Title:  Embracing the Night
Part:  2/4
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  Mijuri Oribu
Genre:  Romance/Supernatural/Horror/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  Blood, Violence, Character Death, Yaoi (male x male)
Pairings:  YBxR, YYxY(established), SxJ(established), YMxM(established), and a dash of YxRxM
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
Disclaimer:  Here we go.   Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.   I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just having fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Remember that YxRxM thing up there in the pairings?  This is the chapter where it shows up.  Heh.  *hentai grin*


Slate blue eyes narrowed as they read the latest London newspaper.  The feature article detailed the account of the most recent death in a long string of brutal murders.  While they had no leads the police were still convinced that it was the same suspect responsible for tearing out the throats and draining the blood from ten people in the last two months.  'Bakura.  This time, you will not escape me,' the man vowed.  Catching sight of a smaller article made him suddenly glad he'd brought the bulk of his team from Egypt.  The article described a strange outbreak of death by acute anemia in the London area.  'Did you bring your whole clan with you?' he wondered, hoping that maybe this time, they'd catch the whole wretched lot.


"You wanted to see us?"

Bakura turned to address the two males who'd entered the room from the window where he'd been watching the servants preparing for the party he'd arranged for Ryou.  Curious expressions adorned the faces of Malik Ishtar and Yugi Mutou who stood waiting patiently for the Nb(1) vampire to explain why he'd sent for them.

"You are aware that Ryou will be here tonight?"  It was more a statement than a question but the two teenage-appearing boys nodded anyway.

"Good."  He fixed both boys with a serious stare, "I want you both to be on your best behavior.  DON'T do anything to scare him off.  I want him to relax and have fun."  He smirked thoughtfully, "If all goes well, you'll be seeing a lot more of him from tonight on."

"In more ways than one?" Malik asked hopefully, grinning suggestively at the older male.

Bakura returned the grin, "Time will tell.  He's only just admitted to me that he has no interest in women.  I want to introduce him to the alternatives."

"Does that mean we can't play any games with him?" Yugi whined, pouting cutely.

"Only the type appropriate in public," Bakura admonished the smallest of their number.  Yugi was a deceptive mix of innocence and seduction, wrapped around a solid core of loyalty and determination.  His playful nature meant he was always ready for a game both in and out of the bedroom and those lucky enough to share his bed were never disappointed.  But shy Ryou wasn't ready for that type of fun yet.  Besides, Bakura intended on being the boy's first.

The small vampire sighed dramatically and flopped onto a nearby couch, "Okay, I'll behave."

Noticing Malik's sulky frown and realizing that Yugi's pout was genuine, Bakura felt his resistance fading.  Like everyone else in their clan, Bakura had a soft spot for the two playful mry(2).  "Tonight you can visit his dreams," the vampiric master relented, making the two younger vampires beam happily and glomp onto him.

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"

"Gah!  Tomb-keeper!  Pharaoh!  Get your damn clingy mates off of me!"


Ryou hummed happily as he got himself ready for his outing with Bakura.  Over the last couple of weeks the elder man had become a very close friend to the shy teen.  So close, in fact, that Ryou had gone so far as to share his hopes, dreams, and insecurities with him.  He'd even trusted him with his most closely guarded secret, one that he'd been shocked to learn that Bakura shared as well.  So tonight, Bakura had promised him something special.  Tonight he was taking Ryou to a party unlike any he'd ever attended. Bakura had swore to him that it would be so different, that it would open the teen's horizons to a whole new world.  That had been several days ago, and with all the hints that Bakura had been dropping, Ryou was actually looking forward to this party.  Or maybe it was just the idea of spending more time with Bakura?


Meanwhile, downstairs Ryou's father was receiving a most unusual visitor.  An Egyptian man, dressed in a turban and long tan robes, had come with a dire warning for the Morgan family.

"Shadi, was it?" Mr. Morgan asked, gesturing for the other man to take a seat.  "While I have been a guest many times in your country, this is the first I've ever received one.  In your letter, you mentioned knowing not only that I have been having nightmares, but you know the cause of them."

Shadi nodded, "I did.  You see, I have come to believe-"

"Father, I'm going out now," Ryou interrupted, ducking his head around the doorway.  Unfortunately from his angle, he hadn't noticed his father's guest until after he'd spoken.  "Oh, I'm sorry!  I didn't realize we had company."

Mr. Morgan shook his head, "It's all right, Ryou.  Just be sure to dance with some of the ladies at this party?"

"Yes, father," Ryou replied, ducking back out and dashing down the hall before his father started asking questions.  The last thing he wanted his father to know was that there would be no ladies, at least no single ones, for him to dance with.

His father shook his head, "That Mr. Wati has certainly made Ryou more sociable.  Now if only he'd bring home a wife!"

