Thomas Forbes
The Fates of Four
Yugioh Dueling
The duel arenas get hot when the eight best duelists take to the City of Champions. Part one of four.

The Fates of Four

The tournament was to be held today. The eight duelists were strapping on their duel disks and grabbing their best decks. It was show time.

"I assume everyone is entirely aware that the winner of the tournament will be receiving the fortune of Maximillion J. Crawford Pegasus."

Everyone nodded. Yu-gi looked down the line, receiving the glances of Mai, Joey, and Rebecca. Yu-gi tried to catch the eye of Seto, but he looked straight ahead, as serious and arrogant as ever. And with good reason. Now that he had Obelisk back in his deck, he was feeling as invulnerable as ever. Next to Kaiba sat Raphael, whose Guardians had brought him to the top yet again, minus the Seal of Orichalcos, of course. Beyond him sat Ryou Bakura, and another person, who glared at Yu-gi. As they made eye contact, the Pharaoh came forward.

"Partner, who is that person who is glaring at us? It almost seems as if he knows us from somewhere, but yet I have never seen him. "
"You're right, Pharaoh. He does seem to know us."
"We'll keep an eye on that one."
And Yu-gi agreed, knowing that Osiris would keep them safe.

"The champions will be chosen in the order of their success. It will be staggered as not to place the more successful duelist against each other at the start. The first round will be held, and then the winners will be shuffled randomly, as to prevent stacking against an opponent. The first rounds order shall be...In the first duel, we shall see Seto Kaiba versus Mai Valentine. In the second, Joey Wheeler versus Ryou Bakura. The third, Rebecca versus Yu-Gi Mutou. And in the final duel, Raphael Anderson versus Thom Forbes. The first duel starts immediately."

"Doesn't give them much time to prepare, does it?" Raphael commented to Kaiba.
"It'll single out the weak." was the only response.

Kaiba faced off against Mai. Kaiba was wearing a duster similar to the Battle City one, only it was red. As he pulled out his cards with a flourishing wave, he looked toward Mai.
"You have no idea what is in store for you, do you?
"I know, sugah, that your defeat will come at my hands today." retorted Mai.{4000}{4000}
"We'll see" said Kaiba and he drew his first card. His hand consisted of his crush card, Peten the Dark Clown, Monster Reborn, Familiar Knight, White Dragon Ritual, and his new card was his Paladin of White Dragon.
"I'll play the White Dragon Ritual! With it, I'll use two monsters from my hand to summon Paladin of White Dragon, in Attack Mode [1900]. Then, I'll use its special ability, to call forth my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"[3000]
A blast of lightning shot down from the clouds, causing bursts of sparks. When the sparks had ceased, there stood the most realistic Blue-Eyes anyone, even Kaiba, had ever seen. The new Technology that Industrial Illusions was using was the best around. It had come from a small company called BiTechno-Advance. As the creature stood there, Mai could feel its breathe, coating her body. Kaiba then snapped back.

"I next activate Monster Reborn, to bring back my Peten, in attack position.[500] I will cover one card. Go!"
Mai looked at her hand, and drew. She summoned Harpie's Brother, in Attack mode[1800] and attacked, thinking that all she had to do was wipe out Kaiba's life points. The attack hit, but not in the way she wanted.
"You have activated my covered card. Reveal, the devastating powers of my crush card! Hahaha! Now every monster on the field, in your hand, and in your deck with an attack power of equal or more than 1500 are crushed beneath its power. Now you can't possibly win, even though you didn't have a chance from the start. Now finish you turn so I can win."
Mai looked through her hand. She had managed to hit him for 1300 damage, but even that was insignificant to the damage his dragon could do to her.
"Come on and forfeit, it is the only option for someone in your position." taunted Kaiba.
I must win, Mai thought to her self. If I don't, Then I would have fought my inner darkness for nothing. She then saw a combo in her hand.She played Graceful Charity and played Fallen Eagle. She tells Kaiba that Fallen Eagle lasts for as many turns as the level of her harpie. Since Harpie's Brother had a level of four, it lasts for four turns. Kaiba says big deal, but Mai informs him that it is a very big deal. For when those four turns are up, then he will lose. To which Kaiba responds with his patented "Ridiculous" and tells her to hurry up and lose. She places two cards face down and ends her turn.{2700}{4000}
Finally, Kaiba thinks, and draws. He covers a card and attacks with Peten. Mai takes 500 damage. She wonders what Peten is doing on the field. Kaiba points out that when she destroyed his first, he was allowed to bring out another one. He then attacks with his Blue-Eyes. She counters with Call of the Haunted, to bring back Harpie Lady 1. But she is destroyed and Mai loses 1400 points. Kaiba notes that her Harpie's special ability must give it more power. She says yes, that her harpie gives all harpies a plus 400 attack on her side of the field. Kaiba grumbles to himself and ends his turn. {2700}{2100}
Mai draws. She plays Harpie Lady 3 in defense [1400] and sets another card and ends her turn. {2700}{2100}
Kaiba draws. He plays Card of Demise, which allows him to draw five cards, but then he is forced to discard his hand in five turns. He then next uses shallow grave to bring back his other Peten. He then activates his face down card. Burst Stream of Destruction now uses his Blue-Eyes White Dragon to destroy all opposing monsters. Mai points out that that would make his dragon useless for the turn. Not quite, says Kaiba and he sacrifices his three monsters to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Mai shakes beneath the monster as Kaiba calls out his attack.
"You dared challenge my authority by deciding to duel me. Now you can go to hell by the hand of God..."{2700}{0}
Everyone watched in shock as Obelisk's fist hits Mai. Her scream resounded throughout the arena. She was bodily thrown into the far wall and fell face first into the ground. Yu-gi ran to her, but Joey got there first. She was bleeding from her ears, nose and mouth. Her shirt was soaked. Yu-gi looked back at the arena where Kaiba was obviously in shock. Yu-gi made as if to go to him, but was stopped by Thom.
"How do you like my new technoloy, my Pharaoh?"