Title:  Embracing the Night
Part:  3/4
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  Mijuri Oribu
Rating:  NC-17
Blood, Violence, Character Death, Yaoi (male x male)
Pairings:  YBxR, YYxY(established), SxJ(established), YMxM(established), and a dash of YxRxM
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
Disclaimer:  Here we go.   Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.   I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just having fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy


Ryou ran.  Ran until his lungs burned and his legs ached.  He couldn't stand to be in the same room with his father and the strange man who claimed to a hunter of evil, let alone the same house.  When exhaustion caught up with him, he finally took notice of where he had run to.  Looking around, he was astonished to see that he'd gone nearly halfway across the city to Hyde Park (1).  Forcing his aching limbs forward, he headed down the main path until he reached an empty bench.  Trembling with exhaustion he gracelessly flopped down, sighing in relief as the weight was removed from his over-exerted legs.  'I'll just rest here for a little while,' he thought, closing his eyes and letting the serenity of the park relax him.

A bright beam of light struck him straight in the eyes, making him wince and turn away.  As he blinked his eyes clear, he realized it was the setting sun . . . he had fallen asleep outside, and with a killer on the loose too!  'Oh dear, I can't believe I fell asleep in the park!'  Standing up, the teen straightened his clothing and quickly left the park.  Fortunately for him, he was fairly close to Bakura's house, far closer than he was to his own home anyway.  With a strong desire to see his friend and none to return home, Ryou set off.

Making good time, Ryou reached Bakura's home just as twilight was preparing to give way to total darkness.  Once again, he was exhausted, his feet and legs ached horribly, and he was still furious with his father.  Now all he wanted was a friendly face and the strong embrace of Bakura's arms.

Walking up the short stairs leading to the front door, Ryou raised his hand to knock and was startled when the door opened to reveal a very surprised Bakura.

"Ryou?  What are you doing here?" he asked, greatly concerned for the slender teen.  What had happened to him that had brought the boy to his doorstep before darkness had even fully fallen?

At the sight of the silver-haired Egyptian, Ryou's eyes had begun to water and his lower lip started trembling.  Thin shoulders hitched twice before the teen threw himself across the threshold and into the arms of the man he'd been forbidden to see.

"Oh Bakura!" he wailed, breaking down and sobbing against the other's chest.   Wrapping his arms around the teen, Bakura stroked downy silver hair, pressing kisses and murmuring reassurances into the soft strands.  When Ryou quieted some, the vampire managed to shut the door and lead him into the parlor.

Seto and Katsuya were already there, both looking equally surprised at the miserable teen.

((What happened to him?)) Seto asked mentally, not wanting to disturb the boy.

Bakura looked pensive, ((I don't know.  He broke down as soon as he got here.))

((Anything we can do to help?)) Katsuya asked, his face mirroring his own concern.

((Not now,)) he told the blond mry, ((But I may require your assistance later,)) he continued, addressing both males.

((Very well,)) Seto replied, standing and helping Katsuya to his feet.  ((We'll leave you two alone then.))

Laying down on one of the long couches, Bakura settled Ryou on his chest, still stroking the boy's hair as he calmed down.  He didn't have long to wait before the gentle teen began to speak.  Telling him of everything that had transpired that day.

At the mention of Shadi's name, Bakura's eyes narrowed.  He should have known HE was to blame for this.  His anger at the self-righteous hunter continuing to increase with every word Ryou uttered.  Shadi had gone too far this time.  NO ONE harmed his mry.  Not even emotionally.

"Ryou, listen to me.  Shadi is a madman and a master manipulator(2).   Neither myself nor anyone in my clan would ever bring any harm to you, I swear it," he promised, being careful to keep his rage hidden from the teen, he didn't want Ryou to fear him.

Still sniffling, Ryou turned watery eyes to the older man, "I know Bakura."   Despite his anger and sorrow, the strength of his conviction rang loudly in his next words, "and I trust you like I've never trusted anyone before," he confessed, ending with a gentle kiss to the vampire's mouth.   Bakura's breath caught in his throat, his beloved's words had touched a part of him he thought long dead.  His heart.