At the mention of Wati's name, Shadi's spine stiffened, could it be . . ?  "Mr. Morgan," he began in a strained tone, "what is Mr. Wati's first name?"

"I believe Ryou said he was called Bakura.  He's an Egyptian like yourself."

"Bakura may be Egyptian, but he is nothing like me or any other human."

"What do you mean?" Mr. Morgan asked, concern etching his features.

"I'm afraid your son is in great danger."


Ryou laughed in delight as Bakura spun him around the dance floor.  The music was lively and upbeat, which fed the enthusiasm of the crowd and left the silver-haired teen feeling giddy and light-headed.  He'd long since lost track of the time they'd spent in each other's arms, dancing amongst the masses of people that seemed to make way just for the two of them.

"Having fun?" Bakura asked as the current song ended.

Panting heavily, Ryou nodded excitedly, "I've never had so much fun in my life!  But if I don't sit down, I just might faint!"

"Hmm, can't have that, can we?" Bakura replied, bending down and scooping the teen up into his arms.

Ryou flushed brightly in embarrassment, "Bakura!  I'm not a girl, put me down!"

"You were the one who said he was going to faint," he replied, grinning smugly at the slender boy.  Ryou just pouted and crossed his arms sulkily, once again testing Bakura's willpower.  How did the boy manage to look more attractive without even trying?!  Striding off the dance floor, the vampire carried his human to one of the benches lined against the wall.  Hoping he wasn't making a mistake, he sat the boy down between Yugi and Malik, telling him to rest for a moment while he got him a drink.

"Sooo," Malik began, grinning at the pale teen beside him, "have you been enjoying yourself?"

"Oh yes," Ryou replied enthusiastically, smiling brightly in response, his slight irritation with Bakura forgotten already.  "This has been the best party ever!"

"Especially with Bakura for company, eh?" the Egyptian teen teased, elbowing Ryou lightly in the ribs.

"Ah yes, well, of course!" Ryou stammered out nervously, his face turning red once more.

"Malik be nice," Yugi gently admonished, leaning across Ryou's lap to lightly slap the lavender-eyed blond on the arm.  Hearing the slight hitch in the pale teen's breathing as he slowly slid upright, made him decide to make no mention of it.  Like Bakura had warned them, he didn't want to do anything to scare Ryou away.  Steering the conversation into safer territory, the mry and the human talked as though they had been friends for years instead of just hours.  From across the room, Bakura, Marik, and Atem watched, simply enjoying the way their loved ones face lit as they conversed.

But as all good things must come to an end, so did the party.  Bakura had stolen Ryou from the company of the two mry for several more dances, then whisked him away to the small garden outside.

Pulling the slender teen to his chest, Bakura cupped Ryou's chin with his free hand and tilted his face upward, bringing innocent chocolate to lock with mysterious russet.

"Ryou," Bakura breathed, leaning down slowly.  He wanted to give the boy time enough to protest should he feel threatened.

Stunned, Ryou could only stare as Bakura's mouth descended towards his own.  "Ba-" his soft reply was silenced by the gentle press of the other's lips on his.  For the briefest of instants, a lifetime of lessons attempted to break through and ruin the moment, but they quickly faded into the background of his mind.  Eyes fluttering shut, Ryou hummed his approval and leaned into his first kiss, slender arms sliding around the broad back of the older man in order to hold him close.


It had taken Shadi a few hours, but the Egyptian hunter had finally successfully restored Mr. Morgan's memories of his attack in Cairo, but now the man was consumed with worry for his only child.

"What should I do?  That monster has my son!"

"For now, nothing.  We shall wait and see what transpires tonight."

"Why should I wait when my son is in danger?!"

"Because if we tip our hand too soon, the creature will simply take the boy and vanish."

"What's to prevent him from doing that anyway?"

Shadi looked pensive, "Right now, I couldn't say.  This behavior is highly unusual for Bakura."


When he finally returned home, Ryou was surprised to find that his father was awake and deep in discussion with their guest.  Shrugging off his curiosity, the silver-haired teen slipped upstairs and got ready for bed, slipping under his covers with a contented smile on his face.  Sleep came to him easily as his exhaustion outweighed his excitement over the events of the night.  He was sure he'd have wonderful dreams.

~dream sequence~

Chocolate-brown eyes opened to the sight of an unfamiliar room.  Confused Ryou sat up, taking only a passing notice of the soft slide of crimson, silk sheets against his skin as he stared out of the large window at a beautiful full moon, the pale orb casting an ethereal glow on everything it touched.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Gasping in surprise, the silver-haired teen turned to see his new friends standing by the bed, both clad in nothing but a cream-colored wrap around their waists.

