Author: Murasaki Rose
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Title:  Eclipse
Part:  2/4
Genre:  AU/Romance/PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:  Smut, waff, and a little bondage
Pairing:  YBxY, mentioned SxYY, MxR, YMxJ
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
A/N:  "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, /text/ = hikari to yami mindlink, (/text/) = yami to hikari mindlink


Yugi squirmed nervously as Bakura stalked around the bed, eyeing him much like a predator would his lunch.

"Now where should I begin?" the spirit mused aloud, raking his eyes over Yugi's prone form.  Large amethyst eyes glared defiantly up at him over a pert nose and a pair of invitingly soft, pink lips, thick black choker fastened securely around a slim neck, black sleeveless band-shirt(1) and tight black jeans clinging faithfully to his small frame, leaving little to the imagination.  Seating himself at the small duelist's side, Bakura leaned over the other teen, silver hair forming a curtain around their faces.  "How about here?" he whispered, brushing his lips against Yugi's.

That simple touch alone had the hikari holding back a whimper.  He wouldn't-, he couldn't- give in so easily!   But if that's what happene-'OH!'

Yugi's mouth snapped open in a silent exclamation, his mouth forming a perfect 'O'.  Apparently Bakura had decided he'd rather taste other things instead and had moved to the junction of his neck and shoulder.

The tri-color haired duelist's body shuddered in response, granting Bakura permission to proceed.  Without ceasing his "tasting" Bakura's agile fingers had undone the thick choker, exposing the slender neck and pale throat hidden beneath.  Humming contentedly he kissed across the exposed area before lapping gently at the teen's soft skin.  A glance upward told him he'd have to try a bit harder, Yugi's jaw was clenched and his eyes were shut tight.   Without missing a beat, the spirit shifted his attention slightly upward tasting the pale flesh below his jaw.

"Ah!"  Yugi's neck arched involuntarily, exposing the responsive area to his tormentor.  How could one little spot be so sensitive?!

Nipping and sucking at the newly discovered weakness, Bakura slipped his hands down to the bottom of Yugi's t-shirt.   With the skills that came hand-in-hand with his profession, the thief drew Yugi's shirt up as high as he could without ceasing his ministrations.  Pulling away, Bakura released Yugi's arms, yanked the shirt off, and re-captured the hikari before he even recovered his breath.

Said hikari blinked owlishly up at the silver-haired yami.  'What just happened?'

Smirking, Bakura waved Yugi's t-shirt at him.

"How di-mmph," the small teen's query was cut off as a pair of warm lips sealed against his own.  Taking advantage of Yugi's open mouth, Bakura slipped his tongue inside to explore the new territory.

Yugi inhaled sharply at the intrusion, but refused to respond to the sensual invader.  Bakura didn't seem to mind though, and continued his unhindered exploration of the hikari's mouth.  When it became obvious that Yugi needed a bit more encouragement, the yami began stroking his tongue along Yugi's before slipping his to curl around the other slippery appendage.

That got a reaction out of Yugi.

The small teen bit down hard, teeth snapping together with an audible click.  'I missed?!'

Bakura chuckled approvingly, "Nice try, chiisai hikari(2).  But you'll have to be faster than that."

Amethyst eyes narrowed in anger at the nickname.  "I won't miss next time," he growled.

Still chuckling, the thief allowed his eyes to roam over Yugi's exposed chest, following their path with his hands.  Ivory pale skin covered the lithe form, accented by rose colored nipples that were hardening in the cool air.   "Beautiful," he murmured appreciatively, smiling as his captive fought against the urge to squirm under his touch.  For a moment, he considered bringing the Shadows into play, but decided against it.  He'd rather do things himself for now.

Lowering his head to Yugi's chest, the yami traced a path down the small teen's torso, his tongue faithfully following the delicate curves of Yugi's musculature.  He smirked at the miniscule tremors coming from his prey, so faint that if he wasn't so close, he would have been unable to detect them.  Knowing a clear advantage when he felt one, Bakura darted up and latched onto one of Yugi's hyper-sensitive nipples.

A low moan tore from Yugi's lips as his body arched up into the warm, suckling mouth.  "Kura," he whispered, arms moving to hold the thief to his task.  If his arms hadn't been tied down, that would have been the end of it.   Reality came crashing through the blissful sensations as his arms were balked by their restraints and Yugi had to use all his will to stop his body from reacting further.

Nipping the captive bud in parting, Bakura moved to its twin to deliver the same pleasure to the hikari.  He was fully aware of ALL of Yugi's reactions and knew it was just a matter of time.  After all, Yugi HAD given him permission to move on.  Still lavishing attention to the petite teen's nipple, Bakura slipped his hands down to Yugi's waist and unfastened his pants, but did not remove them, instead giving the rosy bud he was attached to one final strong pull, before letting it go with an faint 'pop'.  Fixing his eyes on Yugi's flushed and panting form, Bakura took hold of the small teen's waistband and pulled, removing the other's pants and underwear in one move.

