Elkie let out a gasp as something furry leapt straight at her chest. It scratched her and tumbled off.

Yami Yu-Gi pulled a card from his deck. “Go, Needle Burrower!”

“Wait!” Elkie cried.

Yami Yu-Gi paused. ‘What for?”

“For this…” Elkie stood up and, cradling her slightly bleeding chest, made her way over to the creature.

“What’s wrong Kuriboh?” She asked, in a soothing voice.

Kuriboh looked up at her with big, scared eyes, and let out a whimper.

“Has something scared you?” Elkie continued. “It’s okay baby, we won’t hurt you!”

Kuriboh looked up at her, and leapt into her arms.

“See, it’s okay!” She soothed. She turned around. “Everything’s okay guys!” She said.

Yami Yu-Gi realised that Elkie was a lot like Tea. But what was with that card in her deck…Yami Yu-Gi then realised that Elkie was bleeding!

“Elkie! Are you okay?” Yami Yu-Gi asked.

Elkie glanced down at her chest, and then back up at Yami Yu-Gi. “No, come to think of it, I’m not!”

Suddenly, something floated down from the trees…


“Regretfully, although my rival, you were spectacular!” Ben gasped. “And now, our souls shall be fed to our monsters…”

“Dark Necrofear…” Bob said.

“Primitive God Sorga War Envoy…” Bill said.

“And Yamata Dragon…” Ben said.

“We are defeated…”


“What’s that?” Seto asked.

Yami Yu-Gi reached up and took the floating object in his hands.

“It says, Health Up!”

“Maybe it will repair your broken leg!” Elkie exclaimed, at the same time Seto cried: “Maybe it will repair your cuts!”

“You use it!” Elkie sais.

“No, you use it!” Seto said.

Kuriboh jumped out of Elkie’s arms and hopped over to Yami Yu-Gi. With its little hands it pulled a piece of the Health-Up off of the original piece and gave it to Elkie, while Yami Yu-Gi gave some to Seto.