"Yugi, Malik, what are you doing here?   And where IS here for that matter?" he asked, looking around the moonlit room.

Malik smirked, "It's your dream, why don't you tell us?" the lavender-eyed male countered as he and Yugi took a seat on either side of the doe-eyed teenager.

"We're here to give you a taste of our world," the tri-color haired male explained, sidling up to the pale boy, large amethyst eyes blinking coquettishly up at him through thick dark lashes.

"I . . I don't understand," Ryou murmured softly, inhaling sharply as both males pressed against him.

"You've spent your whole life conforming to rules that don't quite fit you," Malik spoke softly into his ear, the heated puffs of air making the teenager squirm pleasurably.

"We wanted to show you that there are many more . . . options available," Yugi continued, having leaned up to speak into the teen's other ear, letting his agile tongue dart out and trace the shell of Ryou's ear.

Ryou whined softly at the treatment and barely managed to stifle a moan when the two males attacked his ears, neck, and shoulders in tandem.  "B-but . . oh . . . d-d-don't you lo-ahh-ve Atem and M-Marik?" the pale teen stammered, trying not to succumb to the two mischievous vampires' wiles.

Pulling away, Yugi cupped Ryou's chin and met his eyes evenly, a serene smile on his face, "Of course we do.  I love Atem with all my heart and soul.  He's the center of my world and I'd do anything for him.  But at the same time, we both love games and playing around."  Ryou looked a bit startled by this, so Yugi decided to explain a bit better, "To Atem and I, play and love aren't the same thing.  So while we sometimes play with others, we only love one another."

"It's the same with Marik and I," Malik spoke up, "and sometimes it's that way with Katsuya and Seto."

"But not too often, Seto's really possessive," Yugi said pouting childishly.  Ryou couldn't help but notice how cute the expression was and giggled softly.

"Do you find something funny Ryou?" Yugi asked in a feigned solemn tone, arching a delicate eyebrow at the human.  Biting his lip to keep from laughing, Ryou shook his head, his pale form shaking with his suppressed mirth.

"Oh I think he does," Malik stated, advancing on the pale teen again forcing the boy further onto the bed, looming over his now prone form.

Trying desperately to maintain a serious expression, Yugi joined Malik in his looming.  "Then I guess there's just one thing to do," he said, catching Malik's eye as he leered at the teenager below them.

Confused, Ryou opened his mouth to ask what they were up to when the flimsy sheet covering him was yanked from his form, leaving him completely exposed to his friends.  Yelping in surprise, Ryou attempted to cover himself, while wondering in the back of his mind just why was he naked?  His face burned bright red when his hands were carefully restrained by the two vampires devouring his body with hungry eyes.

"Don't be shy Ryou, you've got a gorgeous body," Malik reassured him, pressing chaste kisses to his forehead, cheeks, nose, and lips.  Of course the lavender-eyed males gentle treatment went almost unnoticed due to Yugi's eager explorations.  Unused to such overwhelming pleasure, Ryou was quickly reduced to a helpless quivering mass of nerves and instinct.

Desperately, he tried to regain some sense of control over his body until Yugi's eager mouth descended on his swollen cock.  Shrieking in surprise, Ryou attempted to arch off the bed only to find his hips restrained by Yugi and his upper torso by Malik.  Tossing off his shenti, the taller vampire gave the silver-haired male a quick kiss on the lips before carefully straddling Ryou's head.  "Just in case," he said winking at the blushing teen between his legs.

Poor Ryou wasn't given much time to think on it as his attention was forcefully drawn back to his manhood when Yugi took it upon himself to up the ante in their 'game'.  The increased pace sent his body and mind into a whirl and with passion and curiosity combining to overwhelm him, Ryou found himself raising up onto his elbows to bring himself within range of Malik's now-weeping cock.  Hesitantly, an inquisitive tongue darted out to lap at velvety tip, pausing to consider the unique flavor of the precum that had gathered there.

Malik shuddered and moaned appreciatively, pleased that he had read the teen correctly and taking great care to keep still under the ever bolder strokes of the teen's agile tongue.  Suddenly the attention stopped and Malik rolled to the side in time to watch Ryou's lithe form arch sharply off the bed, his mouth open in a silent scream.

As Ryou collapsed to the bed, Yugi sat up licking his lips in satisfaction.  Malik, horny as hell and eager for a taste, grabbed Yugi's hair at the back of his neck and yanked the smaller male into a fierce kiss.  Tongues twisting together sloppily, the two mry jockeyed for dominate position until one finally managed to gain the upper hand.