Amethyst eyes stared in disbelief at the silver-haired thief who was currently removing his socks as well.  Yugi couldn't decide whether he should be embarrassed, scared, or pissed-off.  One look at the yami's eyes made his decision and he flushed in embarrassment, Bakura's gaze was reverent his russet-brown eyes drinking in the hikari's entire form.

'I was wrong, beautiful doesn't even begin to describe him,' the dark spirit thought, lips curving into a seductive smile.  His smile quickly morphed into a smirk as his gaze focused on the other teen's ample erection.  "Give up yet?"

Yugi glared in response.

"I guess I'll just have to keep seducing you," he mock-sighed, kneeling between the bound hikari's legs.  With a sadistic grin, the yami bent down to explore the soft skin of the hikari's inner thighs with his lips and tongue.  When his nose nudged against the tri-colored curls at the base of Yugi's hardness, the small teen's hips bucked involuntarily towards his tormentor.  Bakura rewarded his response by latching onto his inner thigh and sucking hard, ensuring that the small hikari would have a dark hickey to remember this by.

Stifling a gasp, Yugi felt his control rapidly slipping away.  It felt sooo gooood!  Maybe he should jus-'NO!'  After mentally slapping himself, the tri-color haired hikari slammed his head back against the pillow, 'What do I do now?!'

Sitting up again, the silver haired thief took a moment to admire the product of his work.  Even though the little light was fighting it with all his will, his body was flushed and very aroused.  "Why don't you just give in?   You're obviously in pain," Bakura purred, ghosting his hand up the other teen's leaking cock.

Inhaling sharply, Yugi's body tensed, when this was over, he was going to KILL Bakura!  Unable to verbally answer, he settled for glaring while taking slow, deep breaths in an effort to regain control of his body.

"Hmm, since you insist on being stubborn, I'll just have to take more drastic measures."  Bakura pretended to look thoughtful as he spoke, but in truth, he'd planned out this stage as well.   Summoning more Shadows, the yami directed them to their target, swirling his index finger in a circular motion.

Obeying their master, the Shadows curled around the base of the the hikari's manhood, securing themselves just like a cock-ring would.

Eyes wide in disbelief, Yugi snarled at the spirit, "You bastard!!"

"Give in and I won't do it."

"Fuck you," the smaller teen growled, staring daggers at the thief.

Bakura leered down at him, "Not before I fuck you, chiisai hikari."

Yugi shivered at the other's dark tone, the words heading straight to the source of his problem.

Bending down, the thief allowed his hair to brush over the hikari's need, then breathed softly over the tip, smiling when it twitched in response.  'Just a little more . . .'

"Yugi," he growled, hoping to gain the other teen's attention.   He wanted Yugi to see what he was doing.

Amethyst eyes reluctantly opened and locked with russet-brown ones, barely controlled lust shining in both pairs.

The dark spirit purred, "You lose, chiisai hikari."  Not allowing Yugi time to protest, Bakura took the tip of the other teen's manhood into his mouth and sucked.

In desperation, Yugi bit his lower lip hard, hoping that the pain would be enough to distract him from the amazing sensations.  But as the thief steadily took more of his throbbing need into his mouth, Yugi found that it wasn't enough.

Thoroughly enjoying himself, Bakura swirled his tongue around the other's length, almost purring at the taste.  He truly believed he could never get enough of the divine flavor of the hikari.  Feeling Yugi's cock twitch violently, the yami decided to end the game, if it weren't for the cock ring, the other would have cummed.   Swallowing Yugi's need to the base, Bakura hummed and Yugi shrieked.

Too much.  "BAKURA, PLEASE!!" the smaller teen cried, arms yanking violently at their restraints.

Not needing any more initiative, the spirit dispersed the cock ring and began sucking in earnest.  Yugi screamed wildly in response, arms yanking at the Shadow bonds as he thrashed under Bakura's ministrations.   Within moments the hikari came, almost sobbing in relief as his release washed over him.

Licking his lips in satisfaction, Bakura smiled down at the limp hikari, wondering how long it would take to arouse him again.  Pushing those thoughts aside, he dispersed the Shadows and lay down, pulling the hikari into his arms.

Having regained some coherency, Yugi turned huge amethyst eyes on the yami.  "Why?" he whispered, looking as though his life depended on the thief's answer.

Locking eyes with Yugi, Bakura cupped his cheek and smiled softly at him.  "Because I love you."




1 - Which band?  Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination.   Since Yugi's Japanese, it's either a Japanese rock band or an American/European rock group that's popular in Japan.

2 - little light


Disclaimer:  Here we go.   Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment.  I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just having fun.  Suing me would be largely pointless as I am just a poor college student that works for the school system.