"Ryou still hasn't come home.   Shouldn't we be out looking for him?"  Mr. Morgan asked, pacing about the room anxiously.  He'd been walking back and forth incessantly since sundown.

"No.  If we go out now, Bakura and his clan will make short work of us all.  We'll retrieve your son in the morning," despite his own concern for the boy, he knew it would be foolhardy to walk into the creature's territory at night.

"How are you so sure we'll find them?"

Shadi smiled secretively, "There are spells, spells that while simple in nature, can bring about the undoing of these monsters."   He placed a reassuring hand on the other man's shoulder, "The bond you share with your flesh and blood will be the key to lead us straight to their lair."


Tossing the giggling teen onto his bed, Bakura pounced on his helpless prey.  Breathless and giddy, Ryou tried to get his laughing under control, but couldn't seem to calm down.  Downstairs, Bakura had found that the chocolate-eyed teen was quite ticklish and had launched a full-out assault on the smaller male.  When he fell off the couch, Bakura had paused to check on him and that was when he'd made his escape upstairs, only to be captured by the elder male and brought to his room.

Having the heavily panting form pinned beneath him on his own bed proved far too tempting for the russet-eyed male.  Lowering his body flush against Ryou's, Bakura took advantage of his open mouth to indulge in a sensual kiss.  At first, Ryou stiffened in surprise before melting into the kiss, arms coming up to clutch at Bakura's shoulders his tongue shyly reciprocating the other's attentions.   His quick acceptance urged Bakura onward and he shifted his weight to one arm, slipping the other in between them to unbutton the pale boy's shirt.  Ryou squeaked into his mouth, but made no move to stop him, instead sliding his own hands off Bakura's shoulder's and down to return the favor.

Growling softly in arousal from Ryou's gentle hands, Bakura sat up and pushed the teen's shirt off his shoulders, watching hungrily as the now blushing boy removed it completely.  Gazing up into his soon-to-be lover's eyes, Ryou reached up and pushed Bakura's own shirt down to his elbows.

It was those trusting eyes that broke him.   He couldn't do it.  Not without telling Ryou the truth first.  Pulling Ryou into his arms, the vampire took a deep breath, "Ryou, I'm not entirely what you think I am."

Ryou stared at Bakura, blinking in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"I am what you would call a vampire," he stated, watching disbelief etch the other's features.  Sighing he opened his mouth and lengthened his fangs.  Ryou gasped in shock and Bakura was prepared for the other to attempt to run.  When he made no sign of moving, Bakura continued, refusing to get his hopes up yet.

"Nearly three thousand years ago, I was a tomb robber in the land you know as Egypt.  One night, I was casing the layout of the current pharaoh's new tomb.  It was still in construction so I thought nothing of traveling it's halls.  Unfortunately, they had already set some of the curse's within and I was struck before I even saw the warning.  The pain was excruciating, but I managed to find my way out and back to my lair.  Once safe, I passed out from the pain until morning.

I soon learned the price of my curiosity.   No longer could I walk in Ra's radiance, even the smallest beam of light burned me like meat over a fire.  The ankhs and other holy items I had stolen now pained my eyes and seared my flesh at even the slightest touch.

And I was hungry.  Food held no appeal, but my stomach roared in hunger.  It wasn't until nightfall that I found what I craved.

When I realized what had been done to me, I plotted my revenge.  Sneaking in to the palace, I slaughtered the Pharaoh's entire court, my rage not subsiding until the final one gasped his last breath.  Afterwards I left as quickly as I had come, determined to return the next night to witness the chaos I had caused and wishing I could see what would occur during the day.

