Title:  Embracing the Night
Part:  1/4
Author:  Murasaki Rose
Beta:  Mijuri Oribu
Genre:  Romance/Supernatural/Horror/AU
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
Warnings:  Blood, Violence, Character Death, Yaoi (male x male)
Pairings:  YBxR, YYxY(established), SxJ(established), YMxM(established), and a dash of YxRxM
Disclaimer:  Here we go.  Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.   I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just having fun.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, (o(text)o) = Ancient Egyptian

Summary:  A classic vampire story set in Victorian England.  Bored with his life and uninterested in women, young Ryou Morgan is swept off his feet and into a hidden world by the suave foreigner, Bakura Wati.  But with this dark stranger comes a wealth of unanswered questions:  Why does Bakura's arrival coincide with a rash of brutal murders in the city?  Why do men proclaiming themselves warriors of God want the older man dead?   And why hasn't Ryou ever met Bakura or his friends in daylight?  Ryou must figure out the answers to these questions and fast, the fate of his life and immortal soul may depend on it!

A much darker and more cliched vampire story than Shukketsu Ai.  The idea just popped in my head and wouldn't leave me the hell alone!   *bashes head against desk*


Cairo, Egypt

Piercing russet-brown eyes watched hungrily as a man with long blue hair entered the room he was lurking in.  Grinning nastily, the creature launched himself at the man, immobilizing his arms and sinking fangs deep into his neck.  The man struggled wildly in an attempt to escape and as the creature fought to subdue him, the pair bumped hard into a small dresser, knocking a framed photo to the floor in the process.

The vampire's eyes flicked in the direction of the noise and stopped.  What he was seeing must be a vision from the gods, it could be nothing less.  Pulling away from his victim, he dropped the weakened man to the floor and snatched the picture up.  Long pale hair, pulled back in a loose ponytail, tumbled messily down thin shoulders and framed a delicate face while dark, innocent eyes stared warmly out above a pert nose and a gentle smile.

"Who is this?!" he demanded, holding up the vision's picture to his barely conscious victim.


Angry and impatient that the man didn't answer him immediately, the vampire forcefully took control of the man's mind and asked again.  'Who is in the picture?!'

"My son, Ryou," the man answered mindlessly.

"Son, eh?  How old is he?" the creature was amused and not really surprised.  He'd always preferred males anyway.

"He turned sixteen last month."

The vampire laughed triumphantly, it seemed his wait was over.  "Good news for you Mr. Morgan, it looks like you'll get to live today."


"Strange treasures from the mysterious Middle-Eastern deserts, hmph.   I don't see what's so fascinating about old junk made by savages."  Kaoruko Imekochi(1) wrinkled her nose in disgust at the thought.  She couldn't understand why a boy of such fine social up-bringing would concern himself with such nonsense.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the ignorant girl, Ryou Morgan sighed and shook his head.  "It's the remnants of a culture long-gone, an era we know almost nothing about.  And they can't have been savages and been able to make things like this," Ryou countered, waving his hand in the direction of the detailed statuary lining one wall.  His father loved to travel and often brought back art and other antiquities, usually from Egypt.  This time though he'd brought back a very large and distressing item:  a beautifully carved sarcophagus belonging to an ancient pharaoh.

"Come Ryou-darling, dinner should be ready.  We don't want to keep your father waiting," the red-head urged, taking hold of the arm she was pressing against to lead the teen out of the room.

"Very well, Miss Imekochi," the white-haired boy relented, casting one last glance at the imposing artifact as he allowed the red-head to lead him away. 'I really hope that coffin is empty.  It's just not right to disturb the dead.'


Midnight.  Long after even the servants had gone to bed, the lid to the golden sarcophagus shifted slightly.  A muffled curse issued from within, then with a low, reluctant scraping noise the lid shifted again, this time opening wide enough to permit the creature hidden within an adequate opening.  (o(Damned, gaudy thing,)o) Bakura muttered under his breath.  Despite his penchant for robbing them as a mortal, the lids of the heavy stone sarcophagi had always been a source of great irritation to him.  (o(If I were at even half my full power . . .)o) he growled lowly.  The long trip from Cairo to London without blood had left him with his temper frayed and his powers as weak as a fledglings, taking his irritation out on an inanimate object would be foolish.  Shaking his head, he ceased his grumbling and closed first the inner sarcophagus, and then the stone outer one, returning the scene to its original state.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he began sorting through the myriad of scents that littered the small room.  His efforts were rewarded by the most delicious, mouth-watering aroma entangled deep amidst the nondescript scents.  Hunger panged sharply through his system, prompting the vampire to melt into the shadows and hunt down his quarry.

The delicious scent permeated the large manor, leading Bakura to believe that was his prey's home.  Finding the strongest trail, he quickly followed it upstairs and into a bedroom thick with the ambrosial scent.  Russet eyes widened in shock at what lay within the canopied bed, he'd found the boy already!  Coming to the teen's bedside, the vampire drank in the vision the pale beauty made.  Reaching out, he brushed long bangs away from his face for a better view.  His hair, the same unusual shade of silver as Bakura's, was far longer than the vampire had ever grown his and felt as soft as silk between his fingers.  When the sleeping teen showed no signs of waking, Bakura daringly ran a tanned finger down the curve of one baby-soft cheek.  Suddenly, his stomach growled as if to remind him he needed to fill it.   'Soon nfr mry(2), soon,' he promised, pressing a feather-light kiss to Ryou's delicate pink lips.  Stepping back he melted into the shadows again, just as the boy's eyes fluttered open.  The creature was left with the vision of sleep-dazed chocolate brown pools as a final parting gift for the night.


