Author: Murasaki Rose
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Title:  Eclipse
Part:  3/4
Genre:  AU/Romance/PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  Smut, waff, and a little bondage
Pairing:  YBxY, mentioned SxYY, MxR, YMxJ
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink



"Y-you love me?" Yugi whispered, amethyst eyes wide and vulnerable.  He prayed he'd heard Bakura right for he didn't think his heart would survive the rejection.

Still smiling down at the small teen, Bakura pulled him closer, "Hai, chiisai hikari, I do," the thief murmured, inwardly cringing at his behavior.   He wasn't lying to Yugi, but it just isn't in his nature to be so . . . mushy.

Meanwhile the aforementioned hikari had been staring into his eyes the whole time.  He was searching for something . . . and whatever it was he apparently found it.  Grinning hugely, the small teen laughed delightedly and wrapped his arms around the yami, nuzzling his chest enthusiastically.  Sighing happily he lifted his head to lock eyes with the startled thief, "I love you too, Bakura."

Smiling as though he'd just received all the remaining Sennen items, Yami no Bakura leaned down for a kiss and was met halfway by an eager Yugi.  Slipping his tongue out to slide along Yugi's lips, Bakura was momentarily startled when the small teen's mouth opened immediately and his tongue curled around Bakura's.  Both teen's moaned into the kiss, pressing their bodies impossibly close, neither being able to get enough of the other's taste.

As their tongues entwined, Yugi found that he could faintly taste the remnants of his release and found himself idly wondering how Bakura's would taste.   He planned on finding out.  Pulling away from the yami's addictive mouth, the small teen placed his hands on Bakura's shoulders and pushed him down on the bed.   Having the fully clothed spirit pinned beneath his own nude body felt absolutely wicked.  And arousing.  Yugi could tell Bakura felt the same as he ground his reawakening arousal against the yami's.

Shocked and delighted beyond all reasoning, Bakura grinned and gripped the hikari's buttocks, assisting him in his grinding.  Amethyst eyes fluttered shut as the small teen moaned and arched his back in sheer delight.  The silver haired teen smirked up at him, shifting to flip the smaller teen back underneath.

Yugi felt him shift and surprised the hell out of the yami when he growled, locking eyes with the russet-eyed spirit.

"Not yet," he purred, small hands moving to unbutton the other's shirt.  He'd been fantasizing multiple scenarios starring the silver-haired yami for months now.  And while his current situation hadn't started out as he'd imagined, Yugi intended to achieve part of his fantasy.  Namely getting himself a taste of the spirit who'd tormented his dreams for so long.

Relaxing back onto the bed to signal his consent, the spirit gazed hungrily at the small light working intently on his shirt.  He hadn't been expecting this kind of response from Yugi, but was more than willing to go along with it.  How could he possibly resist those wide pleading eyes, darkened to a smoky amethyst with lust, focused solely on him?  Simple, he couldn't.

Stifling a delighted squeal at the yami's cooperative attitude, Yugi focussed his efforts on declothing the other teen.  Popping the last few buttons of Bakura's top, he slipped his hands beneath the navy material to stroke the warm skin beneath.  Licking his lips, Yugi trailed his hands up from the spirit's washboard abs and across firm pectorals, admiring the yami's own glowing pale skin before stopping to rub the two protruding nubs of flesh gracing the pale chest with his thumbs.  Not getting more than a sharply in-drawn breath from his gentle ministrations, the small teen smirked in warning.

Bakura had just enough time to raise a questioning eyebrow before Yugi attacked.  Latching onto the spirit's chest, the small teen bit down on one of Bakura's nipples before suckling hard on the sensitive nub while pinching and rubbing the other one with his hand.  Caught completely off guard, the dark spirit arched towards his small love with a choked cry.

"Ra, Yugi!"   He'd never expected the small teen to be so aggressive!  And he loved it!

Smiling against the spirit's skin, Yugi wasted no time moving his free hand to unfasten Bakura's pants.  In a matter of seconds, the small teen had released his prey to open the restricting material and was sliding black denim and silk boxers down slim hips and sleek legs and out of his way.