My revenge would also serve to teach me more about what I had become.  Returning the next night, I was disappointed at the calm atmosphere, it seemed they had settled into mourning.  So I decided to satisfy myself by going to the preparation room to survey my handiwork once more.  The priests had not had time to begin the mummification process yet, only having time to have undressed and cleaned up the corpses.  I stood in the shadows, silently gloating for a time, when three of the bodies began to move, the Pharaoh, his High Priest, and the Tomb-keeper were alive!   Furious at my own incompetence, I was about to step forward and rectify the problem when the priests re-entered the room.  As one, their focus locked onto the priests, and their eyes lit in hunger.  I watched in fascination as they fell upon the priests, feasting on them as I had on my own prey, the wounds I had inflicted sealing shut the more they ate.

When they were finally sated, they all looked over to me and bowed calling me their Nb.  As I stared at them in shock, I tried to understand why this was happening until I finally remembered:  Because my anger at them had been the greatest, I had forced just those three to drink MY blood after I had drained them to the point of death."

He smiled wryly at the wide-eyed Ryou, "We did eventually forgive each other.  Heh.  Atem's too nice to hold a grudge, Marik and I think very alike, and Seto enjoys the power he gained."

Ryou gasped but said nothing, his mind desperately trying to process all Bakura had told him.  But the former thief wasn't finished yet.  "In Cairo, I attacked your father, intending on him becoming my next meal.  But when I saw your picture, I knew that you were meant for me and I spared him.  Then when I finally met you, I finally understood what the others meant when they spoke of their mates.  All-encompassing love.  Powerful enough to last for an eternity.  The more time we spent together the more this feeling grew and I found myself getting more and more impatient.  But no matter how much I want it, a mating will not work if the feelings are not mutual."  Feeling that he had said all he could, Bakura buried his nose into Ryou's soft hair, wanting to enjoy his sweet scent for as long as the teen would allow.

Ryou was silent for a time, slowly digesting all he'd been told.  Bakura had just admitted to being the very thing Shadi had said he was.  Yet  . . . at the same time he was waiting.  Waiting on Ryou to make his decision.  As the teen thought, he realized that Bakura had never really lied to him.  He'd just never told him the whole truth at least about some things anyway.

"Bakura," he began waiting for the vampire to look at him before continuing, "I am very angry at you for lying to me all this time."  The vampire opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a delicate hand covering his mouth.  "However, I do understand why you did it and I'm happy that you told me the truth before we did anything."  He smiled softly, moving his hand to cup Bakura's face, "Now tell me what I need to do to become your mate."

Stunned Bakura could do nothing but stare at the smiling teen for a moment before crushing the other to his chest and laughing wildly.   "You truly are a gift from the gods," he said, gazing at the boy almost reverently.  "You truly wish to be my mate, my mry, for all eternity?"  Ryou nodded and he continued, "On three different days, we must partake of the other's blood and consummate our love."

Blushing Ryou focused on the blood part first, "Why does it take three bites? Couldn't you just drain me like you did the others?  And is there any particular order for the umm, consummation?"

Bakura smiled, kissing Ryou softly, "I could if this were an ordinary turning. But because I am turning you and claiming you as my mate, the procedure is much longer and much more . . . pleasurable," he purred the last word, nuzzling the crook of Ryou's neck, "and no, there is no particular order."

"Oh, okaaayy! Oww!  Bakuraaa~!" Ryou's pained yelp melted into a pleasured purr.  Bakura had sunk his fangs into the distracted teen's neck, reducing the pain substantially before it melted into pure pleasure.  Pulling away from Ryou's neck and addictive blood, Bakura lapped up what had leaked.

"Now my beauty, continue our union and partake of my blood."

Burying his face in Bakura's shoulder, Ryou whispered nervously, "I've never bitten anyone before, how do you know I'll do it right?"

Hugging the trembling form close, Bakura stroked his long silver-hair reassuringly. "Don't worry about it. You'll do fine. Just bite down whenever you're rea-ah!" the vampire's soothing words were cut off abruptly as a set of delicate teeth sunk deep into his shoulder. "Yesss, just like that!" Bakura hissed pleasurably as the teen removed his teeth to begin delicately lapping at the blood that oozed from the wound. Unlike the coppery metallic taste of his own, Bakura's blood tasted dark and strangely good to him.

