Author: Murasaki Rose
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Title:  Eclipse
Part:  4/4
Genre:  AU/Romance/PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  Smut, waff, and a little bondage
Pairing:  YBxY, mentioned SxYY, MxR, YMxJ
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink

Finally, the last chapter!   It's really more of an epilogue than anything else.  Will there be a sequel?   *shrugs*  I dunno.  Possibly, it all depends on inspiration and requests.   There will be a fic explaining what was happening with Marik and Jonouchi.   *hentai grin*



For what had to be the fiftieth time that day, Ryou looked out the window and sighed pensively.  Bakura had been gone all night and Ryou had been unable to contact his darkness through their link.  He hadn't even left a note!

"Well, let's get going." Malik declared, wrapping an arm around his lover's waist and leading him to the door.

"Wha-where?" the silver-haired teen questioned, chocolate-brown eyes blinking owlishly in confusion.

"To get Yugi."

'Okay, what's Malik up to?'   Ryou thought before asking, "Why Yugi?"

The blond Egyptian rolled his eyes, "Duh, he's the perfect bait for bringing Bakura out of hiding."

Ryou smiled at this, it was true.   All they had to say to his yami was "Yugi will be there" and the thief would be waiting at the door, growling at them for taking too long.  Grabbing Malik's arm the silver-haired hikari pulled the other teen into the apartment foyer,   "That's absolutely brilliant, Malik!  Let's go!"


"There's no where left to r~uuu~nnnn!"

"Kuso!(1)"  Wide eyes darted from left to right, searching for any escape.  The windows were no good, neither were the stairs to the first floor.  Not unless he wanted to give his neighbors an eyeful.  Maybe if he hid by the refrigerator, he'd be able to sneak by-"YAIEEEE!!!" he shrieked as a pair of slender arms latched around him from behind, pinning his arms to his sides.

"Hmm, seems I've caught you again, chiisai hikari," Bakura purred into his captive's ear.  "The question is:  what shall I do with you now?"

"Why don't you let me go and see what happens?" Yugi purred back, wiggling suggestively against his captor.

"Hmm, I don't think so, koi.   That's how you got out here, remember?" the spirit chuckled, nipping at Yugi's neck.

Yugi pouted at having his plans thwarted by the yami.  He'd been having fun too.

Laughing, Bakura swung the smaller teen up and over his shoulder, ensuring his love would be unable to escape and granting himself the perfect opportunity to grope the hikari's shapely ass.  He also earned himself a startled scream and a pair of small fists beating on his back as he carried his lover back to the bathroom where their chase had begun.


"I'll just be a moment koi," Atem told his lover as he slipped out of the limo.  When the former Pharaoh had been unable to contact his hikari, he'd grown concerned.  Yugi always answered him in the morning, even if it was just a disoriented grumble at being woken, he would still respond.  But this morning, his small hikari had remained silent.

He wasn't answering the phone either.

Worried that something had happened, Atem had convinced Seto to have them driven over to the game shop so he could check on his aibou.  Using his keys to enter through the back, Atem quickly checked the storage area and shop before heading upstairs, calling out to his aibou as he searched.  A huge wave of relief washed over him as he heard his hikari's muffled giggles through his bedroom door.  Concern over-riding his common-sense and courtesy, Atem opened Yugi's door and strode into his room.

And immediately wished that he had knocked first.

As it turned out, his hikari was all right.  As a matter of fact, a perfectly healthy, NUDE, Yugi was perched on the thighs of an equally nude Yami no Bakura, massaging the other spirit's back while periodically kissing and nipping at the exposed skin.

Unable to control his shock, Atem squeaked, "A-Aibou?!"

Much to Bakura's annoyance, Yugi ceased his ministrations to face his goggle-eyed yami.  "Atem!  A-ano . . . Ohayo(2)!"

Bakura rolled his eyes.

Still in shock, the former pharaoh continued to stare at the two lovers.

Annoyed and feeling possessive, Bakura snapped at the other spirit, "See something you like Pharaoh?"

Surprisingly, even this didn't get a response out of the tri-color haired yami.  Atem just stared at them for another moment, mouth moving silently, before he managed to stutter, "Y-Yugi . . . y-you and the t-tomb robber are- . .

Luckily for him, Seto chose that moment to announce his presence by sweeping the petite spirit up and into a position eerily similar to how Bakura had carried Yugi earlier.  He smirked at the small hikari, "Congratulations, Yugi."

Yugi blinked up at his yami's lover in surprise, "Ah, arigato.(3)"

Seto nodded then locked eyes with the silver-haired thief.  "If you hurt him, there won't be enough left for Atem to banish."

Bakura nodded in reply, knowing that the reincarnated priest's words were no empty threat.  "Good."

Pleased with the thief's answer, the brunet teen smirked at the new couple, then strode from the room, his own shell-shocked lover still slung over his shoulder.

"Well that was interesting . . ." Yugi muttered, staring at his empty doorway.

"Hmm, I suppose.  But I can think of something much more interesting . . ." Bakura purred, pulling Yugi down and rolling on top of him.

"Show me," Yugi whispered, pressing his lips to his love's.


A mere five feet away from the Kame Game shop Ryou and Malik were treated to a very odd scene.  Blinking in confusion, the two hikari watched as Seto Kaiba exited the building, locked the front door, then turned and entered his limo, all with a stunned-looking Atem slung over his shoulder.

"What was that all about?" Ryou wondered aloud.

Malik stared after the departing limo, "I dunno.  What I want to know, is what freaked the Pharaoh out so bad?"

Shaking his head, Ryou raised his hand to knock-


and turned bright red as Malik burst out laughing maniacally.  Even outside, Yugi's voice was unmistakable.  "I g-guess th-that answers all our questions, na?" the blond hikari stuttered out between snickers.

Despite his embarrassment, Ryou grinned, happy for his yami and his friend.  "I guess so," he replied, only to turn an even deeper red at the unified screams they heard coming from Yugi's home.




Owari (End)



1 - damn/shit

2 - good morning (informal)

3 - thank you (informal)


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