerk," she shouted, throwing a box of half- eaten choclates against the wall of her room. I can't believe that I trusted him, she thought to herself angrily. Everyone says that he only cares about himself. Why didn't I listen? "I HATE YOU SETO KAIBA! DO YOU HEAR ME," Shizuka avowed to her empty room. All men are the same she thought bitterly. You can't give credence to anything that they say. As Shizuka entrenched herself within a cocoon of astringency, back at Kaiba Corps one very perplexed ceo was trying to pull himself together.

"What is a matter with you," Seto asked himself increduously. "You have never let anyone get to you like this before. You haven't been this forlorn since Yugi beat you and became the King of Games. Yugi. Just thinking about him made Seto irascible. Seto wondered if Shizuka was still despondent about her breakup with Yugi. Seto laughed cynically. Why should I care if Shizuka is over Yugi or not, he thought to himself. She means nothing to me. I rely on no one but myself. "Mr. Kaiba," came a voice from before him, startling him out of his perplexed thoughts. "Is there anything that I can get you? You seem rather irrate lately."

Seto considered her words before becoming angry at her indignant words. "You dare question my authority . I don't pay you to ask questions. Is that understood?" "Yes Mr. Kaiba," the frightened girl stuttered. "It won't happen again Mr. Kaiba," she promised solemnly. "See that it don't. The next time that I have to reprimand you will be the last." Seto watched with an arrogant smirk as the maid briskly left the room. Foolish servant. That should keep her in check, as well as serve as an example to the rest of the help who don't know there place in life.

Suddenly the phone began to ring. Who could be calling on my private line., Seto thought. Seto was fairly certain that he didn't have any business to conduct today. Seto picked up the receiver. "Hello," he said. "Hi Seto," came the response. "Shizuka. What can I do for you," Seto asked, wondering to himself why Shizuka would be calling him after what happened. "I wanted to apologize. I said some hurtful things to you the other day and I am truly sorry. I would have came to tell you in person but I didn't think that you would want to see me after what happened the last time that i was there." Seto held the phone to his ear, stunned that she was apologizing for something that was mostly his fault.

"Shizuka. You really don't have to apologize," Seto stated after his initial shock had worn off. "I know and I wouldn't if I wasn't genuinly sorry for what happened between us. Can we still be friends?" Seto couldn't believe it. Not only was she apologizing, but she wanted to be friends. No one had ever apologized to him before unless they felt threatened. Seto took a moment to catch his breath before replying to her previous question. "Look Shizuka, It is really nice of you to offer, but I don't have, nor do I desire any friends. Friends are a luxery that I cannot afford to keep. I am sure that you can understand my situation. I have a company to run and I have no room in my life for you or any one else," Seto finished his sentance and began to prepare his witty retort for when she tried to change his mind. Needless to say, he was utterly stunned when she instead laughed and said, "That's fine Seto. You don't have to consider me as a friend but I will still consider you my friend. I will see you at school tomorrow Seto," Shizuka replied before hanging up the phone and leaving Seto with his first taste ever of guilt.

Seto wasn't sure what to think. Seto was pretty good at figuring people out. It was a skill that Seto had honed to perfection by calculating his enemies moves. It was very helpful in his business proceedings. At first he thought that he had Shizuka figured out as well but she kept surprising him. Then Seto did something that he had never done before. Pressing the intercom located on his desk, Seto "Doralee, can you please send a dozen roses to the young maid who was in here earlier. Tell her that I overreacted about her earlier mistake and she can have the rest of the day off, Seto said, pressing the intercom located on his desk "Yes Mr. Kaiba," came the head housekeeper's reply. "I will do that right away."

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