Still lying on the bed and coming down from his high, Ryou watched in fascination as Yugi carefully prepared and mounted the tanned male.  Catching the teenager's eye, Yugi smirked and guided Malik into a seated position on his lap before gripping the blond's hips and beginning to thrust fiercely up into the taller man.  Malik moaned and joined in, dropping his body down with each of Yugi's thrusts.  One hand reached behind to grip the smaller man's hair while the other moved to grip his straining arousal only to have it slapped away.

Growling in frustration, Malik tried to glare at the other male, his irritation dissolving instantly at Yugi's next words.  "Leave it for Ryou," he purred, amethyst eyes burning with passion.

Ryou blinked in surprise, then turned cherry red as comprehension dawned.  Still he managed to roll himself over and crawl over to the other two males, unconsciously swaying his hips as he moved.  Looking through his tousled bangs and smiling up at the lavender-eyed male, Ryou waited for Yugi to slow his pace before taking the bulbous head of Malik's swollen cock into his mouth.  Giving a satisfied hum, he braced his hands on Yugi's knees and dragged his tongue across and around the firm flesh encased behind his lips, drawing a hiss and a strained, 'Ryou' from the tanned male.  Taking this as his signal, Yugi picked up his pace again, thrusting up hard while pushing Malik back down of his cock with a great deal of force.

With the two vampires doing all the hard work, Ryou occupied himself by drawing patterns on the hard, pulsing flesh with his tongue and giving the occasional suck.  It was on just one of those motions that Malik's release came gushing forth and Ryou surprised all three of them by latching on and greedily suckling every last drop the Egyptian male's cock pumped out.  The sight of the silver-haired teen sitting up, wiping his chin then licking his fingers clean drove Yugi over the edge wringing a moan from Malik as the tri-color haired male's release pumped into him.  When they finally came down from their post-orgasmic bliss, the two mry vampires curled up on either side of Ryou, the trio exchanging lazy kisses and caresses until they fell asleep.

As sleep claimed him, one thought was prominent in Ryou's mind:  would Bakura want to do this with him?

~end dream sequence~

Miles away from the teen, amethyst and lavender eyes blinked open almost in unison as the two vampires left Ryou to his rest.   Sitting up they turned to each other and broke into huge smiles:  Ryou was going to make a wonderful addition to their clan.

"I take it you both enjoyed yourselves?" their Nb asked, smirking at the two mry who immediately turned to face him.

"Like you don't already know," Malik replied with a leer.  Both he and Yugi had been well aware of Bakura's hidden presence watching them the entire time.

"The real question, is did YOU enjoy yourself?" Yugi asked, giggling as he dodged the playful swipe from the older vampire on his way out the door.

"Cheeky brat," Bakura snorted.  'Of course I enjoyed myself.'


The next afternoon, Ryou had a rude awakening.  He'd slept in very late, long past breakfast, and had only wanted to get something in his stomach to tide him over until lunchtime.  Instead, he'd been hauled out of the kitchen by his harried-looking father and into his study.  There both his father and their guest Shadi had taken turns grilling him for information about the previous night and making wild accusations about Bakura and his friends.

"It's no use lying child.  I know they visited you in your sleep last night, their psychic stench is all over you.  Now what did the creatures do to you in your dream?   Were you bitten?" Shadi asked, staring right into his eyes, thoroughly creeping Ryou out.

"Of course I wasn't bitten!" he exclaimed indignantly.  A fierce, deep blush creeping up over his face from the memories of his kiss and of what Yugi and Malik had done in his dream.  But that's all it was, a dream . . . right?

"I don't trust Mr. Wati's intentions towards you son," Mr. Morgan told him.

"Bakura's just a friend!" Ryou exclaimed defensively, although after last night he wasn't so sure . . .

"That monster is friend to no one.  He's deluding you child.  Bakura is just a blood-sucking fiend from the netherworld who preys upon the innocent.  You must cut off ties to him before it is too late!" Shadi warned the teen, his voice raising in urgency.

"NO!  I don't believe you!"

"Whether you believe it or not, doesn't matter.  Ryou, I forbid you from seeing Bakura ever again!" his father stated, believing that would end things.

"You can't," Ryou protested, shocked that his father would be so cruel.

"Yes I can, Ryou.  It's for your own good."


Mr. Morgan couldn't believe his ears, "What did you say?"

"I said NO!  I won't let you run my life anymore!!" he screamed, glaring at his father.  He held his father's angry stare for what felt like an eternity before bolting from the room and out the front door.


October 29, 2008
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Afterword:  There are so many myths and legends regarding vampires it's hard to choose one to follow.  When I was writing this story, I tried to find a "common" hierarchy and ran into several walls.  It seems every group has their own opinion.  So, frustrated and not really happy with any one I assembled my own.

1 - ancient Egyptian for "master"

2 - ancient Egyptian for "beloved".  In this case, it is also the term Bakura's clan uses for mates.