The wound soon closed and Ryou raised his head, only to have his lips claimed in a searing kiss as the older male pushed him down onto the bed.  "And now let me introduce you to the greatest of pleasures."

"Please do," Ryou breathed, arching into the vampire's wandering hands and mouth.  With leisurely indulgence, Bakura ran callused hands up and down the pale teen's chest and sensitive sides, earning gasps and breathy giggles from the writhing boy.   Enjoying the sounds his beloved was making, Bakura moved his mouth away from Ryou's slender neck to his chest, leaving a trail of wet kisses in his wake.  Ryou felt his mind melting, his body was on fire, Bakura's touch making him wild.  "OH GOD!!" he screamed, arching up into the vampire's wicked mouth.  The elder had taken one of his nipples into his mouth and was sucking hard enough to leave a bruise.   Ryou clutched at Bakura's back, trying desperately to find something to hold on to.   The wonderful sensations were enough to distract him from the strange sensations from below.

Bakura pulled away to smirk at his soon to be lover, lowering him gently to the bed.   Blinking up at him, Ryou squirmed a bit from the strange stretching sensation.   What was . . . "Bakura!" he exclaimed indignantly.  Somehow, the vampire had gotten both their pants off, and had nearly finished preparing his mry.

"Yes, mry?" he replied, nudging the boy's prostate.  Ryou shrieked in delight, eyes rolling back in his head, all thought of yelling at the other lost in the amazing sensation.  Giving him another quick nudge for good measure, Bakura removed his fingers and slid himself inside, hissing in pleasure.  "By the gods, Ryou!" he gasped, holding still until the slender teen began lifting his hips.   "And now, I will show you what I promised," he whispered into the teen's ear, starting a steady rhythm between them.

"Baakuuuraaaa~" Ryou pleaded, threading fingers through the vampire's hair.   "Ha-harder, please!" he cried.

Growling in response, Bakura increased his pace, drinking in the teen's moans and cries.  A slight change in angle and the boy shrieked again, arching hard into his lover as his body released.  Ryou's cry and tightening body was too much, and Bakura followed his mry over the edge, collapsing on top of the panting boy.

"Th-thank you, Bakura," Ryou panted, hugging him with trembling arms.

"No, thank you, my mry."


The next morning Ryou had an even ruder awakening than the previous one.  Three men he didn't know had come storming into the room, brandishing wooden stakes and silver ankhs in his direction while they searched the room.  Yanking him out of the bed they had held his head at a painful angle to stare at his neck, then they'd forced a shirt over his head and started dragging him downstairs.

Meanwhile another of Shadi's men was making his report to the man over-seeing the hunt.   "Shadi, there are no signs of the creatures anywhere.  We were fortunate enough to find the boy."

"Is he still alive?"

"Yes, unfortunately the creature has already bitten him."

"Let go of me!  Let go of me!!  I don't want to go with you!" aforementioned silver haired teen screamed from above, thrashing violently in his captor's grip.  Shadi looked up to see two of his men slowly descending the stairs, each holding tightly onto a wildly thrashing Ryou Morgan.

Walking up to the struggling boy, Shadi tried to reason with him, "The creature has abandoned you.  It would be in everyone's best interest if you would cooperate with us."

Ryou glared darkly at the hunter, "Not mine or Bakura's best interests.  And Bakura didn't abandon me.  I know he can't be in sunlight and he told me he'd be gone when I woke."

"Where has he gone?"

"I don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell YOU," the normally gentle teen spat.  Politeness be damned, these people meant to kill his lover and his new friends, something he would NOT allow.

Narrowing his eyes, Shadi turned his back on the teen, calling his orders over his shoulder.  "Bring him.  The creature will come looking for him and his father is waiting outside."


November 01, 2008
-re-edited January 21, 2009


1 - It's a real park in central London and it really did exist in the Victorian Age.  If you're interested check out their page:  http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde_park/

2 - Pot.  Kettle.  Black.  Ne, Bakura-sama?  ^_~*