Eternal Flame: A Seto and Shizuka Romance



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Chapter 2: Kaiba Corps

Seto lay in bed that night rationalizing over the incident with Shizuka . He wasn't entirely sure what procured him to be so enamored with her but he knew that things were rapidly changing between them. Maybe it was the light that she disseminated . When he looked at her it was as if she was encircled by an aura of the brightest dynamism. She radiated pure joy and it caused Seto to be drawn to her like a moth to the flame. Seto wanted to know her secret and that is why he had to get close to her. He had to know why Shizuka was so anomalous from the other girls that he had known, but he swore to himself that it would go no farther than that. Shizuka knew something that he didn't. She had something that he wanted and he would get it just as he gets everything that he wants.

Seto was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of the alarm clock next to his bed. Damn! He hadn't got any sleep and he had tons of work today. Most people wouldn't dream of waking up at five o'clock on a saturday morning, but Seto was an immaculate business man. Inimical, callous, efficient andruthless, and NOTHING would intercede with his work. Seto deliberately climbed out of bed, got dressed and went to work on the plans for his latest invention. Seto spent the next five hours developing his inchoate device that allows people to duel each other from hundreds of miles away. He was trying to figure out a way for the duelists to connect to each other across the world through the portable game devices. He just had to work out a couple of flaws and his crew would be able to get to work on constructing the game.

"Mr. Kaiba," came a voice from Seto's computer. "There is a girl here to see you. She says that she is here for you're help on a school assignment. Should I tell her that you are occupied at the moment?" "No, it is fine, send her in," Kaiba replied, thoroughly astonished that she actually came. Seto sat back in his colossal executive chair and waited for Shizuka to enter. Gradually the door crept open and Shizuka's scanty, reticent form entered the room. "Good morning Seto," she whispered demurely , smiling up at him. "Good morning. It is good to see you Shizuka," he said sitting back, his face devoid of poignancy. "Let's get to work shall we," he said as he stood up and gesticulated for Shizuka to accompany him out of the room.

Seto led Shizuka into a colossal library, and they sat down at a attenuated oak table. "So Shizuka, have you began writing the essay yet or should we start from the beginning?" As Seto waited for Shizuka's riposte, he noticed the way that she was squirming and pirouetted her hair as if she was extremly uncomfortable. "Well, I thought that maybe we should start by giving a ephemeral framework on Rome's antecedent acquisitions in the name of Christianity, and conclude the article by clarifying Rome's techniques of proselytizing the pagan countries," Shizuka replied. Seto stared at her for a few moments, contemplating her concept before going on to say what had been on his mind since they had sat down. "Shizuka, do I make you nervous?"

Shizuka's narcosis was palpable when she started blushing and stuttering copiously. "I have no idea what you are talking about Seto. You don't make me nervous. That's preposterous, why would you even think that?" Seto stared at her peculiarly before he started laughing. Seto didn't like laughing because he thought of it as a waste of time, but Shizuka's quandary at his allegation caused him to forget all of his business ethics and he suddenly found that he couldn't help but be amused at this refreshingly modest creature before him.

Seto leaned toward Shizuka to move the loose strands of hair that covered her face. Suddenly he found himself staring into her exquisite olive green eyes. As his hand met with her skin, he slowly brought his face to hers and brushed his lips against her cheek. Seto felt Shizuka become rigid and then recline to his touch. Seto brought his lips to Shizuka's and began to kiss her softly. He then used his tongue to pry her lips open and then he slipped it between her soft lips. Seto found his usual reasoning to be absolutely useless when Shizuka followed his action and their tongues met. Seto began to massage Shizuka's tongue with his, exploring her mouth as his thoughts turned to more fulfilling exploits.

As Seto's hormones kicked in, he found himself rubbing the pads of his fingers against her full thighs, moaning in response to her movements. Somewhere in Seto's pleasure numbed mind it registered that Shizuka had climbed onto his lap and was now straddling him. Seto felt Shizuka strain her lithe, full body against his and white hot pleasure shot through his body with such intense force that he had to clench his teeth to keep from shouting Shizuka's name.

Seto layed Shizuka down on the table and situated his body atop hers. He began to kiss her neck, nibbling at her pliable creamy white skin. Seto took note of the way that Shizuka's skin was turning a rosy color beneath his tongue's assault. He also noticed the way she was softly moaning his name in the back of her throat. It made Seto feel powerful. The way that he felt when he was dueling and he knew that he was going to snatch the victory. He felt the same way now.

Looking down at Shizuka, he knew that he was going to win the ultimate prize. Seto wasn't quite sure what the prize was yet but he suspected that it had something to do with love. Seto had never really understood love. Love was a word that Seto had always associated with weakness, and weakness caused failure, and failure was not an option when you had a company to run. That's when Seto's usual bussiness oriented mind kicked in. He didn't know where his feelings were going but he didn't like it and he knew what he had to do.

Seto unwound himself from Shizuka's passionate embrace and turned on his game face. "What is this," he shouted at her. "I should have known this was all some ploy to get me into bed. You are just like everybody else. You are just trying to get something out of the famous Seto Kaiba. Get out of my house before I have you thrown out.!" Seto waited, expecting Shizuka to break inti tears like she had done the day on the phone. "What are you talking about? You started kissing me," Shizuka shouted back, stunning the ceo into complete silence. "Look Seto, I may not know a lot about having a physical relationship with a man, but I do know that you were enjoying what we was doing. I felt the proof of you're desire against my thighs." Seto's eyes got real wide and for the first time in his life, he was speechless.

"I came here because I thought that you wanted to help me with my assignment," she continued. "but all that you wanted was to take advantage of me because you thought that I was so heartbroken over Yugi breaking up with me that I would just fall into bed with you like all of the other girls that you bring here. I am not impressed with you're money, you're company, you're infamous duel skills or you're apparent sex appeal. I am not you're mother and I DON'T have to put up with you. You know, at first I thought that you was sweet, but now I know that you are nothing but a self absorbed, power hungry, eggotistical jerk and I will not let you touch me ever again as long as I live. IS THAT CLEAR?" Seto stared at Shizuka in silence. Man, she is just as bad as her brother he thought. Seto watched as Shizuka turned around and walked out the door abruptly, slamming the door as she left.