Staring up at his love's nude body, Yugi felt a simultaneous rush of lust and embarrassment wash over him.  This was his first time after all.  Moving his now nervous gaze up to meet Bakura's, Yugi melted at the look in the yami's eyes.   The silver-haired teen was gazing right back at him, love, desire, and need swirling in his russet orbs.

Not wanting to deny the silent request, Yugi pushed down his embarrassment and slid between the spirit's legs to reach his target.  Bending down, golden bangs falling to brush the other's skin, Yugi let his tongue slip out to lick along the yami's thick shaft.

Bakura jerked up in response, biting back a shout as his hands fisted the sheets.  He wanted . . .

Pleased by the spirit's reaction, Yugi continued to lap at his erection, enjoying the heady taste of the other teen.  Alternating between slow, teasing strokes with the tip of his tongue, and quick laps with the flat of it, the small hikari tasted every inch of Bakura's stiff flesh, heading slowly for the weeping tip.   Placing his hands on the spirit's hips, Yugi smiled at the panting yami before wrapping his lips around the head of his cock.  Once again Bakura's hips attempted to jerk upwards, but were halted by the insistent pressure of the determined hikari.   Tentatively, Yugi's tongue lapped at very essence of his love, learning the flavor of the other teen.  Addicted by the first taste, the hikari began to suck, humming in delight as he was rewarded for his effort with more of the dark one's pre-cum.

Control stretched to the limit, Bakura tried valiantly to hold off his release.  Unfortunately for him, he'd been painfully aroused since he'd first tasted the hikari that was now torturing him.  And although Bakura was enjoying the small teen's revenge, he couldn't hold on much longer.  Yugi's pleased humming was his undoing.   "YUGI!!!!" he screamed, his release jetting out forcefully.

Caught by surprise, Yugi just barely stopped himself from choking and quickly began swallowing as much of Bakura's thick cum as he could. 

As Bakura recovered his senses, he was treated to a painfully erotic vision.   With eyes half-lidded in pleasure, Yugi had sat up and was wiping off the lines of cum that had escaped his mouth, then licking his fingers clean.  "Oishii(1)," he purred, smiling down at the sated yami.

Bakura groaned at the sight, his cock stirring to life once more.   "Come here," he murmured, reaching for the small bundle of surprise sitting between his legs.  Complying with his love's request, Yugi settled in at his side, allowing both teens to luxuriate in the feel of bare skin against bare skin.

"You are EVIL," Bakura growled softly, stroking Yugi's backside as he spoke.  "I knew you were a hentai(2), but this . . ."

"Admit it, you like this side of me," Yugi giggled, not fooled in the least by the spirit's behavior.

"Of course I do," the yami purred, nipping at the hikari's neck.   "But it's still a surprise."

Half-lidded amethyst met russet-brown, as a slim hand trailed down the spirit's chest, "It shouldn't be.  I AM seventeen years-old, you know."

Bakura arched an eyebrow, "Which means?"

"That everytime I saw you, my hormones demanded I pounce on you and fuck you senseless, regardless of our location."  Yugi purred, fingers drawing circles on the yami's abdomen.

Staring at the little hikari in wide-eyed shock, Bakura felt a bolt of lust strike home.  Who would have expected such crass language from the Pharaoh's light?   And who would have thought it would be such a turn on?

Wondering if maybe he had admitted too much to the other teen, Yugi attempted to bury his face into the yami's chest.  His fears were quickly allayed when Bakura tilted his face up and pulled him into a bruising kiss.  Parting his lips to slip his tongue out, the small teen was pleasantly surprised to find Bakura's already there, waiting to meet his.

As the two engaged in slippery battle, the silver-haired thief gave the Shadows a silent command, wanting to gain a major advantage over his small love.   Pulling back for air, Bakura took the small tube the Shadows had brought him and waved it tauntingly at the panting teen below him.  The yami leered down at Yugi, "Your hormones may want to fuck me, but tonight it's you who's going to be fucked, chiisai hikari."

Again surprising the spirit, Yugi leered back at him.  "That works too," he replied, wrapping slight arms around the other's waist.

