1 Yu-Gi Moto – Blonde/Black/Pink – Dark Magician

2 Seto Kaiba – Dark Brown – Blue Eyes White Dragon

3 Aaron Kingsley – Black – Guardian Tryce

4 Roy Coland – Red – Harpy’s Brother

5 Li Hans – Black – Legendary Jujistu Master

6 Elkie Pasari – Dark Brown – Dark Magician Girl


Evil Queen Katari


The Ten Evil Henchman Of Doom

1 Hayani

2 Susuri

3 Bob

4 Bill

5 Ben

6 Ming

7 Kenneth

8 Joe

9 Htaed

10 Evil Prince Io


Love can be a dangerous weapon…and in the hands of an evil duellist queen…it can be life-threatening…even soul-threatening…




Yu-Gi Moto, a sixteen year old boy with an unusually short status was walking home from school one day, when he first noticed the strange happenings. He was walking along down the sidewalk when he noticed a strange man standing alone, wearing a dark hood and red coloured robes. He turned when Yu-Gi walked closer.

“Young man, am I right to assume that you are a duellist?”

Yu-Gi nodded.

The man raised his arm…on it was a duel disc…not a Kaiba Corp. model like the one Yu-Gi now activated…and not a chaos duel disc either (Yu-Gi shuddered to think of what would have happened had it been…)…but red…and spiky…

“We shall duel right here in this very street…” The man indicated the pavement around them. “Now…”

“Let’s duel!”


Word soon got around that Yu-Gi Moto – the King Of Games – was facing a red-robbed weirdo in a duel, and people flocked in to see it. Three of these people were Yu-Gi’s best friends: Joey Wheeler, the blonde haired joker of the group, Tristan Tailor, the macho brunette of the four and Tea Gardener, the other brunette and the voice of reason. She spoke to Yu-Gi now.

“Yu-Gi, I thought you were on a duelling diet!”

Yu-Gi shrugged. “Yeah, I know, but there’s something weird about this guy!”

“I’ll say, what a creep!” Tristan shuddered, even in the afternoon sunlight. “How do you always get involved in the freaky duels?”

“Just lucky, I guess!” Joey said. “Go on Yugs, kick some red-robed freak’s butt!”


In another part of town, another duellist was hard at work, but it wasn’t with duelling. Seto Kaiba, the president of Kaiba Corp. and skilled business man was in a meeting. Someone was droning on and on about shares and Seto had already heard this before. He was getting very annoyed. Suddenly a voice came over the PA System.

“Attention all occupants of this building – there is a fire! Run for it!”

“It’s time I fired her!” Seto said, as he got up and left the room, which was slowly filling with smoke…


Outside, Seto could see where the fire had started. Up on the top level of his building.

Suddenly, someone came running up to him.

“Mr. Kaiba!”

“What!?!?” Seto snapped, clearly annoyed.

“We can’t find your brother!” He said.

Seto gasped. If there was one thing that he cared about more then anything in the world, it was his little brother. He began running…


“Now I activate my magic card, Pot Of Greed!” Yu-Gi called. “This lets me draw two cards!”

“I know what it does!” The man snapped. “Just draw!”

Yu-Gi did so, and in turn, was able to fuse together his Luster Dragon and Dark Magician Girl…

“Now! Attack his Life Points directly!” Yu-Gi shouted.


“You ain’t nothing but a Hound dog! Crying all the time!”

“I’m sorry but that just isn’t what we’re looking for…next please!”

“No! Wait! Are you sure? Uh…I can be taller!”

“Next please!”


Mokuba Kaiba coughed. He couldn’t see a thing. Just a whole lot of red and black…


Mokuba’s heart leaped. That was Seto’s voice! His brother had never let him down. He tried to call out to him…but his mouth was binded…as were his arms and legs…

Seto pushed his way into the room where he somehow knew that Mokuba was.

“Mokuba!” He called.

What answered him was not his little brother…no, on the contrary…


Seto stopped in his tracks.

“A dragon…”

The angry red dragon bared its teeth at him.

“This illusion has gone far enough!” Seto cried. “I now call upon my Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”



The red robed man fell to the ground, as his Life Point counter dropped to zero.

“Yeah! Yu-Gi won!” Tea cried.

“Yeah, you da man Yugs!” Joey grabbed Yu-Gi’s head and gave him a knuckle sandwich. Yu-Gi grinned and turned to the man.

“I won, fair and square…”

The man was…laughing?

He sat up and laughed his head off!

“You have no idea the powers I possess!” He yelled. “My Queen…take this one!”

The man disappeared into a cloud of smoke…and so did Yu-Gi…




A boy with a microphone in his hand…Aaron…


A rebel boy on a skateboard…Roy…


A ninja boy with his nunchakus…Li…



Joe Pasari gasped as the dragon reached up to grab him. But, at the last second, someone else knocked him out of the way…

A girl with a scar on her neck and sad eyes…Elkie…