“Yeah, where is she?” Roy asked. “I didn’t even get her number!”

Hayati pointed to a door leading out of the chamber. “She is right through there! Once you pass through those doors, however, there is no turning back!”

Roy and Aaron exchanged a glance.

“What happens if we lose at anything?” Yami Yu-Gi asked.

“Then you lose your most valuable possession,” Hayati said. “Your soul!”

Yami Yu-Gi glanced at Seto, whom didn’t believe in that sort of thing. Seto didn’t waste anytime arguing, however. He simply walked over to the door and pushed his way through…


When the others walked through that door, however, only Yami Yu-Gi arrived in the same place as Seto. The others – Roy, Aaron and Li – were all taken somewhere different. This was all part of the Queen’s plan…


Seto wasn’t happy about being stuck in the same place as Yami Yu-Gi, but he didn’t have much choice. They walked along what seemed like a harmless forest trail, but Seto, who had designed millions of virtual reality simulators, knew better.

“Gentlemen! So good of you to arrive!”

A man wearing the same red and black robes as Hayati and the man whom had duelled Yu-Gi, was waiting for them at the end of the forest trail.

“Who are you?” Yami Yu-Gi asked.

The man lowered his hood. “I am Susuri! The first of the many challenges you will face!”

Seto stepped forward. “What have you done with Elkie?”

Susuri laughed. “Nothing at all! She’s right over there!” He pointed, and Seto and Yami Yu-Gi followed his gaze.


Elkie had been waiting for someone to come along and rescue her. On one side of her was her duel disc and deck. On the other side of her was Solar Flare Dragon, and it felt pretty real to her, what with its long flaming body curled around her body, binding her tightly! She called out to Seto and Yami Yu-Gi.

“Guys! You have to beat Sasuri! It’s the only way to get through to the next chamber!”

Seto heard her. He turned back to Sasuri. “I’ve had just about enough of this weird place! I challenge you to a duel!”

Sasuri laughed. “Very well then! But it shall be the last duel you ever do! For when I beat you, your soul shall be fed to my pet Solar Flare Dragon!”


Roy glared at Bob.

“What do you mean Tri-Athelon?”

Bob, Bill and Ben laughed.

“The first event is Snowboarding!” Bob said.

“The second event is Singing!” Bill said.

“And the final event is Martial Arts!” Ben said.

Roy, Aaron and Li exchanged a glance. And then, possibly at the same time, they all yelled: “Bring it on!”


“Now I play my Goblin King card!” Sasuri cried. “And I place one card face down on the field!” He grinned. “It’s your move!”

Seto grimaced and looked down at his hand. He looked up at the field. Sasuri had his Goblin King card on the field, as well as two other fiend cards, which gave his Goblin King card two thousand attack and defence points.

“This is bad…” Elkie thought. “Seto only has one card on the field and one thousand Life Points left…but if he…”

Yami Yu-Gi knew what cards Seto had to use to win.

“If he trusts in The Heart Of The Cards, he can win!” Yu-Gi said from within Yami Yu-Gi’s mind.

Seto drew his next card. He stared at it.

“What?” Sasuri asked. “What card did you draw?”

Seto cried: “Now I sacrifice my Sonic Jammer, in order to summon my Blue-Eyes White Dragon! And with my Polymerization card, I can fuse it together with my other two Blue-Eyes White Dragons in my hand, in order to form…Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!”

Elkie let out a silent cheer. Now Seto could attack Sasuri’s Darkbishop Archfiend, and wipe out the rest of his Life Points!


“Okay, so you won at Snowboarding!” Bob snarled.

“But can you win at singing?” Bill asked.

“This looks like a job for The King, uh-huh!” Aaron said, stepping forward.

“Oh great!” Roy sighed. “Let’s everyone get out the earmuffs!”


Sasuri fell to the ground, his Life Points all gone. Solar Flare Dragon let out a roar, and Sasuri’s body turned to smoke, which transferred to the dragon. It then disappeared, and Elkie was literally thrown somehow into the trees.


“ELKIE!!” Seto and Yami Yu-Gi yelled. They both began running, but, on the way, Yami Yu-Gi stooped down to pick up Elkie’s duel disc and deck. A card at the top caught his eye.

“No…” He whispered.


Seto tore through the trees. He was determined to find Elkie before something else did! He felt that if he couldn’t protect Mokuba, he could protect Elkie. Besides, there was something about Elkie that he was liking…


“Viva Las Vegas!”

“I’m just a hunk, a hunk of Burning Love!”

Roy and Li were covering their ears, as the Music-O-Matic was converting the scores of the two hopeful singer wannabes into points.



“Elkie! Where are you?”

Seto burst into a glade, and looked up. Elkie was hanging by a tree branch. She grinned down at him.

“Elkie! Are you okay?” Seto asked, as Yami Yu-Gi came bursting into the glade.

“I’m fine!” She replied. “Just hanging around, ya know?” She looked down at Yami Yu-Gi. “Oh, did you get my stuff?”

Yami Yu-Gi nodded.

“Thanks!” She called. Suddenly, there was a cracking sound, and the tree branch broke!



“WHAT!?!?” Aaron yelled. “THAT THING’S RIGGED!”

Bill laughed. “But fear not…”

“For you will not lose your soul…” Bob added.

“If you win at Martial Arts!” Ben finished. He pulled out a pair of Nunchakus.

“Oh, terrific!” Roy said. He pushed Li forward. “Go on Li-Boy, time to show us if you’ve got what it takes!”

Li pulled out his own Nunchakus, and started spinning them.


“Thanks for breaking my fall Seto.” Elkie said.

Seto stared at her. For the first time he noticed what she was wearing. A pair of light pink boots that matched her short skirt and bare-mid-drift top, complete with a strange gold choker.

“I…I…” Seto stammered. Then, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. “It…hurts…”

Elkie jumped up. She and Yami Yu-Gi beant over Seto.

“Oh terrific!” Elkie said. “I just broke someones leg!”


Seto tried not to show the pain he was feeling. After all, he was the president of his own gaming company and he couldn’t let a little break show Elkie that he might be weak. Just as they were all starting to wonder what to do, something jumped out of the bushes…