Eternal Flame: A Seto and Shizuka Romance



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Chapter 1: Shizuka's Heartbreak

Shizuka was sitting in History Class, daydreaming about her boyfriend Yugi when she was interrupted by the sound of the school bell. "Remember class", began her teacher, " you're essays are due next monday. I want ten to fifteen pages and there will not be any opportunities to make this up. This assignment does count towards you're final grade of the year so I don't want to hear any excuses. Your'e dismissed. " As the class briskly gathered their books togather and made a mad dash for the door, Shizuka was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"Huh?" she gasped, startled by the unanticipated pressure . " Shizuka, I need to speak with you before you go", said her teacher gravely. "Since you have had you're eye surgery and come to my class you have exhibited outstounding potential. You seem to be a very adroit young lady and you have been a joy to teach, however, you're grades are suffering and you're attention seems to be elsewhere. Is there anything that I can do to keep your'e interest alive? As you know, there is only two weeks left of school and the way that you perform now is requisite to concluding whether you will pass or fail the ninth grade. Have you chosen a topic to write you're essay on?"

Shizuka took all of this in languidly and became pensive for a moment. "Yes, I have chosen my topic. I am going to write about the fall of the Druids at the hands of the Roman conquerers,"
"That is a very good choice but it will have to be an conspicuous essay to make up for you're deficiency in my class Shizuka", professed her teacher. "You may go now Shizuka." Shizuka walked out of the classroom taking into account everything that she had been told. Oh no, If I fail the class Katsuya will kill me, she thought to herself. Not to mention the fact that I won't have enough credits to pass the ninth grade. What am I going to do?

Shizuka walked tediously to the cafeteria and sat down next to her brother. "What's a matter sis," he asked her, taking in her evident state of affliction. "Oh, Nothing", she riposted . As much as she wanted to tell her big brother about her promulgation, the last thing that she needed was him distressing about her. Katsuya was very supportive of her and he was a great brother to her, but sometimes he was a little too overprotective and he caused her to feel suffocated. When he had first found out that she was dating Yugi, he completly freaked out. He even went as far as to forbid them to be togather, but in time he came to accept their relationship.

That's it, Shizuka thought. I know who can make me feel better. No matter how bad things are, Yugi can always ameliorate me. Shizuka hadn't spoken to Yugi since he went to visit his cousin in Tokyo a couple days prior. "Uh, Katsuya, I need to make a phone call. Can you excuse me for a moment?" "Sure sis, no problem," he retorted. Shizuka walked out of the cafeteria, not cognizant that she was being observed by a certain blue eyed CEO.

Across the room, Seto Kaiba observed the distraught red head with curiosity. Even though he had no desire for friends, he found himself strangely drawn to the quiet, timid girl that was now exiting the cafeteria. He was pretty sure that she was Yugi Motou's girlfriend. He always saw them togather and, even though he would die before he would admit it, seeing the girl with his rival always gave him a sick feeling. Seto followed Shizuka into the hallway where the school's payphones were located.

Shizuka quickly dialed Yugi's number and waited for him to answer his cell. After eleven rings Yugi's cheerful voice came over the line. "Yugi, this is Shizuka. Look I missed you and I really wanted to talk to you," Shizuka cried into the receiver affably and proceeded to to tell him all about what had happened in class. Shizuka waited to hear his soothing words but when they didn't come she became apprehensive. "Yugi, is something wrong? You haven't said two words the whole time that we have been talking." Shizuka listened scrupulously. " Everything is fine, it's just that I have been thinking about us a lot lately-" "and", Shizuka interpolated.

"And. . . Look Shizuka, you're a nice girl and all. . .and I really do care about you. . . it's just that. . .well. . .I have fallen in love with someone down here in Tokyo," Yugi said, finally executing his sentance

"Shizuka? Are you still there," Yugi asked her. "Yeah, I am here. It is just that this is really unexpected. I love you and I thought that you loved me too. I can't believe that you don't want to be with me anymore. I thought that I meant something to you but evidently I was wrong. You just used me. I can't believe that I trusted you." Shizuka said the final sentance, sliding onto the floor beside the phone and breaking down into sobs. "Shizuka, please don't cry. I really do care about you, I am just not in love with you. I don't want to lose you as a friend. Please don't be mad ", Yugi suplicated.

Shizuka knew in her heart that he really didn't want to hurt her but she was too upset to care so she continued to throw harrowing accusations at Yugi. It really wasn't her manner to be discourteous to anyone, but her grief and despondency was making her say things that she didn't mean. "Shizuka, It's not my fault. You can't help who you love. It's not something that you can repress. I love her too much to stay with you. I am sooo sorry."

"Stop lying Yugi. You can't conceivably fall in love with someone in two days. You don't even know her that well. What is her name Yugi? Where do she go to school? How old is she? What does she want to be when she grows up? Tell me Yugi. TELL ME," Shizuka screamed into the phone, and then collapsed once more into a sobbing mess on the floor. "Her name is Anzu and she is originally from Domino City but she is spending the year in Tokyo to be with her sick mother. Shizuka, I have to go now. I am really sorry but I will talk to later when you have had a chance to calm down. Bye Shizuka." Yugi wait-" Shizuka's expostulation was cut off as she heard a click and the other end of the phone line went dead.

Shizuka pulled herself off of the floor, wiped her eyes, rectified her school uniform and tediously walked out of the school building to go home. As she was walking out of the door, Seto, who had been observing the entire episode, walked up to Shizuka . " Is there anything that I can do for you," Seto asked , concern pilfering the place of his customary iciness. "What," Shizuka catechized increduously. "I saw what happened back there. I just thought that maybe you needed someone to talk to." Fresh tears sprang to Shizuka's eyes as she recalled the phone conversation that happened just moments before. She wiped them away and stared into the boy's abysmal ocean blue eyes.

"Oh, um, I am fine. Really. I just need to be alone right now. I will be okay, she confuted, trying to omit her irrefutable allure to the man standing before her. Gods Shizuka, she thought. You just got dumped and you are already looking at other guys. "That's really admirable of you Mr. . . ," Shizuka trailed off "Please, call me Seto," he executed for her. "Seto," she corroborated after him. " I really need to go home so that I can get to work on my essay. I am already way behind and if I fail History I am doomed."

" Well that's no problem. I have the finest computer systems in the world at my disposal. What's it on?" Shizuka thought for a moment, trying to rend her gaze from Seto's mesmerizing blue eyes. "It is on. . .um. . . Rome's overthrow of the Druidic people," she stated, tumultuously blushing beneath Seto's intense gaze. "That's great," Seto corroborated. "I learned all about that last year when I traveled to Britain. I would be ecstatic to help you learn about it" " Are you serious? That would be so great. The work would be so much more expeditious with help. Thank you Seto. You don't know what this means to me." Seto recoiled as Shizuka threw her arms around him in a hug. "By the way, my name is Shizuka."

That's it for the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to stay tuned to find out what happens with Seto and Shizuka.

Author's Note: Since I have no idea how schools work in Japan, I am counting on my readers to tell me if any information that I write is erroneous. Also, I am pretty sanguine that Shizuka's hair is red, but I have never seen the Japanese version of YuGiOh, so if the color is incorrect then don't hesitate to let me know so that I can ameliorate it.