Hiding a yawn behind his hand, Ryou looked around to see if anyone had noticed.   Even though he was utterly exhausted, he knew his father would be upset if he caught his son behaving in such a manner.  But it wasn't his fault!  He'd awoken early in the night after having an unusual dream, one that had left his lips tingling afterwards, and had simply been unable to fall back asleep.  A strange mix of arousal and anticipation had been swirling throughout his body, rendering him wide awake and very confused.   Unfortunately, his father had already scheduled a party for that night and Ryou had no choice but to attend.  To quote his father, "You should be grateful I'm arranging these for you.  You never go out so how else are you going to find a proper lady to be your wife?"  Catching sight of one of these "proper ladies" heading straight for him, Ryou just barely stopped himself from sighing in exasperation.

"Ryou!  Come dance with me!" the bubbly, light-blue haired Miho Nosaka(3) implored, smiling hopefully at him.  Glancing around for a possible escape, he caught his father's eyes and his resistance wilted.  Resigned to his fate, he nodded acquiescently to the waiting girl, unable to stop from cringing slightly at her delighted squeal.

'If this is my future, I think I'll stay a bachelor,' he groaned mentally as the flighty girl pulled him out on the dance floor.


'Shameless harlot.  He doesn't want your company!' Bakura resisted the urge to hiss aloud.  Merged with the shadows, the dark creature had been observing the gala all night and watching the feather-brained girl fawning over HIS Ryou pushed his jealousy to its highest peak.  The vampiric King of Thieves had always been possessive over what he considered his and Ryou was no exception.  Instinct compelled him to rush inside, slaughter everyone in the room, then cover the beautiful boy in the delicious crimson fluid and claim him amidst the carnage.  Fortunately, his three millennia of experience had taught him both caution and patience.  He'd bide his time, wooing the boy into his arms and his bed.  But first he'd have to eliminate the competition.  'Damn you!  Take your hands off him!' he snarled mentally as yet another girl came up to dance with the pale beauty.

Never taking his eyes off the teen, Bakura continued to silently curse and snarl at the girls until he received an unexpected, but very welcome visitor.  With a great deal of artful dodging and maneuvering, Ryou had managed to escape the noisy, stifling ballroom for the quiet sanctuary of one of the balconies.  Breathing a huge sigh of relief, the slender teen leaned forward on the ornate railing, closing his eyes and enjoying the serenity of the night.  A cool breeze rushed by washing over his heated body and making him shiver slightly.  It almost felt like the wind itself was caressing him.  The wind kicked up again, this time curling around his body, reaching his skin even through the layers of his formal suit.  It was amazing.  Ryou felt himself relaxing, the strange sensations calming his frayed nerves and leaving him feeling peaceful and content, almost cherished.

Had the silver-haired teen opened his eyes, he might not have been so calm.  A mass of thick, black shadows had formed around him, surrounding his body completely as they moved both above and below his clothing in a serpentine manner.

"Oh Ryou-darling!"  Ryou's eyes snapped open at the sudden voice, the pleasant sensations having ceased with the call of his name.  "There you are Ryou!  I've been looking all over for you!" Kaoruko admonished, her eyes betraying the irritation she managed to keep from her voice.

"DAMN HER!" Bakura roared into the shadows as he watched the red-head lead HIS Ryou away.  She'd be the first to die.


Sighing heavily, Ryou leaned back against the outside wall of the church.  It was the fourth funeral he'd attended in less than a month.  Four funerals and each one had been for a woman who'd wanted to marry him.  'Is it just a bad series of coincidences, like father said?   Or have I suddenly become cursed?' the teen wondered to himself.  Both Kaoruko and the creepy Risa Kegeyama(4) had been brutally murdered by a psychopath, who'd torn open their throats and drained their bodies of blood.  Then poor Miho and Mayumi(5) had both strangely died of acute anemia.  One of them Ryou would understand, but both of them?

His worried musings were cut short by a low, husky voice, "I know this is a funeral, but you seem to have more than mourning on your mind.  Care to share with a friendly ear?"

Blinking in surprise, Ryou turned and found himself stunned mute.  The owner of the voice was a broad-shouldered, silver-haired man who stood about a hands-length taller than Ryou himself.  His darkly tanned skin and unusual accent marked him as a foreigner, but all Ryou could focus on were his fascinating, angular russet eyes.

"Ah-I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced.  My name is Ryou Morgan and you are?"

Taking his hand the handsome man bowed slightly, "I am Bakura Wati, and it is a pleasure to meet you at last, young Ryou," he almost purred, taking delight in the faint blush on the boy's cheeks.  'Oh yes, quite a pleasure.'


October 26, 2008


1 - Kaoruko Imekochi, from the Season 0 OVA.

2 - beautiful beloved (Ancient Egyptian)

3 - Miho Nosaka, also from the Season 0 OVA.  She has a HUGE crush on Ryou from the moment she meets him.

4 - Risa Kegeyama, also from the Season 0 OVA.

5 - Mayumi, another girl from the Season 0 OVA.   She had a short-term crush on Jonouchi.

Fun fact:  There are actually ancient Egyptian legends about vampires that have a lot in common with the European legends.  ^_^v