"You are a bundle of surprises, aren't you?"  Bakura murmured to the tri-colored teen grinning shamelessly at him.  Yugi's only reply was an affirmative hum as the yami settled between his thighs.  "But so am I . . ." he purred, plunging a lube-coated finger into the hikari's body, chuckling at the squeaking-gasp the small teen had made.

Recovering from the shock quickly, Yugi began forcing his body to relax and accept the intruder.  Despite his eagerness, the new sensations had the small teen blushing fiercely, thighs unconsciously attempting to come together in his embarrassment.   Lucky for him, Bakura was in the way.  Still, after a few moments his body stopped fighting Bakura's finger and had no problems accepting the others in turn, especially after the other teen had found his prostate.

Leaving his soon-to-be lover gasping from the assault on his prostate, Bakura quickly lubed his member and took position at Yugi's entrance.  Holding himself above the small teen with one arm, the thief brushed sweat-laden golden bangs away from the hikari's eyes.  "Ready?"

Shivering in anticipation, Yugi twined fingers with the hand Bakura had used to move his hair and nodded firmly.

Smashing his lips to Yugi's, the yami surged forward, burying his length fully into his small love as the hikari let out a muffled cry of pain into his mouth.   Releasing Yugi's mouth, Bakura collapsed onto his elbows, struggling to keep still.   "Y-Yugi . . . gods . . . " he gasped, desperately fighting down the urge to move within his small lover.

Taking deep breaths, Yugi struggled to relax, forcing his body to accept his lover's manhood.  When the pain receded to a bearable level, the smaller teen shifted slightly to get accustomed to the new sensations of being filled so intimately.   "I-I'm ready, 'Kura," he murmured into his lover's neck, slender arms wrapping around his shoulders.

Pulling back, Bakura grinned wildly at the hikari, "Hang on tight," he warned, lifting the smaller teen's hips for a better angle before thrusting deep into Yugi's willing body.  Yugi cried out in delight as the spirit drove into him, over and again, changing his angle slightly each time until . . .

"Oh Kami(3)!!  Right there 'Kura!" he screamed, locking his legs around the yami's waist.

Lost in the exquisite velvety tightness that was Yugi and unable to form any sort of coherent reply, Bakura responded by complying to his love's request, driving deeper and harder into the small teen.  Yugi thrashed and moaned underneath him, bucking his hips to meet Bakura's with each thrust.   It wasn't long before Bakura could feel his release rapidly approaching and judging from Yugi's near frantic cries, his wasn't far away either.  Thrusting fiercely into his small lover, Bakura drove Yugi screaming over the edge, shouting his own release as the hikari's channel clamped down on him.

Panting heavily, Bakura lifted himself out of Yugi and collapsed at his side, eyes closed, listening to the hikari gasping for air.  A moment later, he felt a warmth snuggling up against him and lifted his arm to curl around his lover.

Opening his eyes, he found a smiling Yugi staring back at him.  "I take it you enjoyed yourself?"

"Mmm-hmm," the tri-color haired teen hummed, cuddling even closer to his love.  "How about you?"

Chuckling, Bakura rolled onto his back, bringing Yugi with him.  "More than I could possibly describe, chiisai hikari," he replied, kissing the small teen for emphasis.

Yugi hummed again and settled quietly against the spirit's chest.  Smiling softly at his small lover, Bakura began running his fingers through Yugi's hair, soothing both of them into a state of relaxation.

"We're like an eclipse."

But apparently not sleep.   "Hmm?"

"When the dark side of the moon and the light of the sun come together, we see the strange beauty of the eclipse," Yugi murmured, kissing Bakura softly.

"Only a hikari would say something that sappy," he replied, grunting in discomfort when Yugi pinched his side in retaliation.

"And only a yami would completely fail to miss the point."

Chuckling, the thief held Yugi closer, "Aishiteru(4), over-sensitive chiisai hikari."

Accepting the embrace, the tri-colored teen closed his eyes contentedly.   "Aishiteru mo, insensitive yami no baka.(5)"





1 - delicious

2 - pervert

3 - god

4 - I love you (romantic)

5 - idiot/stupid/moron . . . you get the idea


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